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My Little Dog Rusty October 29, 2011…

Last Friday afternoon at about 4:30 P.M. central time my dog Rusty’s suffering came to an end as we had the vet put him down. It was hard to decide to do this but I think it was for the best. I will miss him and I thank God for the years of joy he gave us. At least  now he isn’t suffering anymore.
Please keep my mother Betty, and myself in your prayers or thoughts. I will miss the little guy as will all who knew him. To know Rusty was to love Rusty and be loved by him. I have cried and will cry I know.  He might have just been a dog but he was our dog and a great one at that.
God Bless you,
PS: I hope in the future to write more about Rusty and what he meant to us but it is too soon now to do that. Bless you for your support.

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After Grilling Cain and Bachmann, Jay Leno Embarrasses Himself Sucking up to Obama

The quickest way to become a jerk in this country is to defend someone in the entertainment business, which is exactly what I did when I defended the recent  interviews ‘Tonight Show’ host Jay Leno did with Rep. Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain.

In both of those interviews, Leno made the central point of his conversation the perceived gaffes and weak points in the GOP candidates’ statements and policies. What I defended was that at the very least, as Leno grilled them, his guests were given the chance to respond. And, at the time, it made sense for Leno to drill down on those issues because they were the elephants in the room.

Well, when President FailureTeleprompter arrived on the ‘Tonight Show’ set, you would think the herd of elephants that follow Obama everywhere had never existed at all.

Here’s a rundown of Leno’s talking points questions:

How awesome is your foreign policy? How great is is that you and Hillary came together for America? How about your approval rating being three times higher than Congress?  Do you find Mitch McConnell’s desire to defeat you as unpatriotic as I do? Great job quitting smoking! How do you cope with the awesome responsibility of being President? How were those chicken and waffles? How’s the family? How about that heartbreaking NBA lockout? (

(After Grilling Cain and Bachmann, Jay Leno Embarrasses Himself Sucking up to Obama)


(Billy’s Thoughts>>> I have met Jay Leno somebody I am close to use to work for him. He was nice to me when I met him but he needs to go after both the left and the right if he is going to have them as guests on his show.)

Battling (still) for equal access on campus

teacher reading to kindergarten bigAn Oklahoma school district has revoked the license of a Christian club for students and is discouraging the club from promoting itself anywhere else.




The Owasso Public Schools revoked the ability of the Kids for Christ club to promote its events. At the same time, other groups and businesses were allowed to distribute flyers, signs, and announcements. Matt Sharp, litigation staff counsel for Alliance Defense Fund, is helping defend the Christian club.

“All of the court cases on this have dealt with specifically this type of discrimination,” Sharp explains, “where all of the other community groups are allowed in, but a Christian religious group is specifically targeted and excluded because of its religious nature.” (Battling (still) for equal access on campus )

Moment of silence, and prayer in the schools are not the answer

A conservative lawyer is welcoming the news that the U.S. Supreme Court is refusing to review a lower-court ruling on Illinois’ “moment of silence” in public schools.




In 2007 Illinois lawmakers overwhelming voted for a mandatory moment of silence in all public schools. Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel and dean of Liberty University School of Law, explains why it was halted soon after the legislation passed.

“An atheist filed suit,” he states, in reference to Dawn Sherman, high-school-aged daughter of well-known Illinois atheist Rob Sherman’s daughter. “[She] alleged that this was unconstitutional. (Silence, not prayer, is mandatory )

(Billy’s Thoughts>>>>> The answer is not for  a state approved prayer or the right to have a  moment of silence. The answer is for Godly parents  and those who care about values to remove their kids from the government schools and for school choice to come to the whole nation.)

Military homosexuals suing for marriage rights

 A group of married “gay” current and former military personnel has sued the federal government, seeking equal recognition, benefits and the same support as married heterosexual couples.

 The lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court in Boston says the government’s Defense of Marriage Act violates their constitutional rights and asks the military to recognize their marriages. The suit was filed by the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.
Executive director Aubrey Sarvis says homosexual service members deserve the same protections as heterosexual couples because they make the same sacrifices. (Military homosexuals suing for marriage rights )

Being Poor is No Reason for Abortion

Joseph E. Parker is pastor of Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Church near West Point, Mississippi. He cites Proverbs 31: 8-9 and Proverbs 24: 11-12 as scriptural references that defend the life of the unborn and deal with the issue of poverty. Though he recognizes that hardships are a reality, Parker says they are not justification for terminating a pregnancy.

“You really can ask the question [regarding children]: when is enough enough, and when is too much? Well, the fact is, God helps us to do what he calls each of us to do,” he assures. “God can help you provide for one child, he can help you provide for six, [and] he can help you take care of 12. The issue is learning how to trust God and believe God for whatever your circumstances are.”

And Pastor Parker warns that those who opt for abortion eventually pay a price.

“Well, the fact is the psychological costs, as well as the spiritual costs [and] the emotional costs, will never justify going down that road,” he cautions. “It’ll bring more poverty of spirit and poverty in your life overall, as well as economic poverty to be furthered for the sake of having gone down the road of having an abortion.”
(Pastor: Poverty is real, but no excuse)