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High School champs use lunch to demand rights for Non American citizens

Gov. Dave Heineman hosted lunch Tuesday for members of the Omaha South High School boys’ soccer team in honor of their recent state championship.

After the lunch, members of the soccer team delivered a message to Gov. Dave Heineman.
Team members handed the governor a letter pointing out their concerns about his decision not to issue driver’s licenses to young immigrants who were brought to the United States illegally by their parents.

The letter indicated team members were honored by the invitation to lunch at the governor’s mansion. But they felt it was important to let the governor know that they don’t agree with his decision not to grant driver’s licenses under a program called “deferred action for childhood arrivals.” Under the program, young people can receive temporary legal work status.
Jen Rae Hein, a spokeswoman for Heineman, said the governor is required to follow state law. A 2009 law prohibits the state from providing state benefits to people who are here illegally, which she said includes driver’s licenses.
( Billy’s thoughts – It is too bad that somebody at these champs school didn’t educate these kids about the laws in the state of Nebraska where they live. Also there is a right way to do things. Read the rest of the above story. )

College leader at Ohio State attacks Catholics on why they are not part of Big 10

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The president of Ohio State University said Notre Dame was never invited to join the Big Ten because the university’s priests are not good partners, joking that “those damn Catholics” can’t be trusted, according to a recording of a meeting he attended late last year.

Gordon Gee also took shots at schools in the Southeastern Conference and the University of Louisville, according to the recording of the December meeting of the school’s Athletic Council that the Associated Press obtained under a public records request.
( OSU boss’ latest jabs hit Catholics, N.D. and SEC)

The university called the statements inappropriate and said Gee is undergoing a “remediation plan” because of the remarks.

Gee was on a long-planned family vacation and not available for comment, said Ohio State spokeswoman Gayle Saunders. He apologized in a statement released to the AP.

“The comments I made were just plain wrong and in no way do they reflect what the university stands for,” he said in the statement. “They were a poor attempt at humor and entirely inappropriate. There is no excuse for this and I am deeply sorry.”
“The fathers are holy on Sunday, and they’re holy hell on the rest of the week,” Gee said to laughter at the Dec. 5 meeting attended by Athletic Director Gene Smith, several other athletic department members, professors and students.

“You just can’t trust those damn Catholics on a Thursday or a Friday, and so, literally, I can say that,” said Gee, a Mormon.

( Billy’s thoughts – Why is ok to go after Catholics? What if Gee had gone after gays. That would have been 100% wrong but so s going after those of the Catholic faith. How would he feel if somebody had attack his Mormon faith or is he a Mormon just by name not by fact.)

Arizona woman facing drug charge freed from Mexico prison,

An Arizona mother imprisoned in Mexico on a drug-smuggling charge was released from prison late Thursday, a family spokesman tells Fox News.

Yanira Maldonado walked out of the jail late Thursday night, after court officials reviewed security footage that showed her and her husband boarding a bus in Mexico with only blankets, bottles of water and her purse in hand.

Maldonado hugged her husband Gary and was greeted by well-wishers after she left the lockup and officials closed the jail doors behind her.

She spoke briefly, thanking U.S. state department officials, her husband, her lawyers and prison workers who made her stay comfortable.

“Many thanks to everyone, especially my God who let me go free, my family, my children, who with their help, I was able to survive this test,” she said.

The family’s lawyer in Nogales, Jose Francisco Benitez Paz, said a judge determined Thursday that she was no longer a suspect and all allegations against her were dropped. The couple planned to immediately return to Arizona, he said.

“She lived through a nightmare,” he said after her release.

Maldonado’s release came hours after court officials reviewed security footage that showed the couple boarding a commercial bus traveling from Mexico to Phoenix with only blankets, bottles of water and her purse in hand.

U.S. politicians portrayed her as a victim of a corrupt judicial system and demanded her release.

( Billy’s thoughts – This is good news. I am thankful she is freed and that she gave the thanks to the Lord. However the whole thing does make the nation of Mexico look bad and even more corrupt than it already is. Perhaps it is time Americans stopped traveling to that nation. Read the whole story from Fox news. )

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At times if you don’t take your child to a doctor you are in sin
Leaving the scouts is an easy decision to make when one affirms God’s Word
Juan Williams Defends Eric Holder Over Secret Monitoring of Reporters
Former Boy Scouts eager for new alternative group
Iran hauls off Christian pastor, shuts down church in new sweep
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is right about the media
Ohio Hero, To Get Free McDonald’s For One Year
And from yesterday’s blogging….
Generous boy gives away his baseball to another little boy


At times if you don’t take your child to a doctor you are in sin

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — After their 2-year-old son died of untreated pneumonia in 2009, faith-healing advocates Herbert and Catherine Schaible promised a judge they would not let another sick child go without medical care.

But now they’ve lost an 8-month-old to what a prosecutor called “eerily similar” circumstances. And instead of another involuntary manslaughter charge, they’re now charged with third-degree murder.

“We believe in divine healing, that Jesus shed blood for our healing and that he died on the cross to break the devil’s power,” Herbert Schaible, 44, told Philadelphia homicide detectives after their ninth child, Brandon, died in April. Medicine, he said, “is against our religious beliefs.”

