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A coach says what is important to him 

It is hard to see your team lose when you are a young Northwestern fan ( he is an handsome kid isn’t he. I feel bad for him, even though it is just a game )

Emotional young Northwestern fan becomes instant tourney highlight

Kaepernick in Search of a Team, Promises No More Protest

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As a Creighton University basketball fan this makes me sad ,( a Creighton basketball star in trouble with the law ) 

Omaha police have issued an arrest warrant for Creighton basketball player Maurice Watson Jr.

WOWT 6 News has confirmed a 1st degree sexual assault warrant was issued for Watson Jr. following an investigation. According to reports, police were called to a local hospital around 10:30 in the morning on February 4th, 2017. A woman there reported that she had been sexually assaulted earlier that morning, saying that a suspect allegedly had non-consensual sex with her in the bathroom of a home.

Omaha Police confirm that the man suspected in the assault is Watson Jr.
On Wednesday, Creighton University announced that Watson Jr. had been suspended from university athletics functions, but the only reasons given were that he had allegedly engaged in “actions that are contrary to University policies and core values.”
( Read the rest of this story. As a long time Creighton fan this makes me very sad.My prayers are with the young lady who was hurt.I pray justice will be done for all.I feel bad for the young fans who looked up to Watson. I feel bad for Watson. If he is guilty his life forever has been changed.If he did not do the crime, his life still has been changed. If he is guilty ,I pray if he has not he would come to repentance for this sinful act.He can forget about playing in the NBA. I above all pray everyone involved will be touched in their hearts, and souls for the Lord. I am sadden by this. )

 The NFL commissioner and his staff should focus on how to attract back the many viewers who turned off NFL games last year. Let the leaders of the state focus on how to keep the folks in Texas safe !

Tony Perkins asks a good question. “If NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell thinks football unites us, then why is his league taking political sides?” The National Football League has had trouble keeping TV viewers this year. There are many theories for the rating drop ranging from concern about concussions to the ongoing Colin Kaepernick controversy.
So, you would think that the NFL would focus on how to attract more viewers for next season. But shortly after the Super Bowl in Houston, the NFL decided to once again wade into the culture wars. The NFL warned Texas not to pass the Texas Privacy Act or face the fact that no future Super Bowl would be held in Texas.

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Some NFL players are boycotting Israel trip ( how sad ) 

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The NFL should focus on football and be benched on the issues of the culture 

Just like it did with Georgia, the NFL is warning Texas that the league’s marquee sporting event might not come its way again if it adopts a bill protecting women when they use public restrooms.( BUSINESS NFL pushing its weight around – again)
Just days after Houston hosted Super Bowl LI, the National Football League has thrown a challenge flag towards Texas for its consideration of a legislative proposal that would require people to use the bathroom consistent with the gender listed on their birth certificate.

( Billy’s thoughts – The NFL is allowing rich owners to make fans who are struggling to make ends meet to pay for new stadiums. If citizens in a NFL town votes down high taxes to pay for a new NFL stadium the NFL lets the  owner move the team to another town. That is what happened with the Chargers.So the NFL can do nothing about football teams moving, but if leaders, or voters in a state says boys should use boys restrooms. If a city supports Bible based marriage look out the NFL will come down on you with a hammer. What if the football fans in Texas said they had enough and will no longer watch NFL games, or buy tickets to pro football games. The NFL needs to focus on football, and take the bench on the issues of the culture. )

‘I Don’t Feel Welcome’: 6 Patriots Players Say They Will Skip White House Visit

( Billy’s thoughts – These players have a right to not go to the White House. Though I wonder how these players would feel if Trump backers decided to boycott their games next season. )

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You just played in the Super Bowl where are you going? = Israel

NFL players off to Israel

Now that was really a Super Bowl, but now it is our turn 

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