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What Works

Most of the time I don’t like to endorse books until I have read them or somebody I trust have them. However my friend Cal Thomas has written a book that will be in bookstores this Tuesday April 1. It is about what doesn’t work and what does work far as our government goes. How fitting that it comes out on April Fool’s Day. I know Cal well enough that I can endorse this book before even reading it. I ordered my copy last night. If you want to find out more about the book listen to Cal’s radio commentary for today or read here.


Birds of a feather: Pelosi considered perfect candidate for Sanger award

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Support Hobby Lobby Saturday, March 29, 2014

Later this week, supporters of Hobby Lobby in its battle against the ObamaCare “birth-control mandate” will have an opportunity to make their voices heard.

FRC Action – the legislative affiliate of the Family Research Council – is promoting a “Hobby Lobby Day” campaign on March 29. FRC Action’s Josh Duggar explains.
( #HobbyLobbyDay – a voice for supporters )

Reaction: World Vision’s humble reversal ‘right thing to do’

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Creighton Men’s Basketball – Coach shows how to talk to a team after the season ends
Fred Phelps was the prophet of a counterfeit religion
It’s hard to mourn a monster
The True Noah not the one Hollywood gives us
At issue: Just how much does gov’t respect religious beliefs?
Church leaders denounce World Vision’s decision

Creighton Men’s Basketball – Coach shows how to talk to a team after the season ends



Fred Phelps was the prophet of a counterfeit religion

My parents taught me never to speak ill of the dead, but in the case of Fred Phelps, who died last week at 84, I think they would have made an exception.

The man, who will be referred to in this column without the modifier “reverend” because there was nothing reverent about him, defined the word “odious.” He and some of his family members constituted most of the membership of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan. It was BINO, Baptist in name only. Phelps and some members of his family (though not all) picketed military funerals with signs that read, “God hates fags,” “God hates Jews” and “Thank God for dead soldiers.” Phelps was an equal-opportunity bigot.

The father of one dead service member went to court seeking to outlaw picketing outside churches where military funerals were held. He lost because the behavior, though deplorable, was regarded as an exercise in free speech protected by the First Amendment.
Some years ago I was the object of Phelps’ wrath. I was the speaker at the Kansas Prayer Breakfast. It was the first time I had encountered Phelps and his bigotry. I mentioned my surprise at pickets outside a prayer breakfast to then-Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who was seated next to me. She told me not to take it seriously because “they picket everybody.”

Phelps claimed to be serving God with his diatribes against people he claimed were God’s enemies. But instead of directing hatred toward people, no less a figure than Jesus of Nazareth said, “love your enemies.” Real Baptist preachers will tell you it is Satan who hates and God who loves. They will tell you that Satan is a masquerader, a fraud and a liar. Does that sound like Phelps?
( Billy’s thoughts – The above column from my friend Cal Thomas was spot on. It makes me upset and very sad to see how Phelps turned people off to a loving God including people in his own family. If you don’t think so watch some of the videos on You Tube. Well Phelps has answered to the God he claimed to serve. As much as Phelps made me upset I believe he made God even more upset. As a reporter said on one of the You Tube videos Phelps and his church had no desire to win people to Christ. They thought they were right because how upset they made others. Read all of Cal’s column right here. )

It’s hard to mourn a monster

And what shall we say now that the monster has died?

His estranged sons Mark and Nate told the world just a few days ago that their 84-year old father, Fred Phelps, was in the care of a hospice and “on the edge of death.” Thursday morning, he went over the edge.

The senior Phelps, of course, was the founder of Westboro Baptist “Church” in Topeka, Kan. He was the “God hates” guy. As in “God Hates China” (its divorce rates are too high), “God Hates Islam” (for being a false religion), “God Hates Qatar” (for being rich) “God Hates The Media” (for saying mean things about Westboro), God Hates Tuvalu (for having too many holidays), “God Hates America” (for tolerating homosexuality) and of course, most notoriously, “God Hates Fags” —

Phelps’ odious word for gay men and lesbians.

He was also the man who applauded the deaths of American soldiers and picketed their funerals, under the dubious formulation that their dying represented God’s judgment upon this country.

Westboro is a tiny “church” — hate group, actually — said to draw its membership almost exclusively from Phelps’ extended family. His sons say Phelps was excommunicated from it last year for some reason, which the “church” refused to confirm or deny, saying its “membership issues are private.” For what it’s worth, last week Phelps was conspicuous by his near absence from Westboro’s website, which once displayed his words and image prominently.
After his death, one person tweeted the hope that “his final hours were filled with immense physical pain and horrifying hallucinations.”

You can hardly blame people for not being prostrate with grief. This man cheered the lynching of a young gay man in Wyoming. He turned the funerals of American military personnel into circuses. It is hard to imagine anyone more loathsome, despicable and justifiably reviled than he.

And yet it is also hard not to feel saddened by this reaction, diminished by it.

If one is a Christian as Phelps claimed to be, one may hear the voice of Jesus arising from conscience: “A new command I give you: Love one another.” And you may demand an exemption from that command, because being asked to love the spectacularly unlovable Phelps is just too much. But, if you love only the lovable, what’s the point? What does that say or prove? Indeed, loving the unlovable pretty much constitutes God’s job description.
Phelps was given the gift, the incandescent miracle, of being alive in this world for over 80 years — and he wasted it, utterly.

If God hates anything, surely God hates that.
( Billy’s thoughts – Read the rest of the above column by Leonard Pitts Jr.)

The True Noah not the one Hollywood gives us

Evangelist Ray Comfort is releasing his own movie about Noah just days before Hollywood’s version hits theaters.
Ray Comfort’s Noah and the Last Days is being released three days prior to the planned March 28 release date. Comfort’s 30-minute film, released on YouTube, parallels the last days and the return of Jesus Christ to the days of the biblical character of Noah. Comfort tells OneNewsNow that his film is based on truth – as compared with Hollywood’s version, which portrays Noah inaccurately as well as a fictional character.
( ‘Noah’ – biblical truth vs. Hollywood’s fiction )

At issue: Just how much does gov’t respect religious beliefs?

Pray for Hobby Lobby to win their case before the high court and this might bring the end of Obamacare. Read the story here.