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Death education  for children, might be a good idea 

Should kids be thinking about death? For the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.
You’ve heard about sex-ed, but what about death-ed? Writing at the New York Times, Jessica Nutik Zitter, who teaches both subjects to seventh-graders, suggests it’s time we get teens talking about end-of-life issues.
Terminal illness, dementia, hospice, and living wills are all subjects Zitter thinks parents and teachers should discuss. And though I doubt we’d agree on what should be taught in sex education, she makes some good points on helping kids think clearly about dying well.
Our society avoids death. We try to stay young forever, and Americans overwhelmingly die in hospitals, hooked up to tubes and machines, while aggressive treatments mean final moments are too often a nightmare, rather than a peaceful departure surrounded by loved ones.
As Christians we must firmly oppose things like doctor-assisted suicide and euthanasia, while avoiding the opposite error of endlessly fighting off the inevitable. And as Eric said recently on BreakPoint, Christians are uniquely positioned to accept death, because we know the One Who’s defeated it.

First, Sex Ed. Then Death Ed.

Jessica Nutik Zitter New York Times February 18, 2017

President Bush ( who I like ) still doesn’t get it on Islam, and so much more,as he attacks President Trump 

President Bush who did many good things for America, use to drive me nuts, when he went out of his way to say Islam was a peaceful faith. Yes there are people in that faith who are peaceful. However those who truly are committed to the faith are not peaceful. They are the ones who are making it hard for Jewish people, and followers of Christ to live around the world.Thse who are truly committed Islam wants Israel, and America destroyed. They want every follower of Jesus,along with every Jewish soul dead.

  I am sorry to write President Bush still feels the same way. In this video he once again defends Islam. He also seems to let it be known that he does not agree with President Trump on trying to keep others from our land who might harm our nation. 

   Whatever happened to the rule of former presidents not attacking sitting presidents. Where was Bush when President Obama was destroying America with his radical left agenda. I didn’t hear anything out of him. So was I in dream land? Did you hear anything out of President Bush when Obama was trying to destroy our nation. 

Blind kid is a good radio broadcaster 

It’s “Go Time” at Big Apple Radio for Seth Kadlec.
“Give us our weather, Seth!”
“Areas of dense morning fog, sunny, high near 70 degrees,” Seth smiles.
Seth’s smile is contagious.
“I just think it would be cool to be a broadcaster,” Seth said.
Born blind, Seth doesn’t let that stop him. He delivers his forecast from Braille.
“What is your dream job in broadcast?” Malorie Maddox asked.
“My dream job is to be a Disc Jockey, a radio DJ,” he said.

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God never said to invite in a stranger who would pillage the ground, burn the cities, and refuses to assimilate to the predominant culture

CHURCH Pastor defends Trump’s immigration policy

The Pope is wrong on Muslim terrorism 

Whenever the Pope speaks, it is worth considering what he says whether you are a Catholic or not. His worldview influence is considerable, and so we should pay attention to his words.
That is why I am concerned about his recent address on Muslim terrorism. He argued that: “Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, and Muslim terrorism does not exist.” If his point was to say that not all Christians and not all Muslims are terrorists, that is obvious. It is a self-evident fact.
He also seemed to be arguing that terrorism is the result of economic inequalities rather than religious beliefs. Not only is that not true, it would come as a surprise to some of the rich, well-educated radical Muslim leaders and to some of the oil-rich regions that have been state sponsors of terrorism.

( Muslim Terrorism )

Not every place we can go to,should we go to

The Point

 Readers Are Leaders

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Nebraska law banning public school teachers from wearing religious items closer to repeal ( no matter what teachers are still not free ) 

Read the story.I am sure what to think of this bill. How comfortable would believers in Jesus be if a follower of Islam wants to teach in the public schools and she wants to wear Islam items.

   Also no matter what teachers in the Nebraska government schools who are believers in Jesus, still won’t be given freedom to share their views on God.

The left should thought of the family of the late Alan Colmes 

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You have the  right to use the money you earn whatever way you want to, but something you should know

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