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An Unlikely View…a Different Review on Beauty and the Beast

This movie was not created to be a catalyst for the gospel. It was not designed with an agenda to lead people to the cross or challenge them in their walk with the Lord…and yet that is exactly what our family took away. Was there sin in the movie – yes. There was a hateful man that treated women and men like the dirt beneath his feet, who lied, who abused, who lifted himself above everyone else. There was the inclusion of magic, of prejudice, the belittling of women, the hint of homosexuality, the abuse of the elderly, the worship of idols to name just a few. Not a one of these sins greater than the next; not a one less ungodly than the the other. None of them so blatant – all just a piece of the tapestry of the film. As a mama, I had a choice. I could have pointed out all of these things to my children before going into the theater.I could have painted a picture of hating all of these things and they would have watched the movie through that lens – absolutely. Instead, I asked them to view with God in mind. They did observe those same things, these sinful moments, but with the perspective of God in mind they viewed them with a broken heart, from a place of understanding our need for Jesus in this world. My little girl hopeful that she too would come to a place where she trusted the hope that is in Jesus – that she doesn’t have to be a ‘beast ‘ forever. My oldest challenged in his faith, strengthened in his walk. Their mama moved beyond what she can adequately express.

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Some in the GOP including some on the right failed the American voter, and failed President Trump ( Thank you!!!!! )

How disappointing the bill to kill Obamacare looks to be dead.      Thanks GOP. One of the reasons you were put in office was to rid the nation of this horrible law.

  You have failed the American voters, along with failing President Trump. 

     You wanted a perfect bill, and now we have none. Thanks Congressman Beacon here from Nebraska for supporting this bill. 

     I am outrage at the GOP including those on the right.

Some Nebraska State Senators don’t care about helping kids, along with their parents

Some State Senators in my home state of Nebraska it would appear do not care about helping poor kids in failing public schools. A bill which would allow publicly funded charter schools in the state is going down to defeat. The reason is some senators are so committed to the public schools they are not willing to help poor kids who stuck in failing schools.

Even after a school charter school advocate Clarice Jackson told lawmakers about battling to find someone to teach her daughter at a young age. She only succeeded only by taking her child out of the public schools. Today her daughter works at a group home.

Jackson argued before the leaders in Nebraska that other parents in North Omaha parents need the choice that charter schools could bring. 

  She asked. What do you say to a parent who child is failing in school. How long do we wait for you all to figure it out.”

   Isn’t wrong that leaders like President Obama who is against school choice sent his daughters to a private school. I don’t falt him for that. You should do what is best for your child no matter if you are the President of the USA, or working a 9 to five job. I do falt Obama, and others on the left for not giving that same choice to other parents.

The bill in Nebraska it looks like will be defeated in committee. Three on the committee oppose it, and one is skeptical. How wrong, and how sad. Thanks State Senators. 

My respect for this judge has grown, on the other hand my respect for some Senators from the left has gone down

Here are some thoughts I posted on a friend’s Facebook page about the hearings taking place for President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court.     I think he did a great job of answering the questions from the Senators who were trying to trap him in my view. . I was also proud of the Nebraska US senator Ben Sasse when his turn came up to ask the judge a question. The left is doing everything to keep this good man off of the court. It does drive one nuts. He s a judge he should not comment on current court cases, or possible court cases. He is doing well with his answers. I am not sure I could have self control. 

       I also saw one Senator cut him off and didn’t let him complete his answer. The reason they didn’t have time. Well if the senator had not taken so much of his time in asking a question about a court case, they would have had time for the judge’s full answer.

    Pray for this judge. After watching a little of the hearing today my respect for this judge has grown. My respect for some senators outside of the one from Nebraska has gone down. Perhaps we should have hearings on weather these senators can serve in government. 

Condom-crafted prom outfits on display to promote not safe sex but sinful/risking sex 

Here is a story from my local paper about a business here in Omaha, Nebraska that is pushing condom use in time for the proms. This kind of stuff makes me sick. 

