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‘Complete Fabrication’: Sean Hannity Responds To Recent Allegations

Here is the news story.

Bill O’Reilly’s firing teachable moment for the conservative movement,and Christians 

First, we should demand character, not merely competence, from our political leaders and cultural spokesmen. Those who oppose conservative and Christian ideas will seize any opportunity to discredit the message by attacking the messenger. We should be careful about whom we look to as spokespeople.
Secondly, let’s remember that “conservative” does not always equal “Christian.” We live in an era in which the culture is trending away from Christian ideas and toward secularism. So conserving what came before often—not always, but often—means conserving Christian ideas. But when and where that is not the case, we should be careful to promote Christian ideals and not merely conservative ideology.
Thirdly, we should remember that the ends do not justify the means. The Christian worldview is true, but it is not merely true. It is also good and beautiful. If we resort to the ugly, the evil, and the banal in our public discourse and private lives, we undermine the truth of the story we want the world to hear.
Finally, let’s not depend so much on our media stars to do the heavy lifting of cultural change. Here at the Colson Center we talk often about “de-professionalizing” the work of the Gospel, including the work of cultural change. By that we mean that raising our kids means more than just sending them to the right youth group. And cultural engagement means more than following a media celebrity on Facebook or retweeting a clever meme.
I often speak to young people who are burning with enthusiasm to “make a difference” in the world. My counsel to them is usually “If you want to change the world, first make your bed.” We should remember that the best evidence for the transformative power of the Gospel is the testimony of our own transformed lives. Christians should live differently if we want our ideas to have credibility in the public square.
To conclude: I cannot say with certainty whether Bill O’Reilly is guilty or innocent of the sexual harassment charges, but the evidence we do have, and his spectacular fall from public favor, should lead to a teachable moment for the conservative movement and Christians in particular. We should take a good, long, hard look in the cultural mirror and remember Shakespeare’s words: “The fault . . . is not in our [media] stars, but in ourselves.”

( Billy’s thoughts – The only thing I would add to the above piece is join me in a prayer I praying for Bill, his firing would draw him to Christ. That happened to a well known column writer years ago after he was fired by NBC TV. Today he is on fire for Christ, and making a difference in the media for Jesus. The same could happen in Bill’s life. )

The O’Reilly Factor 1996-2017

Read a column about the end of Bill at Fox News.

Remarks on his firing at Fox News,from Bill O’Reilly

( Billy’s thoughts Below is what Bill O’Reilly said about his firing at Fox.  I don’t know if the charges some women have brought against Mr. O’Reilly are true, or not. Things are said all the time which aren’t correct. If these charges prove to be false ,Fox is going to be hurt in a big way. I pray for all involved. I do find it sad that a man is fired over charges that could end up not being correct. That is life in TV. I guess Fox doesn’t believe everyone should get their day in court. I didn’t always agree with Bill. I did like how he took people in power to task when they did not look out for the American folks.)

What did you do to get right with God , or can you do? ( ETERNAL SECURITY )

( The answer is nothing. You also can never lose your relationship with God, if you truly have embraced Jesus as Lord, and Savior. Romans 10:9-10 ) 

Watch a sermon on this doctrine by Charles Stanley, video.

Below are some notes from Dr. Stanley on the sermon..

As Christians we need to have a firm conviction regarding our eternal security.
But sometimes even after we’ve placed our trust in Jesus Christ as Savior, we may have doubts about our salvation. The problem could be that we can’t remember a specific time or place that we surrendered our lives to Christ. Or perhaps we’ve committed sins that cause us to question whether we were truly saved. To settle this matter in our hearts, we need to understand what God’s Word says about salvation and eternal security.
Sermon Points:
As long as we have doubts about our eternal security, three major issues will occur:
We’ll be unable to enjoy the blessings God has given us.

Our service for the Lord will be limited because we won’t trust Him to enable us.

We may be guilty of misleading others in their faith.

( Read more notes on the sermon here.)

Colton Meridith a third grader who is thriving with Autism: 

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. Colton Meridith was first diagnosed at age three. He put in an amazing amount of work, and because of that, he is thriving.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” asked WOWT’s Malorie Maddox.
Colton: “A doctor” 

Malorie: “A doctor? Why?!”

Colton: “Because my mom wants me to and I want to take care of other people.”
He’s only in 3rd grade, but Colton Meridith has a memory most adults would give anything for. Just ask him about movies.

( Read the rest of this story, and watch the video of it in which you can see the young handsome Colton by going here.)

The freedom caucus was wrong, they should have voted for the healthcare bill to move the process on……


Alan Colmes ( Feb. 23, 2017 ) 

Fox News Channel’s Alan Colmes Dies at Age 66 ) 

    I enjoyed watching Alan even though I disagreed with his politics.It appears he was a decent man. Lets pray for his family, and friends. Above all I hope he embraced Christ before he left this world. ( John 1:12 ) 

Let your pet dog know how good he has it

Boycott this Super Bowl Show ( this is one boycott I support )

For awhile I have not watched the Super Bowl half time show. I believe what Janet Jackson did a number of years ago has kept me from coming back to watch it. The NFL doesn’t care about families , or values. If they did they would  have somebody who doesn’t disrobe, or make political points perform at halftime. The Super Bowl is something families watch together. I won’t be watching half time again this year. I hope others will follow my stand. ( see the link below) 

Boycott halftime Super Bowl show )