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VP leaves NFL game early



In honor of my late/great daddy and other awesome father’s just like him


Why dogs live less years than humans, and what we can learn from an old dog

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Charles Barkley Brings ‘Voice Of Reason’ To Monument Debate…

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Tucker tries to debate someone who calls those on the other side of the transgender-military debate names


Think before you do something dumb, and wrong. Even if it is for You Tube

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Hot sauce along with spraying kids with water as punishment

In this video the mother acts mean. If done the right way I believe hot sauce can be a good punishment.I know not all of you will agree. The little boy also is a good actor. What do you think.
Also what do you think about spraying your kids with water as punishment. Do you think it is good, or would work. Again if it is done right way perhaps it is a good idea. Watch this video.
Post your thoughts to these two videos. Tell me if you have done these punishments, had them done to you, or would use them on your kids.

A dad who knows how to handle his college football player son who used drugs


San Fran Paying $190,000 to ILLEGAL Immigrant?!’ Tucker Can’t Believe


Grade school along with middle school kids working together to save bats

Middle school students don’t usually mix with elementary kids – especially in the summer. The recipe works for this group of 8 as they hike the grounds at Arrowhead Park in Neola, Iowa.

The subject that has brought the 8th graders and 4th graders together is bats.

“The one we are researching is called the little brown bat,” said Michael Denning.

“It was cool, but kind of creepy,” said Brant Freeberg.

“There’s nothing cute about them at all,” said Olivia Matson.

“[The bats] get themselves under the loose bark,” said Olivia Matson. “And then they follow the path of the sun as the day goes on to keep warm.”

The park ranger told the youngsters about a problem.

“White Nose Syndrome is a fungus that grows on bat’s noses and on their wings and they can’t fly to get water,” said Brant Freeberg. “And they die.”

In spite of the creepiness, the students understood the importance of a bat.
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