Wife Crashes Her Own Funeral, Shocks Scheming Husband Who Planned To Have Her Killed

Talk about 

turning the tables. A woman by the name of Noela Rukundo from Melbourne, Australia, who was presumed dead, showed up to her own funeral- very much alive and ready to serve justice to the husband who tried to have her killed.
A few days earlier, Balenga Kalala had hired a team of hitmen to kill his wife of 10 years, offering them a few thousands dollars to carry out the murder because he thought she would leave him for another man. Little did he know that they didn’t kill Rukundo. With the help of a pastor and Rukundo’s moxie, she was able to return to Melbourne unharmed and reveal that she was alive all along. She showed up at the end of the funeral service, shocking her scheming husband, The Washington Post reports.

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Warren Buffett and George Soros Gave $6.6 Million to Leading Pro-Abortion Political Group

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If the Democrats win it would mean NC would have been given more points in the Super Bowl ( is that fair ) 


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders should want to change the tax code to keep company’s from moving out of the USA 

company decides to move its headquarters overseas, we hear politicians criticize the move but ignore the reason they moved. The latest source of political complaints came when Johnson Controls decided to merge with Tyco. Hillary Clinton called the merger “outrageous. Bernie Sanders is calling the executives “corporate deserters.”
The editors at the Wall Street Journal once again tried to explain in simple English why companies are doing this. The politicians who denounce these companies are also the ones who have maintained the corporate tax code that is the reason for the executives to take such actions.
Tyco has U.S. headquarters in New Jersey, but the company is legally established in Cork, Ireland. Johnson Controls will now move its legal headquarters from Wisconsin to Ireland. There is a very good reason for this. The U.S. federal corporate income tax rate is 35 percent. The corporate tax rate in Ireland is 12.5 percent. Johnson Controls estimates that they will save roughly $150 million a year.

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Chuck Colson final speech, Politics is not the answer impacting the culture is 

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Marco Rubio on Abortion, Rape: Babies Have a Right to Life No Matter How They’re Conceived

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Texas first grader saves his family 

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Helping Teens Understand Homosexuality – Facts to Help Youth Withstand the Culture 

This week a radio program I listen to had 

Sue Bohlin giving commentary on how to help teens deal with homosexuality. 

Here is some of what she said…

schools and in the rest of the culture today, only one perspective is allowed to be heard. Consider four lies that are very familiar to teens today:
First, “Homosexuality is normal and healthy.” It’s neither. The fact that it simply occurs (in about 2% of the population) doesn’t make it normal. When we look at the way males and females were designed to complement each other both emotionally and sexually, that tells us something about the nature of homosexuality, that something has gone wrong somewhere. This is not judging the people who experience same-sex attraction; it’s like a red light on the dashboard of a car, denoting that something needs attention.
Acting physically on same-sex attractions is certainly not healthy. Those who do are at far greater risk for sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS; alcoholism and drug abuse; depression; emotionally exhausting relationships; and a shortened lifespan.{1} Please see the “Facts About Youth” website from the American College of Pediatricians, especially this article: Health Risks of the Homosexual Lifestyle.
Lie #2: “If you’re attracted to someone of the same sex, that means you’re gay or lesbian.” Not so. It really means that there are unmet, God-given needs for love and attention that were supposed to be met earlier in life. Having crushes on other people, of both sexes, is also a normal part of adolescent development. It means teens are transitioning emotionally from child to adult.
The third lie is, “Since you were born that way, you can’t change.” First, there is no scientific evidence that anyone is born gay. It’s a myth that has been repeated so often that people believe it. Second, thousands of people who were once gay have experienced significant changes in their attractions and behavior.{2} Change is possible.
The fourth lie is, “Embrace and celebrate your gay identity, because gay life is cool.” Those in ministry to those dealing with unwanted homosexuality have heard many heartbreaking stories of the truth: a dark side of intense and difficult relationships, relational patterns of disillusionment and breakups, physical and emotional unhealthiness.
Countless people have said they wished they never entered the gay community in the first place, but it’s hard to leave.
Teens and Sexual Pressure
Adolescents are under an extraordinary amount of sexual pressure. They live in a sex-saturated culture, and the messages they receive from the media and, unfortunately, in school, clearly communicate an expectation that sex is just part of having a social life. Rarely do they hear about the heart-wrenching consequences of being sexually active, both physically and emotionally. The agenda pushing sexual freedom is also engaged in trying to normalize homosexuality as well.
Teens are pushed to decide early if they are gay, straight, or bisexual, as young as middle school. But kids in their early teens are no more equipped to “decide” their sexual orientation than they are to choose a college major and career track. A landmark study done by the University of Minnesota determined that at age twelve, one fourth of the students were unsure of their sexual orientation. Their bodies were just beginning to experience the changes that would turn them from children into adults, and they were being asked if they were gay, straight, or bisexual. No wonder so many were confused! But by age seventeen, that number of kids unsure of their sexual orientation had dropped to 5%.{3}
And psychiatrist Dr. Jeffrey Satinover says, “[W]ithout any intervention whatsoever, three out of four boys who think they’re gay at age 16 aren’t by 25. So if we’re going to treat homosexuality as a state, 75% of ‘gays’ become ‘non-gay’ spontaneously. That’s a statement which I consider ludicrous, but if you accept this tacit proposition—that being gay is an actual state, like being short or being tall, black or white—then in three out of four people that condition changes itself spontaneously. . . That’s with no outside intervention, just the natural processes of development.”{4}
We need to tell teens, “It’s too soon to ‘declare a major’ in your sexuality.”
Teens are also pressured to experiment with both sexes as the only way they can know their sexual orientation. It’s presented as nonchalantly as our cruise ship table partner suggesting we try escargot—”Hey, how can you know if you like it unless you try it out?”
Teenage sexual behavior can have lifelong consequences, but they are not in a position to recognize that. Their brains don’t finish developing until age twenty-five, and they tend to make decisions out of the region of the brain that controls emotion. So they are easily swayed to make dangerous and irresponsible choices, like engaging in any kind of sexual behavior.
Teens need to be encouraged to face the sexual pressures and stand against them.

( You can read the rest of commentary by Sue Bohlin here  or you can listen to the audio.)

Don’t take your child to a Trump rally 

Don’t take your child to a Trump rally (CBS News). From Charles Krauthammer: … he’s not conservative. Trump’s winning the nomination would convulse the Republican party, fracture the conservative movement and undermine the GOP’s identity and role as the country’s conservative party. 
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California parole board gives ex-Mexican Mafia killer another chance at freedom

A convicted killer and former shot-caller for the Mexican Mafia who developed an unusually close relationship with law enforcement was again granted parole today, a year after the governor rejected his previous bid for freedom. 
( California parole board gives ex-Mexican Mafia killer another chance at freedom )


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