One sport that gets it

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Standing for the flag is not about honoring Trump or protesting it is about honoring those who went to war for the USA

NFL Player honors the flag all by himself

Billy’s thoughts —- If I remain a fan of the NFL it will be because of athletes like this guy who plays for the Steelers. Sadly not many others joined him yesterday in honoring our nation.

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“What Are You Willing To Do”

Listen to a short commentary about the church of Jesus Christ in the Middle-East.

35K members left U.S. Episcopal Church in ’16

Nearly 35,000 members left the Episcopal Church (TEC) in the United States last year – continuing a decade-long downward spiral for the Left-leaning Christian denomination.


The steady decline in membership was divulged through a 2016 statistical report recently released by TEC.


A Message for the NFL, and some of her players

Gravedigger who died on the job was considered part of Jewish community even though he wasn’t

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McCain does it again to the GOP, and America ( Senator please stop saying your politics is on the right )

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Man who made a difference in those in need, retires from his job

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Never too late

Listen to a good news story.