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Tebow, a Careful Evangelical
Ryan Makes It Offical: Time to Unite Around Romney
Ten Commandments Will Not Save the Government Schools or Her Students
Can you say ‘Romney-Rubio in 2012′?
Recall election ordered for Wis. Gov. Scott Walker
Modern America, and a Wasted Life, 3-30-12 Commentary

Tebow, a Careful Evangelical

Tim Tebow may be the most popular Christian in sports. He is a cross-cultural phenomenon, a preacher in a football player’s body.

As he demonstrates in interviews and throughout his book, in his frequent appearances at churches and prisons, and even at his hugely anticipated and nationally televised introductory news conference for the Jets on Monday, Tebow is far from a firebrand evangelical.

With unflappable optimism and politeness, using his gift for artfully preaching without sounding preachy, Tebow mostly discusses his life story — a child of Southern Baptist missionaries in the Philippines who prayed for a son to become a preacher, named for Timothy in the Bible. Football, Tebow says, is his platform for greater good. He talks about the charitable works of his family and his own foundation. And he repeatedly invokes Jesus Christ’s name and the good that comes from committing to a life lived by his creed.

He has more followers than most preachers, and evokes more passion than most politicians. But, unlike so many of them, Tebow shows little interest in using his pulpit to take controversial stances.

“Tebow is part of a movement of ‘cosmopolitan Christians,’ ” said D. Michael Lindsay, the president of Gordon College and the author of “Faith in the Halls of Power,” a book about American evangelicals. “They’re more media savvy than their forebears and they understand the importance of building bridges. They speak more about what they’re for than what they’re against. It speaks for that segment of the evangelical community that wants to spend energy on things for the common good rather than be a lightning rod.”

That appears to be Tebow’s approach.

“My belief is that his goal is to indeed be inclusive and not divisive,” Nathan Whitaker, who was a co-author of Tebow’s book, “Through My Eyes,” wrote in an e-mail. He declined to discuss Tebow’s beliefs more specifically.

On Monday, five days after being traded from the Denver Broncos, and nearly being traded to his hometown Jacksonville Jaguars, Tebow spent most of his introductory news conference at Jets headquarters in Florham Park, N.J., discussing his perceived role on the team.

The subject of faith — and any mention of Jesus — did not arise until the 16th question. It seemed strange, given all of the curiosity and debate over Tebow’s methods of on-field proselytizing — from biblical verses on his cheeks; to his kneeling in prayer after touchdowns (since christened as a verb: Tebowing); to his habit of open postgame news conferences by thanking “first and foremost, my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.”

Asked to articulate his religious beliefs, he demurred, slightly.

“We’re at a press conference for a football team, so it’s not exactly the platform to get up here and share everything you believe,” said Tebow, who attended a Southern Baptist church with his family in Jacksonville. “But I have no problem, ever, sharing what I believe. I’m a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, and that is first and foremost the most important thing in my life. For me it’s about having a relationship with Christ. And that’s pretty much it. That’s the basis of what I believe in.”
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Ryan Makes It Offical: Time to Unite Around Romney

Rep. Paul Ryan endorsed former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney on Fox and Friends this morning. “I am convinced if we drag this out to the summer, it’s going to make it that much harder to beat Obama in the fall,” Ryan said.
( Billy’s Thoughts- I hope the other three who are running for President are getting the message it is time to get behind Romney and focus on beating Obama. Read more. )

Ten Commandments Will Not Save the Government Schools or Her Students

An atheist group is at it again — this time targeting a Pennsylvania public school’s Ten Commandments monument that has been on display for decades.

Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel says officials at the Valley School District in New Kensington are gearing up for battle with the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) as the school’s superintendent is not bowing down to legal threats if the monument is not removed from school property. The Wisconsin-based atheist group claims the display is a violation of the principles of the separation of church and state. The monument was reportedly brought to FFRF’s attention by a student who does not attend Valley High School.

“I certainly credit the school district and the teachers involved in this case for not simply kowtowing or bowing down to the threat from the Freedom From Religion Foundation,” the attorney comments. “Often times, that’s what government officials do when they ought to stand their ground.”
Billy’s Thoughts – My take is a little different than others who share my faith. Those who are fighting for the Ten Commandments to be up around the government schools. So will having the ten commandments up make any of the kids right with God, or make schools pro God. They will not. Today the government schools are blessing sin and wrong behavior. So while far as the law goes I believe the atheist group is wrong getting these commandments back up around the schools will not save those schools or her students. Read more of the above story here. )

Can you say ‘Romney-Rubio in 2012’?

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Recall election ordered for Wis. Gov. Scott Walker

MADISON, Wis. – A recall election has been officially ordered against embattled first-term Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker after more than 900,000 signatures were collected on petitions to force a vote.

The Government Accountability Board voted 5-0 Friday to order the recall against the Republican, a move that’s been expected for weeks given the high number of signatures gathered between November and January. It took 540,208 signatures to trigger a recall.
( Recall election )
( Billy’s Thoughts- Lets all hope this recall election is not successful. if it is it will not be good for America or those of us who want less government.)

Modern America, and a Wasted Life, 3-30-12 Commentary

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or read the commentary Modern America., and a Wasted Life, 3-30-12 Commen…

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Pope Might have Been Used by the Evil Leaders of Cuba
Jimmy Carter discusses views on biblical inspiration, Gospel exclusivity, homosexuality
Buffett offered deal he couldn’t resist
At issue: Belief-based business decisions
ObamaCare Might Be On Life Support ( Pray it is)


“I think all the candidates in this race have a lot to be proud of … but I just can’t buy into this idea that by their own admission, they’re saying the only way they can win this race is by having a floor fight in Tampa in August. And I think that’s a recipe to deliver four more years to Barack Obama.”
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Pope Might have Been Used by the Evil Leaders of Cuba


(Reuters) – Pope Benedict called for an end to the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba and met with revolutionary icon Fidel Castro on Wednesday as he ended a trip in which he urged the communist island to change.

He also spoke at a public Mass in Havana’s sprawling Revolution Square where the Vatican said 300,000 people gathered to hear the 84-year-old pontiff.

In a trip laced with calls for change in Cuba, his last message was aimed at the United States, its longtime ideological foe, which for 50 years has imposed a trade embargo trying to topple the Caribbean island’s communist government.

Speaking in a departure ceremony at a rainy Havana airport, Benedict said Cuba could build “a society of broad vision, renewed and reconciled,” but it was more difficult “when restrictive economic measures, imposed from outside the country, unfairly burden its people.”

“The present hour urgently demands that in personal, national and international co-existence we reject immovable positions and unilateral viewpoints,” the German pope, dressed in white vestments, said in his soft voice and heavily accented Spanish.

Beginning at his arrival in eastern Santiago de Cuba on Monday, Benedict sprinkled his speeches with thinly-veiled references to Cuban dissidents, political prisoners, Cuban exiles and the need for the Caribbean island to push ahead with its economic reforms.
( Billy’s Thoughts- I am sorry that the Pope didn’t use more of his trip to encourage an end to the evil government of Cuba or to encourage those who have not been treated right by the leaders of Cuba. Perhaps he did that away from the public eye. I just hope the Cuba leaders did not use the Pope to bless their evil leadership. Read more of the above story right here. )