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Ban followers of Islam ( this may get me in trouble with the P.C. Police ) 

( Below is something I posted on a friend’s Facebook page. ) 

I know this is not PC. I also know I might take heat for this. 

   I think we need to check out followers of Islam  more carefully who are coming to America. Those of us who know Christ should love them, but that does not mean we have to let radical followers of Islam into our nation. In fact we should not. So I would be ok with a ban on radical followers of Islam…

The great great granddaughter of Brigham Young ( the founder of the Mormon Church ) speaks about faith 

Listen to the radio spot.

Something to know before you let your son become a Boy Scout ( Updated ) 

Boy Scouts to allow transgender children

If a rape is committed another wrong is not the answer to your problem 

Here is a posting a friend of mine posted on Facebook.It has a good message that all of us who care about human life should read. 

What does the Bible really say about taking in Syrian refugees?

Here is an article which should be read by every soul of faith who is protesting what our government is trying to do. Such as the Pope, and people of faith who are posting on Facebook. You can read the article here.

Nebraska lawmakers should work on the problems of the state, and let President Trump try to fix America 

Read the story.

That’s why I think it’s time to rethink hate crime legislation.

Read, or listen to the Point of View commentary.

President Trump says he needs God ( let’s keep praying for him, and all of our leaders ) 

The story is here.

Darn it I was planning to take a vacation to Iran 

Iran to ban US citizens in retaliation to Trump move

To those of you who are against Trump’s plan on refugees ( think about this )