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Some NFL players are boycotting Israel trip ( how sad ) 

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You just played in the Super Bowl where are you going? = Israel

NFL players off to Israel

Obama’s $221M gift to Palestinians put on hold ( good for President Trump ) 

Millions of dollars promised by Barack Obama and John Kerry to the Palestinian Authority just before officially leaving office have been put on hold by the Trump State Department.
In the last hours of his presidency, President Obama defied Republican opposition and quietly released $221 million to the Palestinian Authority. Former Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly informed some lawmakers of the move shortly before he left the State Department for the last time Thursday.
But yesterday, according to FOX News and other news outlets, the State Department announced it had decided to review the last-minute decision and might make adjustments to ensure it comports with the priorities of the Trump administration. The Times of Israel reports that according to a senior Palestinian source, U.S. officials told PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah the funds weren’t expected to be handed over in the immediate future.

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Would Dennis Prager a Jewish man Be a Christian Today if He Were Born a Christian ,a caller to his radio show wants to know 

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Trump is right on Israel. The Jewish State and those of us who love her can not wait for Jan. 20th, 2017 to come

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United Nations Ambush:
“We cannot continue to let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect… Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching!”
Those words from President-Elect Trump following an anti-Israel UN resolution which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described as an “ambush.”
Pointing to more than the U.S. abstention on the UN vote, causing it to pass, Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “We have it on absolutely incontestable evidence the U.S. organized, advanced and brought this resolution to the Security Council,”
Netanyahu thanked Trump for his “clear support,” and stated, “Israel looks forward to working with President-elect Trump and with the American Congress…to mitigate the damage this resolution has done and ultimately repeal it,”

Israeli leaders are urging Jews to read through the entire Bible, verse by verse, chapter by chapter? Amazing, but true. Here’s the latest.

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This is the true war against gays says the leader of Israel and we should care 


Women praying at the wall 

Men and women will soon be able to pray side-by-side at Judaism’s holiest site for the first time following a historic decision by the Israeli cabinet.
The measures, passed on Sunday, will see a new plaza built where men and women can pray together at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City. Two other sections will remain segregated by gender.

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Trump scraps planned trip to Israel

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By their fruit you will know them

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Those of you who have read the Bible might recall a verse which reads by their fruit they will be known. Some souls have good fruit and some have bad fruit.

           Radical Islam it would appear does not have much good fruit. It is looking more and more that the attack in CA. was the plan of Radical followers of Islam. If that is the case President Obama has a lot to answer for.

     When will our leaders please stop saying Islam is a peaceful faith. The younger President Bush started that and it drove me nuts then and it still does. The difference is Bush was willing to go after those who wanted to do harm to America. It doesn’t look like President Obama shares that passion.

  There are things in America we can do.

We should shut down all schools run by members of Islam who teach their children jihad.

   We also should shut down all Islamic worships places that preach hate for America and Israel.

All Islamic groups which preach Radical Islam should be shut down and those belonging to those groups should be thrown out of the country and have their passports ripped up.

    It is time for our leaders to admit we are at war with Radical Islam. Whichever man or woman is willing to do that will be elected our next President and he or she should be. Radical followers of Islam are at war with us. It is time we embrace the fact we are at war with them. A peaceful faith does not kill people at a Christmas party.

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