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6-Year-Old Forced to Eat Lunch Alone After He’s 1 Minute Late for School

Parents are outraged after a six-year-old boy was forced to eat lunch alone behind a cardboard divider, simply because he was one minute late for school.

The mother of first-grader Hunter Cmelo snapped photos of him sitting isolated from the other children during lunch at Lincoln Elementary School in Grants Pass, Oregon.

In the images, Hunter sits next to a cup with the letter “D” for “detention,” as he looks at the other children’s lunch tables.

Hunter’s family says he was humiliated and left crying from the embarrassing public shaming.

His grandmother posted the photos to Facebook. They have been shared thousands of times and hundreds of complaints have since poured in to the school district.
( Billy’s thoughts – As someone who has done a lot of work with children including in school settings, Sunday School classes, and currently at a daycare I believe in discipline. I have put kids in time outs, made them stand in the corner, and I have talked to parents when that was needed but to put have 6 year old in isolated because he was 60 seconds late for school is an outrage. If I was the dad of this kid I would be up at the school ASAP. If you care to you may read more of the above story here. )

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Bieber is planning a series of new performances… delivering sermons from the pulpit of his favourite chu
announces it will not file charges against Zimmerman in Martin shooting
I am not bigot , proof is I support abortion and gay marriage.
Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s daughter heading to jail

Justin Bieber is planning a series of new performances… delivering sermons from the pulpit of his favourite church.

Justin Bieber is planning a series of new performances… delivering sermons from the pulpit of his favourite church.

Bieber is planning a series of new performances… delivering sermons from the pulpit of his favourite church.

The pop brat claims to have turned over a new leaf after qualifying as a lay preacher following an intensive, three-month bible study course.

And he even wants to bring TV cameras into L.A.’s trendy Hillsong Church so he can preach to the masses and spread the good word as a part-time televangelist.
( Billy’s thoughts – This church instead of having Justin preaching instead should be discipling him away from the public eye. Read more of this story here. )

DOJ announces it will not file charges against Zimmerman in Martin shooting

Read the story.

I am not bigot , proof is I support abortion and gay marriage.

Lately I’ve had the idea of essays pairing Hollywood movies with scholarly works I am reading: American Sniper, say, with the classic book On Killing, for example. By some strange coincidence I walked out of a showing of Kingsman just days after completing sociologists George Yancey and David A. Williamson’s new book, So Many Christians, So Few Lions: Is There Christianophobia in the United States? I don’t like that word “Christianaphobia.” The evil and disturbed progressive man who killed three Muslims last week did not hate Christians in particular; he hated God-lovers in general. As the New York Times reports: Mr. Hicks appeared to have a deep dislike of all religion. On his Facebook page, nearly all of his posts expressed support for atheism, criticism of Christian conservatives, or both. Last month he posted a photograph that said, ‘Praying is pointless, useless, narcissistic, arrogant, and lazy.’ At her news conference, Hicks’s wife Karen felt the need to assert that her husband, while clearly a murderer, was not a bigot. As proof she offered that he supported abortion and gay marriage. (Note here the peculiar dominant cultural assumption that progressive views inoculate a person against all charges of bigotry or hatred by definition.)
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Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s daughter heading to jail

Read the story here.

If you watched the Academy Awards did you call your parents


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Defending another soul: ( a Bible principal story for children )
College kids might still at times need to be grounded but parents should give them freedom
Pakistani Christian, sentenced to death, denied family hug
Inspirational coach: Shame on Little League adult cheaters
These men are not representing Jesus Christ, who came to bring true liberty



Defending another soul: ( a Bible principal story for children )

Hi Boys and girls: Uncle Billy here. Children has anyone in your class or any of your friends ever been mistreated by somebody else? I bet they have been. Well in today’s Bible principal story we are going to hear what a little boy did when another child was being mistreated. Here it is.
“Today class we have a new student joining us,” Mrs. Brown told the 5th graders in her class.
“Is it the 16th President of the US Lincoln. I heard he has some free time now that the civil war is over,” Tommy Jones yelled .
All the 5th graders laughed.
“Kids do you want to go visit Principal Dixon! Tommy Peter Jones do you need me to call your mom again,” Mrs. Brown warned.
“No thanks she would skin me alive,” Tommy answered.
“Students I would like you to meet Robert Franks.
Some of the kids noticed that Robert had a hard time walking.
“Hey he is a crippled kid! Yelled Tommy.
“Tommy Peter Jones that was not nice at all. You can now go and put your nose in the corner for a time out. And I will be calling your mom.” Mrs. Brown said.
“Boy my butt is going to be soar after my mom gets her spanking spoon out. Tommy says to himself as he walks to the corner.
The next day at school during lunch when Robert Franks is walking with his food tray Tommy Jones put his foot out and trips him. Robert falls and his food goes flying everywhere. Drew Green watched the whole thing but did nothing.
“Too bad you can’t walk on your other foot,” Tommy yelled.
All the fifth graders laughed.
Robert got red in the eyes and runs off to be by himself.
After lunch Mrs. Brown was not happy at all.
She told the fifth grade class laughing at somebody is not nice to do. Then she gave the whole fifth grade class a time out by having them all put their heads down on their desks.
Drew Green thought it was unfair that he and some of the others got punished even though they did nothing wrong.
( Listen to the rest of this Bible principal story. )
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College kids might still at times need to be grounded but parents should give them freedom

Osterberg and her husband are lifelong Denver folk, but they got restless and intended to relocate for adventure’s sake once their only child left home for college.
Well, long story short, they did that. Sort of.

Rather than following the sun down to Mexico, they followed their daughter to Portland, Oregon, where she is a sophomore. While still taking long weekends and other trips to Canada and California, the couple bought an apartment near campus that all three share.

“We’re calling it our gap year. We’re here for now, with the possibility of extending throughout her college career,” Osterberg said. “We’re taking it one year at a time.”

Sometimes scoffed at as the ultimate in helicopter parenting, Osterberg and others see only benefits in relocating or buying a second home to be close to their college kids.

Osterberg feels lucky. She and her husband work mainly online rather than grind it out 9-to-5 the old-fashioned way to pay college bills.

For Dianne Sikel in Phoenix, it’s all about football for her two boys, ages 18 and 15. She plans to rearrange her schedule as an auctioneer, part-time real estate agent and actress when her oldest starts college next year near Anaheim, California, so she can attend the games of both.
( Helicoptering? Parents go with kids to college )