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Coping with change

With the world rapidly changing around you, you need to cling to something that doesn’t change. Here’s today’s Bible Minute. Listen to this from Psalm 62, verse 6. It reads, “He only is my rock… read more


A young boy hard work pays off

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This state trooper’s goodbye is heartwarming


This CWS teammate loves to cuddle: Remington the support dog helps North Carolina stay loose, confident

Remington doesn’t swing a bat or run the bases, but he’s an important part of the North Carolina baseball team.

He’s a support dog for the players, and he traveled with the Tar Heels to Omaha for the College World Series. The 4-year-old specially trained golden retriever is known as a great cuddler who helps players relax and stay confident.

Players pet Remington, hug him and just hang out with the pooch.


Zack Gahagan, a second baseman for the team, said he spent time with the pup when he was recovering two years ago from surgery for a blood clot in his shoulder. Gahagan said the dog seems to sense if someone is in pain.


“It’s a dog that makes you happy,’’ he said.

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Jeff Sessions is wrong to use the Bible to defend taking children away from their parents

Attorney General Jeff Sessions cited the Bible on Thursday in his defense of his border policy that is resulting in hundreds of immigrant children being separated from their parents after they enter the U.S. illegally.

Sessions, speaking in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on immigration, pushed back against criticism he had received over the policy. 


On Wednesday, a cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church said that separating mothers from their babies was ‘immoral.’


( Billy’s thoughts  -As was pointed out by a radio talk show host on the right I was listening to on Friday the Bible has been misused. It has been used to  support slavery, and the KKK burns Crosses in front of the homes of black Americans. So it all depends on how you quote the Bible and how you use the Word of God.  Read more of of the above story  here.)

Father power and everyday is father’s day at our house which might not be a good thing

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It was Father’s Day, and my friend Dave and I were making the most of it. Our families were spending the day together and Dave and I knew what our job was on Father’s Day-loafing and making sure everyone understood our needs. And sometimes someone even paid attention to us for a second. Well, all of us were sitting at the picnic table in the yard and I was explaining what the day’s activities were going to be and why Dave and I were the ones making the plans. I said, “It’s Father’s Day.” To which his son mumbled this interesting comment, “At our house, every day is Father’s Day.” Yeah! Well, you know what? That got me thinking.

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Naming Shooters

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Should the media refrain from providing the name of a mass shooter? I try never to mention the name of someone who has committed a horrible crime. They don’t need naming; they need shaming. Unfortunately, most in the media don’t follow that policy. John Lott is the president of the Crime Prevention Center and has been on my radio program many times. He has pulled together some very convincing evidence that naming a mass shooter and giving him…

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Truth doesn’t always come from what the majority think

Listen to the commentary.

No, Jesus Wouldn’t Have Baked the Cake

Listen to Breakpoint this week.

Judge ends Obama birth control mandate at 2 Christian colleges

After seven years, a federal district court judge in Iowa has permanently stopped the enforcement of Former President Barack Obama’s birth control mandate at two Christian colleges – so that both are no longer forced to provide health insurance coverage for contraception and abortion-inducing drugs.

Many are thanking the Trump administration for expanding the religious exemption last October so that colleges and other Christian institutions and organizations can live out their biblical convictions regarding the sanctity of human life.

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