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When anti-Trump evangelicals get political by Cal Thomas

During the debate over slavery in America, pro- and anti-slavery clergy selectively quoted Scripture to President Abraham Lincoln to justify their positions. Lincoln responded to the contradictory arguments of North and South in his second inaugural address: “Both read the same Bible and pray to the same God; and each invokes His aid against the other.”

Scripture, which conservative evangelicals claim is inerrant and infallible, contains stories of leaders with severe moral flaws, whom God used for His own purposes. Those who want Mr. Trump removed from office and can’t wait until the next election for voters to decide, ignore one of the most profound verses about temporal power: “Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.” (Romans 13:1 NLT.)


If “everyone” and “all” doesn’t mean everyone and all, including people for whom some evangelicals did not vote, pray tell what does it mean?

Mr. Galli and other anti-Trumpers don’t tell us their presidential preferences. One hopes it isn’t any of those on the far left who have an agenda that evangelicals would consider an abomination. President Trump is right when he says he has done more to advance evangelical concerns than any other president.

I recently spoke about the Galli editorial with a former Democratic member of Congress, who is a Christian. He said one of the problems with uncritical evangelical support for the president is that it dilutes their “witness” to non-believers, who think faith in God means having to join the Republican Party and support the president.

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Mom Overhears Son Mocking Classmates Who Shop At Goodwill – So She Forces Him To Go There

Here is a video report on it

Hero Jack Wilson on Texas Church Shooting: ‘I Feel like I Killed Evil’

Children must not be Sexualization


Heading into 2020, we’re reviewing the most-popular BreakPoint commentaries of 2019.


In the whole runup surrounding the push for same-sex marriage and LGBT “rights,” some predicted that the normalization of homosexuality would open the door to other deviant practices. Usually at the top of the list of things being warned against was pedophilia, but we were told over and over that this was offensive, and just an invalid “slippery slope” argument.

It’s been just four years since so-called same-sex marriage was instituted by the Supreme Court, and it’s now clear that the slope was a lot slipperier than advertised.

Consider, for example, the growing, nationwide trend of “drag queen story hours” at public libraries. Confused men, dressed in flamboyant makeup and women’s clothing, read often propagandist story books to young children. Last weekend, Lansdale Public Library outside of Philadelphia hosted such an event, where a drag queen who goes by the stage name “Annie Christ”—I’m not kidding—read to dozens of elementary school-aged children while in full costume.

Later this month, a Greenville, South Carolina public library plans to hold its own drag queen story hour, and similar events have taken place in Houston, Detroit, and even here in Colorado Springs.

And, to be clear, drag queen story hour is not the worst news of children being sexualized. Last month, Huck Magazine featured a 10-year-old Canadian boy named Nemis, who is one of the first so-called “child drag queens.” For the article, this young boy was photographed in full makeup and in a dress, alongside and touching a nearly naked man in high heels.

A few months earlier, in December, another boy, 11-year-old named Desmond, reportedly performed a suggestive dance at a New York City-based gay bar while adult men in the audience threw dollar bills at him.

It’s hard to see how the boy’s parents and everyone at the bar aren’t already being charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. New York’s newly-elected attorney general, Letitia James, should do exactly that.

The very fact that no one is in jail yet is proof of just how slippery that slope I talked about earlier really was. But it wasn’t the L, G, or B that really greased the skids. It was the “T.” Normalizing the gender dysphoria of little boys and girls, and by that I mean imposing our radical new experimental ideas about sex and gender on children who had no say in the matter, has proven to be the means for sexualizing them. “They’re just expressing themselves,” we’re told, ignoring the fact that children have no business participating in any kind of sexual expression, least of all for the entertainment of adults.

That fact that I’m here in front of this microphone, telling you about this on BreakPoint, is a little disorienting. Thinking about it all as a father, is a lot nauseating.  But how we got here is not complicated. Sexualizing children’s identity makes sexualizing their behavior inevitable.

So, what now?

First, we should refuse to accept it—we should refuse to adopt both the language and the mindset that sees this as anything other than abuse. We should protest the daylights out of any library that holds a drag queen story hour, and if you’re in law enforcement or criminal justice, treat sexualizing children as the crime it is! Kids must be sexually off-limits. Why do we even have to say this?

Ultimately, we’re witnessing the de-civilizing of our society, a sickening illustration of how bad ideas create victims. No culture wakes up and just decides to exploit its children, but the decades-long process of re-defining human beings according to our sexual ideologies rather than their God-designed dignity is what brought us here.

In the decades to come it will likely fall to Christians, as it did in ancient times, to be the ones who protect children, rather than preying on them.


Originally aired February 7, 2019.

No wonder the church is in trouble


I’ve met with tens of thousands of pastors around the world. In one city, I met with a group of nearly a dozen ministers. To say that I was shocked by our discussion may be a bit too strong, but I was certainly quite surprised by the serious differences of opinion we had on some basic questions. At least half of these pastors did not accept the Bible as the authoritative Word of God.

Several commented that they believed some Scripture passages were erroneous. Even more astonishing was their admission that when they are uncomfortable with portions of the Bible, they rationalize away such portions because they are “unscientific.”

Is it any wonder that in certain parts of the world the Christian church staggers? Who wants to listen to preachers who don’t believe the Bible is the Word of God? Where is their authority? Where do you draw the line between which passages of the Bible are inspired by God and which are not?

How should we respond to such attacks on the Bible? Charles Spurgeon responded this way: “Defend the Word of God? Might as well defend a lion.” It doesn’t need any defense. You and I can confidently follow in the footsteps of godly men and women down through the ages in acknowledging the Bible’s authority. “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” (Psalm 119.)


This is Luis Palau

Target has bigger issues than using plastic bags

Hundreds of thousands of people have signed an online petition to stop Target from using plastic bags.


The petition, titled “Target, Stop Filling the World with Plastic Bags!”, has garnered over 460,000 signatures as of December 27. (  )

Billy’s thoughts – Thanks for posting this. But what about making a bigger deal out of them allowing men to use girl’s restrooms. Until they change that policy I am not shopping there.

Students can now leave school to protest


One of the nation’s largest school districts will allow students day of excused absence to protest. I do think it would be better if they stayed in the school my question is what will they be able to protest. What about the evil of abortion, or taxes being too high, or the radical left wanting to take away our right to own guns. Could be allowed to instead of taking part in some kind of protest some kind of prayer walk.Read the story

Christmas in the People’s House


Washington DC is all decked out for Christmas, but there is one building, in particular, that is simply stunning this time of year.  Janet Parshall tells you more in this week’s commentary.



Messianic Prophecy

Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

On this Christmas week, I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on the coming of the Messiah. The Old Testament contains hundreds of prophecies that give specific detail about the “anointed one” who is the Messiah. The prophets proclaimed that He would come to save the people.

The Bible is unique in many ways, especially when it comes to fulfilled prophecy.


At the time when it was written, 27 percent (1800 verses) of the Bible was prophetic. Large portions of those prophecies have been fulfilled, and that is a powerful argument for the inspiration of the Bible.
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Jewish community delivers cookies to first responders on Christmas Day

Jews from several Omaha congregations and other organizations baked, boxed and delivered cookies to firefighters, police officers, emergency medical workers and military members on Christmas Day. Read more