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Senator Ashcroft told about the day he was sworn into the Senate

John Ashcroft was a United States Senator from Missouri and the committed follower of Jesus Christ, later to become the Attorney General in some of the most recent turbulent days in our country. When Dr. James Dobson interviewed him on his radio program, I was touched by the story Senator Ashcroft told about the day he was sworn into the Senate. He really wanted to be prayed into his new position that day, so he asked about 25 family members and close friends to join him in a room in the Capitol for a time of prayer before his inauguration into the Senate. Great idea! Senator Ashcroft asked his loved ones to stand in a circle around him in a time of dedicatory prayer.

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Ailing 10-year-old surprised by pack of his favorite sled dogs

Ian Dustan is a lot like any other 10-year-old kid.
He likes playing with Legos. He loves video games. He’s fascinated by zombies.

And his favorite type of dog is a husky.
But Ian has a problem that most kids his age couldn’t fathom: mitochondrial disease, an incurable condition that has begun to contribute to organ failure and the debilitation of his neurological system.

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My Mother Died From Breast Cancer, But I Won’t Support Komen

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October 31 belongs to God too



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Halloween commentaries 

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Stand for the flag , kneel for the…

This is Joe Biden.’ How the vice president helped a grieving Omaha father

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Secular, Feminist, and Pro LifeTHE MESSAGE GOES MAINSTREAM

In the third presidential debate on Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton said women should be able to end the lives of their preborn babies right up until the very moment of birth, long after a child is viable outside the womb.
In a recent Marist poll reported by the Wall Street Journal, eighty percent of Americans and some sixty-percent of self-described pro-choicers oppose this extreme view. Instead, they support restricting abortion to the first trimester of pregnancy.
Just more evidence that the landscape is changing. Not only is Clinton’s extreme view on abortion unpopular—it’s outdated. A 2015 survey by the Public Religion Research Institute found that millennials are more likely than their parents to say that abortion ought to be legal only in certain stages and certain circumstances. According to another poll by Students for Life of America, just 17 percent of millennials agree with the Democratic presidential nominee that abortion should be legal right up until birth.
All of this led Ruth Graham to conclude in Slate that the pro-life movement is in the midst of a transition. But it’s not just in the sense that it’s getting younger. It’s also attracting the non-religious.
Not that long ago, being pro-life meant you were almost certainly a Catholic or evangelical. But now, the belief that killing unborn babies is wrong is transcending religious and even political boundaries.

Take Aimee Murphy, the 27-year-old founder of Pittsburgh’s Life Matters Journal. Aimee was raped by an ex-boyfriend who pressured her to get an abortion when she thought she was pregnant. That was when it clicked, Aimee says. “I could not use violence to get what I wanted in life. I realized that if I were to get an abortion, I would just be passing oppression on to a child.”
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How can you defend voting for Mr. Trump 

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