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A coach says what is important to him 

It is hard to see your team lose when you are a young Northwestern fan ( he is an handsome kid isn’t he. I feel bad for him, even though it is just a game )

Emotional young Northwestern fan becomes instant tourney highlight

How sweat is this ( a boy taking flowers to his girl ) perhaps some guys can learn from his example 

How windy was it in Nebraska today ?

Not handling the teachings of Jesus correctly 

The above picture was posted on Facebook. 

  When Jesus in the Bible taught about being friends with those from other countries,he was talking to believers in him, not government leaders. He was not addressing government policy, or telling a nation not to keep itself safe from those who would do it harm. If somebody gets into our nation who commits another 911 ,the courts who have let them in, and the left will have blood on their hands.

      Also when Jesus taught to feed those in need, he was giving a command to his followers not talking about a government program. In other words he was talking to us who know Jesus Christ as Lord, and Savior. 

Nurses have a tough job/calling 

Let your pet dog know how good he has it

Leaders playing football in the Super Bowl?

No matter your politics I think you will think this is funny. 

Parents there are more important things than the grades your child gets, or how smart he/she is 

The election and the 2017 Super Bowl