Secret Service Launches Investigation Into Madonna After Controversial Comments ( Good, we will see if it goes anywhere ) 

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unc-ball-boy-makes-3-halfcourt-shots-in a row

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Those of you on the left leave Trump’s 10 year old son alone! ( Is that clear. ) 

Below is a posting from Facebook. The writer is right on the money. No matter if a  parent are from the left, or the right the child should be off limits. 

Do you see this CHILD? This child’s life was changed forever when his Father was sworn in as President of The United States of America yesterday. Long before his Father, President Donald J. Trump, was sworn in- this child became the center of hateful online attacks. From a certain celebrity attempting to diagnose him with a learning disability with her degree from “The University of Google” to now, when a writer from Saturday Night Live decided to make a tweet saying that he would be the “first homeschool shooter”. Which she must not do any research because he does attend an actual school. Some of you liberals go on and on about peace, hope and love, and yet you spew hatred out the other side of your hypocritical mouth. Tonight, when you tuck your children into bed, look them in the eyes and ask yourself, “could I say these things to my baby?” Whether you like or dislike the Trumps- this is their ten year old son. He is still growing and words hurt. Words have the potential to form a person while they are growing into their adult years. Would you say these things to your own child? NO child deserves to be talked to in such a manner. Don’t be a hypocrite. His name is Barron Trump. He is a child. He is to be respected and he is off limits!

Madonna: ‘I Have Thought an Awful Lot About Blowing Up the White House'( Why is she not in jail, are those on the left allowed to threaten the President ) 

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13 year old rejects abortion after she is raped 

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A message for those who are protesting Trump as President , including those in congress who boycotted him being sworn in 

Lessons from the life of Castro ( a thought on the Bible ) 

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Hi I am Billy David Dickson with a thought on the Bible.

    What are we leaving behind in this world. What will people think of us , or say about us , when we are no longer living in this world.

    Those thoughts come to my mind as I reflect on the life of the former President of Cuba Fidel Castro, who passed from this life to the next life at the age of 90 a few months back.

  The western media said things like he loved the people of Cuba. In truth he put many souls from Cuba in prison for speaking out against the Cuban government, or following the Lord instead of following Castro. Other souls he had put to death. 

 I do believe there are things we can learn from the life of Castro.

       The first lesson is what are we leaving behind. What will people think of you and I after we are gone.The people of Cuba, and many souls in the world will not have good things to say about Castro. No matter what the media says. You may not have put souls in prison like Castro, but have you put your job ahead of your family. Have you not been honest with others in business matters. Have you treated others wrongly. 

         The second lesson while we are living we can always change. It is too late for Castro. However you, and I can change with God’s help. We can not change on our own. Philippians 4:13 reads , “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”

     The last lesson and the most important one is we all are going to die. What will matter is what we did with Christ. The question is do you know him. If you don’t know him after death there is no hope for you. Before you die you can find that hope. All you have to do is admit you are a sinner, and embrace Jesus Christ as your savior. It is too late for Castro. One can only hope he repented of his sins and received Christ. God is going to say when you stand before him, well done good and faithful servant. Or he is going to say the most horrible words I never knew you. What decides what God says is decided by what you do with Christ.

That is a thought on the Bible.

Until next time,

I’m Billy David Dickson

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Mother , and daughter not thankful for Christmas gift 

Dear Amy: My 17-year-old daughter and I are still trying to recover from a Christmas snub. In our family, we draw names and have a $50 budget. My daughter’s cousin drew her name and had purchased the item my daughter wanted, but he bought a smaller size than she wears and the gift cost about $30. She is upset that he didn’t spend the designated amount.
This also happened on Christmas Day with her aunt and grandmother, who both went under budget with their gifts to her, but over budget with their gifts to other nieces.

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An open letter to critics of President Trump

I’m  encouraging you to have a godly attitude towards our new president … to pray for him with the heartfelt desire that God will make him into a great president rather than for you to stand on the sidelines, rooting for his fall. The former attitude is godly; the latter is not.

As one who issued numerous warnings about candidate Donald Trump during the Republican primaries, on radio, in writing, and on video, I’m sympathetic to your concerns.
You see him as an incredibly dangerous loose cannon, as someone who could start a world war with his tweets, as a mean-spirited man unfit for the presidency, as a divider not a uniter. You might even see him as a potential dictator, rising up like a new Hitler in an increasingly xenophobic, angry, and fearful America.
How on earth, you wonder, did Donald Trump become the president of the United States? How did this narcissistic, playboy businessman become the most powerful leader in the world?
To repeat: I’m sympathetic to your concerns and I understand why you feel like this, and even as someone who voted for Trump, I never dissed the Never Trumpers.

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A faith which should be called science fiction 

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