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Local Christian School remembers First Responders on 9/11/17

A Christian School here in Omaha, Nebraska displayed this outside their school on 9/11/17.

Thanks to the Omaha Christian Academy ( staff, students, parents ) and to  my friend Denny for posting this picture on his Facebook page.


My mom’s birthday, and her twin sister

Today August 26, 2017 would have been my mom’s 90th birthday. Her twin sister my Aunt Pat will turn 90 today. Happy Birthday !

Here is a picture of my late/great mom.


Web down but best workers are trying to fix it

Best computer workers

Something to tell your doctor about your family

Something’s to ponder before you let off your fireworks off

I just want to say thank you

Honey where is the dog. Look up on the roof.

The story is here.

Idea for who the new FBI director should be

Middle schoolers line route for dead officer, they know it is the right thing to do




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10 year old sees colors for the first time

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