Too many fans

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If you’ve ever listened to the fans at a college or professional football game, you know some of them are the ultimate experts at what their team is doing wrong and what they should be doing. It’s just amazing some of those fans haven’t been hired as like head coach of the team, right? Yeah. After speaking for professional football chapels and getting to know some of the players, I was less than patient with their critics all around me up in the stands. I mean, I knew some of those guys on the field. I knew they had everything on the line when they played and that they were the only heroes in the game. You know, there were no heroes in the stands. Sometimes I just wanted to stand up and say to one of those guys: by the way, I never did because they were all bigger than I am. But I wanted to say, “Hey! Why don’t you get out of the stands and get in the game!”

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This makes me feel good because my washing machine came from Lowe’s

Man and dog get job

Gay identity, Christianity incompatible

HRC, the largest and most funded homosexual activist organization, has released a new “Coming Home to Evangelism and to Self” guide for those who identify as LGBTQ Evangelical Christians. It encourages homosexuals to be open within their churches to convince other members to accept their lifestyle.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) says the evangelical Church is the last bulwark for truth.

“So basically they want to be rid of biblical influence in our culture,” he submits. “The HRC report talks about allowing homosexual so-called Christians to ‘fully live out their sexual orientation,’ as they put it.”

But the Bible only affirms heterosexuality, which means the LGBT lobby is trying to convert Christians to desert Scripture. And LaBarbera insists that is something the Christ-filled Church cannot do.

“My advice to churches is to get back to the Bible and reach out to homosexual activists and people struggling with homosexuality with truth and love,” the AFTAH president suggests. “Homosexual behavior is always wrong, cannot be practiced. You cannot embrace a so-called gay identity and call it Christian. That doesn’t work. The two are incompatible.”

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These refugees should be let in President Trump

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Let them in!

In January, WORLD magazine’s Mindy Belz reported on some 100 Iranian refugees—most of them Christians—fleeing brutal religious persecution.

They were on their way to America because their relatives in the U.S. had applied for asylum for them under the Lautenberg Amendment, which aims to help persecuted religious minorities.

But the U. S. government denied them entry to the U. S. en masse.  They’ve been stuck in Austria ever since, without work, income, or health care. They now face deportation to Iran, which means imprisonment and even execution.

Well, thank heavens a U. S. District judge ruled last week that the government cannot issue a blanket denial of entry, but must examine each applicant’s claim within two weeks.

As Belz writes, it would be tragic if the Trump administration would work “in tandem” with the Mullahs of Iran to “sever non-Muslim believers from their community and their families.”

Let’s pray the administration does the right thing. Come to and I’ll link you to Belz’s reporting.


A terminal trap

Mindy Belz | WORLD magazine | May 4, 2018

Judge upholds rights of Iranian Christian refugees

Lynde Langdon | | July 12, 2018

A terminal wait

Mindy Belz | | March 2, 2018

Oregon’s Hypocrisy Abortion and a Case of Parental Neglect

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Equal treatment under the law is a cornerstone of our government—but one group of humans doesn’t get the same treatment as everyone else.

What does being born change about a child? Speaking strictly scientifically, nothing of consequence. A child minutes before birth is the same as a child minutes after birth: same physical capabilities, same level of development, both highly dependent on others, they even look more or less the same. Both dream, suck their thumbs, respond to mom’s voice, and feel pain.

But when it comes to both federal and state law, the difference between an unborn baby and a born one is huge. For example, how we prosecute cases of wrongful infant death.

Last week, the Washington Post gave an example that breaks my heart for many reasons. Sarah and Travis Mitchell of Oregon were sentenced to six years in prison for criminally negligent homicide because they refused to seek medical care for their premature baby girl, Ginnifer. Born at just 32 weeks, at just 3 pounds 6 ounces, Ginnifer died hours after birth of fully treatable complications. Her twin survived and is now in foster care.

See, her parents are part of a Pentecostal faith-healing sect that teaches members to pray instead of securing modern medical treatment. Clackamas County officials say the Mitchells are the fifth family in their church in nine years to face similar criminal charges for failing to take a sick or injured child to the hospital.

One former member of the church told the Oregonian newspaper that “they have their own graveyard, and it’s just full of children,” children who, by all accounts, would still be alive if their parent had sought the help of doctors.

