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Group Ban ‘Gays for Trump’ From Participating in Gay Pride Parade

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Shame on the New England Pats for gay bowl

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The Mormon Church is right on this

Mormon church severs some of its ties to the Boy Scouts

Democrats are against helping gay folks

Read a post from Rev. Franklin Graham.

Transgender or Tomboy?

If your daughter likes boy stuff, watch out.

As the dad of four, I know every child is different. Even boys and girls can vary widely in their interests.

And that’s why I was so disturbed by a recent piece in the New York Times entitled, “My Daughter Is Not Transgender. She’s a Tomboy.”

Lisa Davis writes that because her seven-year-old daughter keeps her hair short, likes “Star Wars,” wears t-shirts, and plays sports, teachers, doctors, and fellow parents continually ask if she’s transgendered.

“Your child wants to be called a boy, right?” they ask. “Or is she a boy that wants to be called a girl?”

“She’s a girl,” Davis always corrects. “Really.”

This is crazy: a girl can’t just be herself without adults trying to give her puberty blockers? Even sadder, the mother, despite her complaints, still pays lip service to the LGBT movement, ready to give her daughter hormone injections if she changes her mind!

Let’s let children be children. We shouldn’t conscript them into our own sexual politics.

UMC clergy demand LGBT ordination

Monday morning, the United Methodist Queer Clergy Caucus (UMQCC) issued a letter to the UMC that presses the denomination to be more inclusive of LGBT members inside the church.

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LGBTQ, transgender issues should be taught in nursery school, UK teachers’ union says

The story is here. By the way if you live in the UK, you might want to give hard thinking to removing your children from the government schools, along with the public nursery schools.

    The rest of us should do what we can to reach young people with the truth, or support those who do. Thank God for Christian ministries that are touching young people with the good news, such as CEF, and Youth for Christ.

Boycott us, will you? NC lawmakers make a stand

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LB 173 good, or bad for Nebraska:

On January 10, 2017, Nebraska State Senator Adam Morfeld sponsored LB173. LB173 is a bill that requires that discrimination against people with sexual orientation/gender identification be stopped. LB173 is a revival of other like bills that have died “on the shelf” in the past but this year it appears that LB173 has a very good chance of passing in the Nebraska Unicameral. 
Come and hear Jonathan Alexandre, J.D., present an argument against the passing of LB173. Profit and non-profit organizations alike are in danger of losing their First Amendment rights so that a small percentage of citizens may exercise their new sexual orientation and gender identification.  
He will be speaking at the following Omaha sites on Friday, 4/7/17: 
7:00-8:30a.m. CBMC HEARTLAND Office 1065 No. 115th Street, #100 
11:45a.m.-1:00p.m. GARDEN CAFE AT ROCKBROOK, 11040 Oak 
6:30-8:00p.m. KROC CENTER 2825 Y Street 
Jonathan Alexandre, J.D., will be the new Director of Public Policy for Liberty Counsel and Liberty Counsel Action in Washington. 
Previously, Alexandre was Assistant General Counsel and Public Policy Coordinator for the MFI in Boston. In this role, he provided counsel for MFI’s mission in the legal and legislative arenas to advance the sanctity of life, the dignity of traditional marriage, and religious liberty in the Commonwealth. 
Alexandre earned his undergraduate degree from Ana Maria College in Political Science and Government and received his Juris Doctor from Liberty University School of Law. 
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No matter what You Tube decides parents need to know what their kids are doing online, and one gay blogger needs to hit the road Jack

So how restricted is restricted mode? For the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.
Last week YouTube announced they’re reviewing complaints about their “restricted mode,” which allows parents to control the videos their kids watch. The complaints came from lesbian, LGBT-identifying video bloggers who said this mode blocked many of their videos.
One popular blogger said he thinks young children should be able to view his videos about homosexuality. Using the example of a six-year-old finding videos about boys having boyfriends, he said he found it offensive that some parents would find that offensive.

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