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When students don’t show respect,just ripped them up

Read a Facebook post from Franklin Graham.

Police were not shown respect, so how about free food for them

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John 3:16 written on the head of a former NFL player who took his own life, ( only God knows where his heart was ) 

Read the post, and the story. 

A good post on NFL player who went the wrong way, and ended up taking his own life 

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Get over it 

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Why Target stores may be losing money 

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You have the  right to use the money you earn whatever way you want to, but something you should know

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Improper words at anti Trump rally 

How nice a local TV station here in Nebraska had to warn us a video  report from an anti Trump rally they posted on Facebook might had bad words in it. Here is the video.

Do you like anything he has done 

( Below is something I just posted on my Facebook page. )

Is anybody besides me tired of those who are protesting Trump. Yes there are times when we may disagree with our leaders. The people who are protesting Trump are protesting everything he does. These are planned protests. Don’t these people have jobs. Who are paying for them to fly to D.C. People do not just show up for these protests. It is my hope other Americans besides myself will get tired of these folks. They should stay home, and pray for Trump along with our other leaders of both political parties. I guess when you look to government to be your savior and lose political power you feel like you have no hope. Perhaps these folks will find the true Savior. Let’s hope, and pray they do. 

Rev. Graham backs Trump’s venting on people trying to come to America 

Read a Facebook post from Rev. FRanklin Graham.