Now, this story brings up many tough issues. For example, being well-intentioned and sincere—as I’m sure the Mitchells are—is not enough. It cost their baby her life. And there are limits to religious freedom. The government is right, in this case, to intervene so that children do not continue to die.

And we could also talk about how or when or why God heals, sometimes through doctors and other times in ways we would call miraculous.

But there’s another angle to this story that I don’t want to miss—where it happened, and the incredible hypocrisy it reveals. You see, Oregon is the single most pro-abortion state in the country. It has absolutely none of the abortion restrictions on the books elsewhere, like mandatory waiting periods, parental consent laws, or a ban on late-term abortions. In fact, the state legislature is only now considering a very narrow restriction on late third-trimester, sex-selective abortions. So if you want to kill a baby for being the wrong sex, you’ll have to do it early. And to top it all off, last November the governor of Oregon signed a law mandating that insurance companies fully subsidize all abortions, including for illegal immigrants.

Now let me be clear, the Mitchells were rightly prosecuted for allowing their baby girl to die, even though they prayed for her to live. But had they wanted to kill Ginnifer, they could have driven to the nearest abortion clinic an hour before her birth—and get this—the state of Oregon would have paid for it.

This legal doublethink is mind-boggling. It means that a baby just out of the womb has the legal rights of a person and deserves protection and help, but just moments earlier is a non-person whom the state will pay to have killed!

As Scott Klusendorf with the Life Training Institute teaches, there are only four differences between unborn and born babies, which you can remember with an acronym: S.L.E.D.: size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency. None of those things are valid reasons to kill an unborn child.

But Oregon will facilitate and subsidize some killing, while prosecuting others. It’s the height of hypocrisy, it’s insane, and it shows what a monstrosity legal abortion really is. If we value a premature baby after birth, we should value that same baby just as highly before birth. Because, in every important sense, it’s the same baby.

Oregon’s Hypocrisy: Abortion and a Case of Parental Neglect

Christians believe that life is sacred and should be respected and protected. The Oregon state government is right to intervene in order to save the lives of children. And yet the hypocrisy of Oregon’s abortion policies, as John pointed out, is very obvious. Killing a child before he or she is born is no different than killing a child after he or she is born.


A religious Oregon couple didn’t believe in medical care. After newborn’s death, they’re headed to prison.

Kyle Swenson | Washington Post | July 10, 2018

The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture

Scott Klusendorf | Crossway Publishers | 2009

CONSERVATIVES didn’t like it when former President Obama blamed America first, they should not like it when President Trump does it with Russia

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The Gosnell Movie is Coming to Theaters

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Evil hates the light—and the limelight.

Back in 2013, a Philadelphia court put infamous abortionist Kermit Gosnell behind bars for life for failing to care for women under his cares, and for killing infants born alive in his abortion clinic, a place described as a “house of horrors.”

A year later, a group of filmmakers shot a documentary about Gosnell’s story. For years, no Hollywood distributor would touch it. As producer Ann McElhinney explained back in 2016, the entertainment industry “doesn’t want anything that asks difficult questions about abortion.”

Thankfully, the determined producers managed to raise enough money to distribute the film independently. “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” will hit over 700 U.S. theaters in October. The movie’s release is victory in the battle for life, this time shining light on evil that for too long has been hidden in darkness. Let’s pray it exposes the whole industry of death, not just Gosnell’s “house of horrors.”

The Rise of the Abortion Cheerleaders

Is abortion a sad and unfortunate reality — regrettable, as we are sometimes told, but often necessary — or is it a breezy nothingburger, completely “normal,” and something to be giddily celebrated like a last-minute NFL touchdown?  For a long time, the abortion lobby has had difficulty deciding. This summer, it seems that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh — and the rising feverish chatter surrounding the possible demise of Roe v. Wade — might just push the pro-abortion movement over the edge.

Where are these Protests when black folks are killed in the Windy City every day by gang members

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PBS television show Barney and Friends was wrong even though it made children feel good

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Remember the PBS television show Barney and Friends?  It premiered in 1992 and ceased production in 2009. The title character Barney was a purple tyrannosaurus rex who conveyed optimistic and educational messages through songs and little dance routines. The show was popular during an era when it was not politically correct to elevate the nuclear family — a mom, a dad, and their biological or adopted kids —as preferable to any other type of family. The children on Barney…

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