  Condoms are not 100% safe. There have been folks who have used condoms, and ended up with a sexual sickness. Condoms even if they keep your body safe they can not keep your mind, heart, and soul safe from remembering what you did.

  Why is it we believe young people can reject doing drugs, and drinking, but when it comes to sex they can not control themselves. Those who believe that must not have much faith in today’s youth. Why is it we do not teach young folks safe drug use, and safe drinking. After all we know they are going to do it, no matter what we tell them. When it comes to sex we do teach them safe sex, but it is not really safe. Young people are being hurt thanks to those who are pushing sex. 

God help them. 

Walt Disney would be turning over in his grave, if he could 

Most of the time feel boycotts should be the last thing people of faith, along with those who believe in traditional values should do. When you boycott your voice at the place you boycott is no longer heard.However in the case of Disney it just might be time for a boycott. 

  Gay days that they have at their these parks is sinful. It shows little kids things that at least some parents don’t want their kids exposed to. Disney keeps pushing the gay agenda. If they won’t listen to our voice, perhaps they will listen to our pocket books. Now Disney’s Live Action Beauty and the Beast Features “Gay Moment”. How sad. This is wrong. 

I am troubled by getting Ashes while in your car on Ash Wednesday 

Now I am no longer part of a faith tradition which gives out Ashes on Ash Wednesday. However yesterday something I read and saw on the news troubled me. It was spiritual leaders giving Ashes to folks while they remained in their cars. Ashes in your cars might be ok for older folks, and folks who have problems walking in a church. I think when the church doors are opened for something your faith tradition takes part in, most of us should go and sit our butts in a pew.

  I am glad anytime people of faith take their spiritual views into their community. I also don’t believe the Bible teaches going to church makes one right with God. I had a pastor who said going to church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than going to Burger King makes you a whopper. 

 Too often today churches decide to do things based on what the customers want. Yes churches should do what they can to reach people in this world. At the same time we need to teach young believers, and even those who are not believers being a disciple of Jesus does cost. I wonder what believers in nations where they can be killed for being a follower of Jesus, or for worshipping the King of kings feels about just going to a drive through to get ashes,like you were ordering a whopper. 

Yes we are saved by grace, through faith.However where possible we are called to be part of a local church body for encouragement, having the word taught, and yes discipline. 

President Bush ( who I like ) still doesn’t get it on Islam, and so much more,as he attacks President Trump 

President Bush who did many good things for America, use to drive me nuts, when he went out of his way to say Islam was a peaceful faith. Yes there are people in that faith who are peaceful. However those who truly are committed to the faith are not peaceful. They are the ones who are making it hard for Jewish people, and followers of Christ to live around the world.Thse who are truly committed Islam wants Israel, and America destroyed. They want every follower of Jesus,along with every Jewish soul dead.

  I am sorry to write President Bush still feels the same way. In this video he once again defends Islam. He also seems to let it be known that he does not agree with President Trump on trying to keep others from our land who might harm our nation. 

   Whatever happened to the rule of former presidents not attacking sitting presidents. Where was Bush when President Obama was destroying America with his radical left agenda. I didn’t hear anything out of him. So was I in dream land? Did you hear anything out of President Bush when Obama was trying to destroy our nation. 

God never said to invite in a stranger who would pillage the ground, burn the cities, and refuses to assimilate to the predominant culture

CHURCH Pastor defends Trump’s immigration policy

Nebraska law banning public school teachers from wearing religious items closer to repeal ( no matter what teachers are still not free ) 

Read the story.I am sure what to think of this bill. How comfortable would believers in Jesus be if a follower of Islam wants to teach in the public schools and she wants to wear Islam items.

   Also no matter what teachers in the Nebraska government schools who are believers in Jesus, still won’t be given freedom to share their views on God.