The Schaibles were ordered held without bail Friday, two days after their arrest, although defense lawyers argued that they are neither a flight risk nor a danger to the community.

“He is incarcerated because of his faith,” said lawyer Bobby Hoof, who described client Herbert Schaible’s mindset as resolute.
Their pastor, Nelson Clark, has said the Schaibles lost their sons because of a “spiritual lack” in their lives and insisted they would not seek medical care even if another child appeared near death. He did not return phone messages this month, but he told The Associated Press in 2011 that his church is not a cult, and he faulted officials for trying to force his members into “the flawed medical system,” which he blamed for 100,000 deaths a year.
( Billy’s thoughts – It is sad when souls embrace a false doctrine. I believe with all my heart and soul that God heals at times but at times he heals through doctors. This Pastor along with this couple and their church need to get back to the Lordship of God’s word. Read more of the above story here. )

Leaving the scouts is an easy decision to make when one affirms God’s Word

MARIETTA, Ga. (BP) — Parents of Boy Scouts should remove their children from the organization, Atlanta-area pastor Ernest Easley advised in his Sunday sermon.
Troop 204’s affiliation with Roswell Street Baptist Church also will end, Easley said.

“I never dreamed I’d have to stand up publicly and say to parents: Pull your kids out of the Boy Scouts,” Easley told Baptist Press May 28.
“If you would have asked me that five years ago, 10 years ago, I would have laughed,” Easley said. “And even as I was saying it Sunday morning, I thought, I cannot believe I’m having to address this and encourage parents to pull their children out of the Boy Scouts of America.


The tie between Roswell Street Baptist Church and Troop 204 dates back to 1945.

Now, however, children are at risk, said Easley, now in his 12th year as senior pastor of the Marietta, Ga., church. He also is chairman of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee. Easley, the church and Troop 204 were the focus of a Baptist Press article May 7 exploring the potential impact of a vote to permit openly homosexual boys in Scouting. On May 23, the BSA’s 1,400-member National Council voted to adopt the membership policy, 61-39 percent, as proposed by BSA national leaders.

“My greatest concern is the protection of boys,” Easley said. “This decision opens the floodgate for a potential increase in sexual abuse of children.”

And openly homosexual men will become Scout leaders, Easley predicted.

“Having made this decision, the Boy Scouts will face all kinds of pressure and litigation to accept openly gay leadership in troops across America. I can’t see now how the Boy Scouts legally can prevent homosexual leadership from invading the ranks of the Boy Scouts of America,” Easley said. The Scouts, he noted, have now abandoned the tradition that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld in 2000 in permitting the Scouts to decline membership to openly gay leaders and members.

“As far as our church family, they’re sad about it, but it’s an easy decision to make when a congregation affirms God’s Word,” Easley said of the end of Roswell Street Baptist Church’s relationship with Troop 204 — a possibility he had been discussing with church leaders in view of the scheduled BSA vote on gay membership. The break likely will come when the Scouts implement their new policy on Jan. 1, 2014.

“If we’re a church that affirms God’s Word as the inerrant Word of God that we’re going to live by, that we’re going to raise our families by, that we’re going to do church by, then it may be sad, but it’s a simple decision.

“We are not going to put our arms around organizations that openly oppose the moral guidelines taught in God’s Word,” Easley said.
( Leave Boy Scouts, pastor advises parents )

Juan Williams Defends Eric Holder Over Secret Monitoring of Reporters

Watch the video

Former Boy Scouts eager for new alternative group

Jeremy Miller is a Cincinnati Eagle Scout and Cub Scout leader who has three sons, one in Cub Scouts. Miller took quick action last week after the Boy Scouts voted to allow homosexual members.

“They are now breaking an oath that they took and have taken on their honor to do their duty to God,” he tells OneNewsNow. “The BSA has zero honor, and I am announcing my own and my family’s separation from this organization.”
( Read the rest of this story. )

Iran hauls off Christian pastor, shuts down church in new sweep

Government agents shut down Iran’s largest Persian-language Pentecostal church Monday, just one week after one of its pastors was arrested and hauled away midway through a worship service.

The closing of Central Assemblies of God church in Tehran is the latest case of the Islamic Republic’s leadership cracking down on Christians ahead of the June 14 presidential election to replace President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Leaders appear especially wary of groups deemed dangerous to their power base, including growing Christian churches, according to Iranian Christians and rights groups who spoke to BosNewsLife, a news agency that specializes in the plight of Christians in Middle Eastern nations.

“These incidents appear to be an attempt to stop worship services from being conducted in Farsi, the language of the majority of Iranians,” George Wood, general superintendent of the AoG in the U.S., told the service. “Services are allowed in Armenian, a minority language that most Iranians do not speak or even understand.”

“These incidents appear to be an attempt to stop worship services from being conducted in Farsi, the language of the majority of Iranians.”
– George Wood, Assemblies of God, U.S.

On May 21, authorities grabbed Pastor Robert Asserian while services were under way. They have not told parishioners where he is being held.

“Before going to the church, authorities raided Pastor Asserian’s home, where they confiscated a computer and several books,” Wood said. “Then, they found Pastor Asserian at the church leading the prayer service, immediately arrested him and announced the church’s imminent closure.”
( More )

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is right about the media

Black conservative: Justice Thomas ‘exactly right’ about media bias