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The Bible welcomes you to question/test it, but not the book of Islam 

Listen to a radio commentary on faith.

President Bush ( who I like ) still doesn’t get it on Islam, and so much more,as he attacks President Trump 

President Bush who did many good things for America, use to drive me nuts, when he went out of his way to say Islam was a peaceful faith. Yes there are people in that faith who are peaceful. However those who truly are committed to the faith are not peaceful. They are the ones who are making it hard for Jewish people, and followers of Christ to live around the world.Thse who are truly committed Islam wants Israel, and America destroyed. They want every follower of Jesus,along with every Jewish soul dead.

  I am sorry to write President Bush still feels the same way. In this video he once again defends Islam. He also seems to let it be known that he does not agree with President Trump on trying to keep others from our land who might harm our nation. 

   Whatever happened to the rule of former presidents not attacking sitting presidents. Where was Bush when President Obama was destroying America with his radical left agenda. I didn’t hear anything out of him. So was I in dream land? Did you hear anything out of President Bush when Obama was trying to destroy our nation. 

The Pope is wrong on Muslim terrorism 

Whenever the Pope speaks, it is worth considering what he says whether you are a Catholic or not. His worldview influence is considerable, and so we should pay attention to his words.
That is why I am concerned about his recent address on Muslim terrorism. He argued that: “Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, and Muslim terrorism does not exist.” If his point was to say that not all Christians and not all Muslims are terrorists, that is obvious. It is a self-evident fact.
He also seemed to be arguing that terrorism is the result of economic inequalities rather than religious beliefs. Not only is that not true, it would come as a surprise to some of the rich, well-educated radical Muslim leaders and to some of the oil-rich regions that have been state sponsors of terrorism.

( Muslim Terrorism )

Nebraska law banning public school teachers from wearing religious items closer to repeal ( no matter what teachers are still not free ) 

Read the story.I am sure what to think of this bill. How comfortable would believers in Jesus be if a follower of Islam wants to teach in the public schools and she wants to wear Islam items.

   Also no matter what teachers in the Nebraska government schools who are believers in Jesus, still won’t be given freedom to share their views on God.

Muslim Refugee

Read about the different Muslims who are trying to come to America. Some would make make great citizens, others we need to do everything to keep out. You can read, or listen to the commentary.

People of faith who are against President Trump’s plan to vent folks coming to America, need to do some soul searching 

Billy thoughts – Here is a word from Rev. Franklin Graham on  President Trump’s desire to vent folks trying to get into America. I for one am tired of followers of Jesus who are getting upset over President Trump’s plan to keep us safe. Will it work. I don’t know, but at least he is doing something. Where were these people of faith when President Obama was trying to keep people out of our nation. Where were these followers of Christ when our brothers, and sisters in the Lord were being mistreated in Iraq. If folks have a heart for followers of Islam, good move to places like Iran. Don’t try to apply or force a Bible principal  that was ment for believers on the USA government. 

 Also what if one of these folks is allowed into our nation and commits another 911. What will people of faith who helped get him into our nation say to America. My faith in Jesus compelled me to help get this killer into America. What kind of witness would that be. That would turn folks here in America off to the good news. Please read what Rev. Franklin posted at the above link. 

It is hard being a child who is a follower of Jesus in Turkey

Read the story and pray for these kids. 

Ban followers of Islam ( this may get me in trouble with the P.C. Police ) 

( Below is something I posted on a friend’s Facebook page. ) 

I know this is not PC. I also know I might take heat for this. 

   I think we need to check out followers of Islam  more carefully who are coming to America. Those of us who know Christ should love them, but that does not mean we have to let radical followers of Islam into our nation. In fact we should not. So I would be ok with a ban on radical followers of Islam…

Madeleine Albright ‘ready to register as Muslim’ over refugee suspension

Read the story.

Obama’s $221M gift to Palestinians put on hold ( good for President Trump ) 

Millions of dollars promised by Barack Obama and John Kerry to the Palestinian Authority just before officially leaving office have been put on hold by the Trump State Department.
In the last hours of his presidency, President Obama defied Republican opposition and quietly released $221 million to the Palestinian Authority. Former Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly informed some lawmakers of the move shortly before he left the State Department for the last time Thursday.
But yesterday, according to FOX News and other news outlets, the State Department announced it had decided to review the last-minute decision and might make adjustments to ensure it comports with the priorities of the Trump administration. The Times of Israel reports that according to a senior Palestinian source, U.S. officials told PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah the funds weren’t expected to be handed over in the immediate future.

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