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Medicare coverage ban on sex-change surgery lifted but we can’t give correct healthcare to our veterans
Never mind what the public thinks we want special rights for LGBT
A 1st in 52 years: Co-champs at the Spelling Bee
The Dog is digging in the yard again


Medicare coverage ban on sex-change surgery lifted but we can’t give correct healthcare to our veterans

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Never mind what the public thinks we want special rights for LGBT

A traditional values proponent in Texas believes the members of Houston’s city council turned a deaf ear to residents in approving a strong pro-homosexual ordinance.

The controversial LGBT ordinance, approved on an 11-6 vote Wednesday evening, gives homosexuals special rights in terms of employment and housing and contains language that could lead to criminal prosecutions. Mayor Annise Parker, an open lesbian, had stated in an earlier public discussion that “This is about me” when explaining the need for the ordinance. It takes effect in 30 days.

Texas Values reports that at the council meeting on Wednesday, leading local African-American pastors “walked out of the council chambers after homosexual advocates were given priority placement for testimony at the beginning of the meeting, while the mayor and some council members voted to keep the pastors further down on the list.”

According to Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values, the pastors aren’t the only one unhappy with the council’s decision.

“There’s a lot of discussion in the city of Houston and among local leaders to try to mobilize people to gather signatures and things of that nature to give the people a chance to vote on this issue,” he says. “And that’s not a surprise with something that’s so controversial that impacts private businesses [and] churches.”
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A 1st in 52 years: Co-champs at the Spelling Bee

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The Dog is digging in the yard again


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Kerry is wrong the Christian faith doesn’t take away freedom unless it is the freedom to do wrong
Dr. Ben Carson could be running for office
Annual warning goes out: ‘Gay Day’ coming to Disney World
Principal is graduating too

Kerry is wrong the Christian faith doesn’t take away freedom unless it is the freedom to do wrong

The leaders of two faith-based organizations believe America’s chief foreign diplomat may purposely be uttering veiled barbs at the Christian faith as he exports the White House’s humanist ideology around the globe.

Not long after he stirred up trouble with his apartheid comment directed at Israel in late April Secretary of State John Kerry – the United States’ chief foreign ambassador – addressed the U.S. Embassy staff in Ethiopia with words that leaders in the Christian community believe targets and attacks Christianity.

“This is a time here in Africa where there are a number of different cross-currents of modernity that are coming together to make things even more challenging,” Kerry said this month while congratulating the Addis Ababa-based staff. “Some people believe that people ought to be able to only do what they say they ought to do, or to believe what they say they ought to believe, or to live by their interpretation of something that was written down a thousand plus, 2,000 years ago. This is not the way I think most people want to live.”

With the New Testament of the Bible written down 2,000 years ago, was this condemnation directed at Christianity and its adherents? Family Research Council president Tony Perkins shares his take.

“It is unclear if the Secretary of State was making reference to Christianity, Islam, or both,” Perkins told OneNewsNow in an exclusive interview. “Islam has only been around a thousand-plus years, while Christianity has been around for 2,000.”

In addition to noting the distinct times when the world religion’s ancient texts had been written, Perkins emphasizes the stance that the White House has taken against the beliefs Christians hold over the past two terms.

“However, it is Islam which has imposed a heavy hand upon an expanding number of African countries — or he was referring to Christianity that has been resistant to the Obama administration’s pro-homosexual policies which [former Secretary of State Hillary] Clinton and now Kerry are exporting,” Perkins explains.

And how has Kerry typically dealt with Christianity as America’s top foreign ambassador?

“This administration has shown little regard for Christianity, which has been most evident in the lack of attention given to the growing persecution of Christians in the Middle East and China,” Perkins adds.

With the U.S. being a nation founded on Christian principles, were Kerry’s remarks inappropriate in that they seem to portray Christianity as an ideology that takes away people’s freedoms?
The only freedom the Christian faith takes away is the pleasure to do wrong things. Unlike Islam we don’t blow people up or teach our kids to hate others.
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Dr. Ben Carson could be running for office

WASHINGTON (May 29, 2014) – Dr. Ben Carson says he was looking forward to a relaxing retirement, but now thinks that “perhaps God has a different plan for me.”

The neurosurgeon, who many conservatives are urging to seek the Republican presidential nomination, spoke Wednesday at the National Press Club.
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Annual warning goes out: ‘Gay Day’ coming to Disney World

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Principal is graduating too


It’s graduation day rehearsal for Omaha South High, and Principal Cara Riggs is understandably emotional.

“Until you’re with these kids every day, you don’t know what it’s like. And leaving that is very, very hard,” she says, sniffling.

She apologizes and laughs, calling herself a crybaby.

But it’s been a tumultuous year for Riggs, 51.

The popular principal dropped two bombshells last fall:

One, she was moving to California and thus leaving South High, where she had carefully cultivated a tight-knit family environment even as South’s enrollment swelled.

Two, she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and would undergo a double mastectomy and rounds of harsh chemo-


Last Sunday, her sixth and last senior class graduated, including her daughter Shelby.

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