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Learning is good even though we forget

Listen to a radio commentary by Dr. James Dobson.

Grade school along with middle school kids working together to save bats

Middle school students don’t usually mix with elementary kids – especially in the summer. The recipe works for this group of 8 as they hike the grounds at Arrowhead Park in Neola, Iowa.

The subject that has brought the 8th graders and 4th graders together is bats.

“The one we are researching is called the little brown bat,” said Michael Denning.

“It was cool, but kind of creepy,” said Brant Freeberg.

“There’s nothing cute about them at all,” said Olivia Matson.

“[The bats] get themselves under the loose bark,” said Olivia Matson. “And then they follow the path of the sun as the day goes on to keep warm.”

The park ranger told the youngsters about a problem.

“White Nose Syndrome is a fungus that grows on bat’s noses and on their wings and they can’t fly to get water,” said Brant Freeberg. “And they die.”

In spite of the creepiness, the students understood the importance of a bat.
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When students don’t show respect,just ripped them up

Read a Facebook post from Franklin Graham.

Students at Catholic school walk out on the Vice President who is pro life

Watch the video.

Kids being sent to a bench at school, but not for a timeout.Instead to have friendship time



Blair, Nebraska students fight to honor dead classmate

What some Blair High School seniors thought was an easy gesture, turned out to be much more difficult. They wanted to honor their friend Trent Hill by having an open chair where he would’ve sat at graduation. Hill passed away in a tragic rollover crash.
“It was just like as stab to the heart,” said Zachary McDonald. “He played such a big part in not just our class but the upper classmen and the under classmen. He just had a good relationship with everybody.”

When the school said no to the chair, McDonald and his friend Nathan Ziemet decided to start a petition to show the support behind them.
Crystal Robinson’s son Daniel is the next student in alphabetical order after Trent; she was told by the school that if her son leaves the seat open, he would not receive his diploma.

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Some school rules need to be broken, or changed otherwise it can be said leaders lack compassion

For the most part I believe students should follow the rules of the school they attend. If they do not,they should be punished. From my work at a daycare I have viewed what happens when bad behavior is allow to go on with no action being taken by the folks in charge. Too often that is what is taking place, or not taking place in schools, and day cares today.
Well here is a case where I think the rule should be rejected by all involved.
Amy Dickes is getting closer to another milestone that will be painful.
Her teenage daughter, McKenna Smith, should be getting ready to graduate from high school with the senior class in Waverly, Nebraska.
Sadly McKenna died last July at the young age of 17. She had suffered with juvenile Huntington’s disease, a degenerative brain disorder.
The students at Waverly High school wanted to show her family they cared. So the senior class came up with the idea of leaving a chair open at graduation to commemorate the teen. While she was ill students had fundraisers for her and wanted to honor her during the graduation.
Great idea from some caring students you might think. Well the leaders of the Waverly school district said no. You see they have a policy which states they can not honor a dead student. ( District denies graduation memorial )
The superintendent Bill Heimann said the district is just trying to be consistent.
I would disagree.The school leaders may not have meant it this way, but they are looking heartless.
I know schools struggle how to handle deaths of students like if they take their own lives. Still in this case that is not an issue. This teenager died from an illness.
Under the policy accepted memorials include scholarships, a brick or bench purchased for the Learning Garden at Waverly High, plantings on school grounds with a commemorative marker, donations of books or other school supplies, or establishing a fund for a school or particular activity.
Memorials should not disrupt the school day, infringe upon the separation of church and state, or involve pictures of the deceased, the policy states.
I guess a class could not give a Bible in the name of the student.
This is crazy. There are times when rules that were meant for good should be broken. Here is an example say I am out walking at night. I hear a kid crying in a pool because he, or she doesn’t know how to swim. Then I see a sign which reads no swimming. Would a good person let a kid die because of the rule. No of course not.
Well this school policy could cause a lot of hurt feelings over honoring a dead student which is already sad. Come on Waverly do what is right. Help this family, along with your students heal from a sad event.

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Betsy DeVos Booed at Historically Black College

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos faced an unwelcome reception Wednesday as she delivered the commencement speech at Bethune-Cookman University, a historically black college in Daytona Beach, Florida. As the university’s president, Edison Jackson, began to award DeVos an honorary degree, many students in the crowd started to boo, while faculty applauded. A mere seconds after DeVos began speaking, the room erupted in shouts. A number of students turned their backs on the speaker, who attempted to elevate her voice above the crowd’s for the majority of her time on stage.

Less than three minutes into the speech, Jackson took over the microphone, telling students: “If this behavior continues, your degrees will be mailed to you. Choose which way you want to go.” This seemed to rile the crowd even further, evoking another collective shout.

( Billy’s thoughts – Shame on these students. I guess those on the right are not welcomed by some students on the left. Does anything besides me think we should bring back caning, or the stocks. Read the rest of the above story. )

Prom rules for high school students

Listen to, or read the commentary.

Trouble with middle school students in GA. involving a gun, and drugs

Here is the story.
This story should remind us all these things happen because we have removed God from the culture, and the schools. Thank God for those who in the name of Jesus are reaching out to middle school kids such as Youth For Christ.
Today’s teens, and preteens need to be shown the love of Christ, and the truth of God’s word.