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Birth control: Trump expands opt-out for workplace insurance

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In fact, President Trump did a favor to every DACA kid

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Obamacare has become McCain, Murkowski ,Collinsu law

A few days ago I posted something that all of us regardless of party should be praying for Senator John McCain in his battle with cancer. I meant it, and have prayed for him since then.

Today I am more than a little upset at McCain. You see he cast a key vote at 1:00 A.M. which killed a bill that would at least started the process to end Obamacare.

It would appear he at least misled the American people, and the voters of his state. He said in a TV add when he last ran for election that he would help to end Obamacare.

McCain in my humble view can no longer call himself a loyal member of the Grand Old Party. If he ever was one. He was joined by two other members of the GOP in voting against ending Obamacare. They were Lisa Murkowski,and Susan Collins. All of them should answer when they are up for election.
It is time for McCain to retire, and focus on his health.
Folks do not blame the GOP blame three GOP Senators for this failing. It is time to elect folks from the GOP who are truly on the right.It is not enough to be part of the Grand Old Party. We must elect GOP members who are truly from the right.
Thanks John McCain, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins.

Here is a man who needs his mouth washed out with soap. He also needs to learn something about respect.

I believe those who don’t respect President Trump, and did not respect President Obama are really not respecting God. It tells us in the Bible God is the one who puts leaders in power, and he is the one who removes power from leader. You may not agree with a leader on an issue, or behavior in his life. That is ok. You are free todo that, but you must do it in a way that shows honor to the leader.

Last night there was a story on a local channel about ( guy kicked out for anti Trump shirt ) a man who was kicked out of an eating place for having a F…..Trump shirt on. This guy I believe had his kids with him. That man showed disrespect to President Trump, and the Lord. It used to be kids would get spanked, or have soap put in their mouths for doing something like this. How sadly times have changed that adults wear shirts which read blank the President.

GOP only have themselves to blame ( voters should recall their broken promise on Election Day )

Over seven years ago, Democrats in Congress joined President Obama to create a massive expansion of Washington’s role in our health care system. And in the time since then, we’ve witnessed the many ways in which Obamacare has hurt the American health system.
Republicans in the United States Senate had the opportunity this week to repeal large parts of that law and to set health policy in America on a different course. The GOP legislation wasn’t perfect, but was certainly an improvement on the status quo. It was also the best chance Republicansand  have ever had to substantially repeal and replace Obamacare.
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President Trump rejects Obama Cuba policy


Congress Passes Bill To Repeal And Replace Obamacare

It is a start. Read the story.

Some in the GOP including some on the right failed the American voter, and failed President Trump ( Thank you!!!!! )

How disappointing the bill to kill Obamacare looks to be dead.      Thanks GOP. One of the reasons you were put in office was to rid the nation of this horrible law.

  You have failed the American voters, along with failing President Trump. 

     You wanted a perfect bill, and now we have none. Thanks Congressman Beacon here from Nebraska for supporting this bill. 

     I am outrage at the GOP including those on the right.

The American Health Care Act is backed by Right to Life 

A victory for common sense

The decision of the Trump administration to overturn President Obama’s “transgender bathroom policy” and instead to correlate bathroom usage with one’s biological sex is not a victory for any political group. It is a victory for common sense. It is an affirmation of basic human sanity.

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