Cupich, expected to bring heart of a pastor to new role as cardinal

Less than 20 years ago, Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich was an Omaha parish priest deciding matters like church renovations and how to cut utility bills.
A week ago, Pope Francis named him a cardinal, placing him among a group of high-ranking clergy who will select the next pope.
In some ways Cupich’s ascent seems remarkable. His appointment as cardinal comes two years after Francis named him archbishop of Chicago, an influential diocese and the country’s third-largest, with 2.2 million Catholics.
But those who know the Omaha native and former grade-school altar boy say he has long displayed the pastoral and merciful approach that reflects the vision Francis has for the church, one that shows its forgiving face rather than an emphasis on rules. Cupich, considered a moderate, is known for a common touch and an open-minded and collaborative leadership style on controversial topics such as same-sex marriage.

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Mrs. Clinton’s view on abortion is extreme. I didn’t write that a doctor did ,after her answer on partial birth abortion.

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It should be a simple/easy choice but not to the American voter ( explain that to me, if you can) 

What if Hillary Clinton steals the election?

In the immediate aftermath of last night’s presidential debate, TV commentators expressed their shock at Donald Trump’s refusal to say that, whatever the results of the elections, he would accept them. But should these commentators have been so shocked? What if the elections really are rigged? What should Trump have said?

To be sure, there were far better ways for Trump to reply to moderator Chris Wallace’s question, satisfying Wallace’s concerns while raising his own concerns (which reflect the concerns of many other Americans).
For example, Trump could have said:
“Absolutely, without question, if the electoral process is fair and legal, I will accept the results, whatever the outcome. And should I lose, which I don’t expect to, I will urge my supporters to accept our loss with dignity.
“But I have a question for you, Chris, and for Hillary and for the American people as well. What if it could be demonstrated in a court of law that the election was rigged? What if there was massive voter fraud? Would it be fair to the American people for me to accept the election results without a fight? Would it be just? If the American people voted to put me into office and the election was stolen from me and from them, what would be the right course of action?
“Chris, what do you think? Hillary, what do you think? And people of America, what do you think?”

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Once again: We’re facing a choice of style over substance in politics.Your choice, America.

In the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, millions of Americans confused the use of artful language with intelligent policy judgment.The results:

• Well over 400,000 dead in Syria and a refugee crisis in the aftermath.

• Four dead Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador, in Benghazi

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Do you think unborn babies should be killed the day they are to be born? Mrs. Clinton thinks so, even pro choice folks don’t agree with her on that. I guess she is for helping the children.

Donald Trump Blasts Hillary Clinton: “She’s Saying You Can Rip a Baby Out of the Womb Just Before Birth”

Accept the election and the media 

Here is something I posted on my Facebook page.

I thought the host for the debate was the best host of them all. For the most part he did a great job. They dealt with the issues.

       However far as the media I have been bugged about how they have reported on this election. I still like Fox News and they are better than the others, even they have focused on the polls. Tonight Fox News is talking too much about Trump not accepting the results of the election. Seeing we have dead people voting, people that are not in our nation in a legal way voting we all should be watching for voter fraud. 

Howard Stern for once is doing something right and keeping some trash off of the radio 

Howard Stern won’t betray Donald Trump by re-airing radio clips

4 students shot at San Fran high school


Advice for Trump in tonight’s debate 

A conservative activist advises Donald Trump to focus on his economic plan for bringing jobs back to the United States, while a medical expert says the Republican presidential nominee should hit Democratic rival Hillary Clinton on the failing Affordable Care Act healthcare policy she has adamantly defended.

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