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Do you and God see people the same ( Bible Commentary ) ( link fixed )

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Do you see people the way God sees them? ( 1 John 4:16 ) a Bible commentary

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Chick-fil-A president once again defends bibical marriage

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Some ball teams have had days to honor gays so what is wrong with the St. Louis Cardinals honoring Jesus

Does a symbol for Jesus Christ belong next to a rubber on a pitcher’s mound inside of a Major League Baseball park? The St. Louis Cardinals apparently say, yes, it does.
In a bold but probably well-meaning affirmation of the Christian faith that many of the Cardinals players and coaches have, a groundskeeper at Busch frequently has drawn a cross — along with what is either an Ichthys or a No. 6 for the late Stan Musial — on the mound behind the rubber.
This has at least one fan — watching at home on TV — upset enough to write a complaining letter to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The Riverfront Times, another St. Louis paper, also had heard from Michael Vines and took note of his objections.
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How should same-sex marriage change the church’s witness?
After abortion setback, Texas GOP set to try again
Chuck Hagel no longer holds Nebraska values when it comes to gays serving openly
Obama: Gay marriage rulings victory for U.S. democracy
Deb Fischer is right on her criticism of immigration bill and John McCain is wrong


How should same-sex marriage change the church’s witness?

WASHINGTON (BP) — The Supreme Court has now ruled on two monumental marriage cases, and the legal and cultural landscape has changed in this country.

The court voted to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act and remand the decision of the Ninth Circuit in the Proposition 8 case, holding that California’s Proposition 8 defenders didn’t have standing. The Defense of Marriage Act decision, meanwhile, used rather sweeping language about equal protection and human dignity as they apply to the recognition of same-sex unions.

But what has changed for us, for our churches, and our witness to the Gospel?

In one sense, nothing. Jesus of Nazareth is still alive. He is calling the cosmos toward His Kingdom, and He will ultimately be Lord indeed. Regardless of what happens with marriage, the Gospel doesn’t need “family values” to flourish. In fact, it often thrives when it is in sharp contrast to the cultures around it. That’s why it rocketed out of the first century from places such as Ephesus and Philippi and Corinth and Rome, which were hardly Mayberry.
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After abortion setback, Texas GOP set to try again

After abortion setback, Texas GOP set to try again

Chuck Hagel no longer holds Nebraska values when it comes to gays serving openly

WASHINGTON — Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel on Tuesday hosted a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Month event in the Pentagon auditorium that highlighted just how much the country and its military have changed over the years.

As a Republican senator from Nebraska in 1999, Hagel expressed opposition to repealing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that barred gays and lesbians from serving openly in uniform. He told the New York Times then that “the U.S. armed forces aren’t some social experiment.”

But as he made clear after being nominated to run the Pentagon, Hagel came to support the principle of open service.
( Chuck Hagel: Military is stronger with gays serving openly )

“Our nation has always benefited from the service of gay and lesbian soldiers, sailors, airmen and coast guardsmen and Marines,” Hagel said at Tuesday’s event. “Now they can serve openly, with full honor, integrity and respect. This makes our military and our nation stronger, much stronger.”

( Billy’s thoughts – I am tired of the lie that says at last gays can serve, gays have always been able to serve. Also should it be the job of the Secretary of Defense to hold in the Pentagon an event for Pride Month. How sad and what an outrage this is. Hagel instead of pushing rights for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual folks should spend his time trying to make our military better. One thing I am pretty sure of is Hagel better plan on never running for office in Nebraska again because he longer believes in the values that us from Nebraska believe in. If I am right the good people of Nebraska would never again vote him into office. )

Obama: Gay marriage rulings victory for U.S. democracy

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Deb Fischer is right on her criticism of immigration bill and John McCain is wrong

WASHINGTON — Sen. John McCain ripped into fellow Republican Deb Fischer on the Senate floor this week over her criticisms of the pending immigration legislation.

The junior senator from Nebraska had just wrapped up a floor statement on Tuesday in which she ran through a list of her problems with what she called a “fatally flawed” bill.

She said the proposed legislation would fail to secure the border before granting status to those in the country illegally, has major loopholes for those who overstay visas and would cost too much money without any accountability.

Deb Fischer

“The reporting requirements to Congress are toothless,” Fischer said. “I reject, and I suspect Nebraskans reject, the idea that massive amounts of spending alone are the solution to our border security problem.”

Before Fischer could leave the floor, McCain asked whether she had ever visited the U.S.-Mexico border in his home state of Arizona. Fischer responded that she had visited the border in Texas some years ago.
“I would just say to the senator from Nebraska, she is so ill-informed, the statement that I just saw, I don’t know where to begin, except to say that if you don’t think this legislation secures the border you haven’t spent any time on the border, certainly not any meaningful time,” McCain said. “And I can’t express my disappointment in the series of false statements that the senator just made.”

The sudden attack was all the more remarkable given that McCain flew into Omaha to stump for Fischer in the closing days of her Senate campaign last November.
( John McCain attacks Deb Fischer after her criticism of immigration bill )

( Billy’s thoughts – If Sen. McCain wants many of us on the right to support this bill they should first build the fence before trying to force any immigration bill on us which most of them have not read. I am proud of Sen. Fischer and even more proud now of my vote for her.)