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Catholic speech coach fired: ( 4-24-15 commentary )

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I don’t know about you but I would expect a black college to fire a soul who worked for them if it was found out they also were a member of the K.K.K.
This story from OMAHA, Neb. –
Students are rallying behind a Skutt Catholic High School teacher who likely won’t be returning to the classroom this coming fall.

An online petition launched alleges that Matthew Eledge, an English teacher and speech coach at the school since 2010, is being fired for being in a gay relationship.

A Deacon Tim McNeil with the Archdiocese of Omaha and its affiliated schools said “the Archdiocese never comments on private personnel issues, the teacher wasn’t fired, but his contract simply will not be renewed.”

Supporters of the teacher contend the decision was made after he told Skutt leaders about his engagement to another man.

McNeil said not renewing a contract can be determined through a number of reasons, which can include not “upholding the teachings of the church.

This is not an issue of gay rights. The issue here is can a private Catholic school uphold Bible based values. My sister who is a teacher at a Catholic grade school told me she also has a moral clause in her contract that if she would break it she also could be let go from her job. The issue might be different if this was a public school. A school or a church can not go by feelings but must submit to it’s core values. It doesn’t matter if the issue is a same sex relationship or some souls living together outside of the marriage bed.

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The Senate voted 56-43 this afternoon to confirm Loretta Lynch as Attorney General. Ten Republicans voted for confirmation: Kelly Ayotte, Ron Johnson, Mark Kirk, Rob Portman, Thad Cochran, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch and Mitch McConnell.

No doubt other Republicans put out statements explaining their opposition to Lynch, but I got these from Jeff Sessions and Marco Rubio, and thought they were both worth passing on. Senator Sessions’ statement:
Ms. Lynch has announced that she supports and, if confirmed, would advance, the President’s unlawful executive amnesty scheme—a scheme that would provide work permits, trillions in Social Security and Medicare benefits, tax credits of up to $35,000 a year (according to the Congressional Research Service), and even the possibility of chain migration and citizenship to those who have entered the country illegally or overstayed their lawful period of admission. The President has done this even though Congress has repeatedly rejected legislation that would implement such a scheme.
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12-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Dismissed from Catholic School for Low Attendance

A 12-year-old Michigan girl who just beat cancer has now been dismissed from school over low attendance.

Rose McGrath was diagnosed with leukemia in 2012. She finished her treatment in December and is now in remission. But just last week, she was dealt more bad news when she received a letter from St. Joseph Middle School, explaining that she was being dismissed for too many absences and poor academic performance.

Rose attended 32 days of school this academic year.
( 12-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Dismissed from School for Low Attendance )

“It’s not really fair ‘cause I didn’t do anything wrong but they still got rid of me,” Rose said.
“If we have to get to a point where we need to provide education by suggesting that another institution would be more helpful, then we’re fulfilling our responsibility,” Father John Fleckenstein, of Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools, said.
( Billy’s thoughts – This school is a great witness for Catholic education. They should have asked WWJD = what would Jesus do. They should have offered the girl more help or whatever it would take they should have done. I expect something like this to be done by a government or public school not a Catholic school. I don’t think most Catholic schools would have done this. Shame on the Battle Creek Catholic Schools. )


Rubio stumbles on sexual orientation – at what cost?

Rubio stumbles on sexual orientation – at what cost?

Senate confirms Loretta Lynch as attorney general ( never mind her support for the most evil of all abortions )

The breaking news is here.

Source of funding for sex ed effort is questioned

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Muslim cop beat is L.A. mosques

Angeles police officer Shawn Alexander combats violent extremism with two tools not often associated with counterterrorism tactics: a smile and prayer.

After wrapping up a meeting at a popular downtown mosque one recent Friday, Alexander strode into the lobby and stood grinning amid a stream of curious worshippers. He then removed his shoes, found a spot on the crowded carpet and knelt.

Alexander, a 36-year-old African-American with the build of a college football tight end, is no typical law enforcement officer. He’s on the front lines of the fight against extremists, working to strengthen ties with a wary Muslim population on a community relations team in the LAPD’s counterterrorism bureau. He’s also a convert to Islam — one of only several dozen Muslims on the 9,000-member police force.

“Some Muslims are suspicious of me,” said Alexander, whose partner — a Jewish cop — keeps careful watch on him while he prays to ensure that nobody grabs his gun. “I mean, I pray in uniform, and I can tell they look at me and wonder if I’m being sincere or not. They wonder if I’m really a Muslim.”

His work has taken on new urgency since the February arrests of three Brooklyn men accused of plotting to aid Islamic State and last month’s indictments of a former Air Force officer and a National Guard specialist on charges they sought to join the terrorist group. On April 2, authorities charged three people with terrorism-related crimes — two New York women who allegedly discussed making bombs and a Texas man accused of trying to train alongside Muslim militants.
( US: Muslim cop in L.A. takes on extremism )

Creighton center named for the Rev. John Schlegel to honor his work on social justice

The Rev. John Schlegel, former president of Creighton University, often ended a busy day at the school by volunteering at the Siena-Francis House for the homeless near campus.
Tim Sully, director of development at the shelter, said he literally bumped into Schlegel as he helped serve dinner shortly after being installed as Creighton president in 2001. Sully said he marveled at Schlegel’s quiet, humble demeanor as he set tables, served meals and cleaned up afterward.
Sully talked about Schlegel’s commitment to helping the less fortunate on Sunday, when the Creighton Center for Service in Justice was named in honor of the 71-year-old Jesuit.
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AG Nominee Defending Partial-Birth Abortion: ‘The Phrase “Living Fetus”‘ is ‘Hopelessly Vague’

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The latest downward slide for Girl Scouts: ‘Girl’ is now optional

A traditional values leader is exposing the Girl Scouts for its continued move toward far-left causes.

The latest announcement, says Linda Harvey of Mission America, is that little boys from kindergarten through high school can join the Girl Scouts, if the boy considers himself a girl.

“In other words, he calls the shots,” Harvey says of young males. “He is the one that determines the rights and privacy of authentic girls.”

Regarding transgender youth, the website for the Scouts states that if a boy is recognized as living as a girl, “then Girl Scouts is an organization that can serve her in a setting that is both emotionally and physically safe.”
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