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Honey where is the dog. Look up on the roof.

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Director of no-kill animal shelter retiring

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Fight duck abuse in California, but not child abuse…

Attorney General of California recently announced that he is filing 15 felony counts against the two undercover filmmakers from the Center for Medical Progress who have exposed Planned Parenthood in a series of videos.David French, writing at National Review, points out that this is a case of selective prosecution. Back in 2014, a group known as Mercy for Animals released an undercover video that showed widespread animal abuse, they claimed, and cruelty at one of the largest duck farms in California. The state responded by investigating the farm. Apparently, in California, the lives of ducks are more important than the lives of unborn human beings.

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Zoo calls on dog to act like a mommy to tiger cubs 

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How sweat is this ( a boy taking flowers to his girl ) perhaps some guys can learn from his example 

How windy was it in Nebraska today ?


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Let your pet dog know how good he has it

Omaha dog helps keep people safe at the Super Bowl 

Here is a story that was in my hometown newspaper last week, about a dog that helped out at the Super Bowl yesterday.

Nebraska woman reunited with Chihuahua after stolen pup turns up in Colorado after 31 days 

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