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Supreme Sacrifice

Yes we should honor all those who are serving in the Arm Forses or have served. However today’s holiday Monday, May 30 along with every Memorial Day is about honoring those who made the Supreme Sacrifice.Thank their families and give thanks to the Lord for their actions. 

Tim Tebow and Abortion 

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Did Trump really give us a list of the kind of Judges he would give us 

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Google honored a supporter of dictators and terrorists as a civil rights and social justice activist. But “Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”

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Evangelicals set for Q&A with Trump

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How times along with the goals of the Presidents have changed ( sad ) 

Middle school students want to attend school with a 11 year friend who has Down syndrome 

When an 11-year-old boy with Down syndrome was told he would not be able to attend middle school with his friends in the fall, they went to bat for him.
Brady Green’s classmates went to a school board meeting to speak about why the boy should attend Blevins Middle School with them in September. Six fifth-graders from Brady’s elementary school in Fort Collins, Colorado, took to the podium to speak about how he has enriched their lives.

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The fool has said in his heart there is no God

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Yes black lives do matter but not to this man 

Black Lives Matter leader Charles Wade charged with sex trafficking

Keep Uncle Sam Out of Student Bathrooms

Of all Barack Obama’s reckless policy initiatives, none has shown more contempt for common sense and rule of law than the new bullying on transgender bathrooms. Department of Education “guidelines” threaten to cut off federal funds to school districts that don’t allow children to enter washrooms, showers or changing rooms that conform to their “gender identity,” regardless of biological status and with no medical certification required.
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