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Colleges need to discipline youth, which try to stop those on the right from talking 

A conservative group on Friday threatened to take legal action against UC Berkeley if student sponsors are not allowed to pick the date and location for an appearance by commentator Ann Coulter.
Coulter had been scheduled to speak on the demonstration-weary campus on April 27, but Berkeley officials refused permission, citing safety concerns. Amid public criticism, the administration on Thursday agreed to set the event for May 2, at midday, in a science hall away from the central campus.

( Billy’s thoughts – I for one am tired of colleges not taking action against those who try to keep folks on the right from giving talks. Some college kids need discipline. Discipline is a good thing, if you are two years old, or 19 years old. Read the rest of the above story here. )

LGBTQ, transgender issues should be taught in nursery school, UK teachers’ union says

The story is here. By the way if you live in the UK, you might want to give hard thinking to removing your children from the government schools, along with the public nursery schools.

    The rest of us should do what we can to reach young people with the truth, or support those who do. Thank God for Christian ministries that are touching young people with the good news, such as CEF, and Youth for Christ.

Thanking a teacher ( we should all do it ) 

So have you ever thanked one of your teachers? Here is a column by somebody who did thank one. 

Should U.S. High school students have to know the Constitution

NORTH SMITHFIELD, R.I. — Should U.S. high school students know at least as much about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Federalist papers as immigrants passing a citizenship test?
In a growing number of school systems, having such a basic knowledge is now a graduation requirement. But states are taking different approaches to combating what’s seen as a widespread lack of knowledge about how government works.

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Muslim Prof Insists Jesus Wasn’t Crucified, Christian Student Suspended After Disagreeing 

Here is the story.

Anyone listening to the confirmation hearings for the Secretary of Education would think that America’s public school system was in great shape. 

Anyone listening to the confirmation hearings for the Secretary of Education would think that America’s public school system was in great shape. In fact, the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus even warned that the new secretary “will have an incredibly harmful impact on public education and on black communities nationwide.”
Most people don’t agree with that assessment. The editorial board of the Chicago Tribune criticized the secretary’s critics. “Instead of lauding DeVos for trying to break a failing status quo in places like Detroit, a handful of U.S. senators tried their best to depict her as an out-of-touch nincompoop whose goal was to destroy public schools. Yet half of the Democrats on the committee either went to private school themselves or had children or grandchildren attending private schools.”

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Some Nebraska State Senators don’t care about helping kids, along with their parents

Some State Senators in my home state of Nebraska it would appear do not care about helping poor kids in failing public schools. A bill which would allow publicly funded charter schools in the state is going down to defeat. The reason is some senators are so committed to the public schools they are not willing to help poor kids who stuck in failing schools.

Even after a school charter school advocate Clarice Jackson told lawmakers about battling to find someone to teach her daughter at a young age. She only succeeded only by taking her child out of the public schools. Today her daughter works at a group home.

Jackson argued before the leaders in Nebraska that other parents in North Omaha parents need the choice that charter schools could bring. 

  She asked. What do you say to a parent who child is failing in school. How long do we wait for you all to figure it out.”

   Isn’t wrong that leaders like President Obama who is against school choice sent his daughters to a private school. I don’t falt him for that. You should do what is best for your child no matter if you are the President of the USA, or working a 9 to five job. I do falt Obama, and others on the left for not giving that same choice to other parents.

The bill in Nebraska it looks like will be defeated in committee. Three on the committee oppose it, and one is skeptical. How wrong, and how sad. Thanks State Senators. 

The wishes of some 6th graders ( a question from Dr. Dobson which you may want to ask your own kids )

Listen to the radio spot.

Condom-crafted prom outfits on display to promote not safe sex but sinful/risking sex 

Here is a story from my local paper about a business here in Omaha, Nebraska that is pushing condom use in time for the proms. This kind of stuff makes me sick. 

  Condoms are not 100% safe. There have been folks who have used condoms, and ended up with a sexual sickness. Condoms even if they keep your body safe they can not keep your mind, heart, and soul safe from remembering what you did.

  Why is it we believe young people can reject doing drugs, and drinking, but when it comes to sex they can not control themselves. Those who believe that must not have much faith in today’s youth. Why is it we do not teach young folks safe drug use, and safe drinking. After all we know they are going to do it, no matter what we tell them. When it comes to sex we do teach them safe sex, but it is not really safe. Young people are being hurt thanks to those who are pushing sex. 

God help them. 

Middle School Reduces Bad Behavior Dramatically With ‘Reverse Suspensions’ That Invite Parents to School When Students Misbehave

Too often today there is not discipline in the public schools. There are good teachers in those schools, but sadly they don’t always get the support from parents, and school leaders. It use to be if you were bad at school you got the paddle, and then when you got home you got another paddling. 

  Perhaps it might be a good idea what a middle school is doing instead of kicking kids out of school they make the parents of the children with bad behavior attend classes with their lads. Read this story about a new idea in middle school discipline.