About this Blog

Welcome to my blog. The goal and plan for this blog is to post news items to do with faith, politics, and current events . No matter what your views are I hope you will see in my posts I am willing to hear and read all sides. Bless you for your visit. Please come back and return often!
Billy is a Blogger, Bible College Student, and youth worker. Billy has been a church youth leader.


  • David Lyle  On February 16, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    Just a note to say thanks for the good posts. Somehow I have missed out on knowing anything about Mark Driscoll. He sure does not sound like my kind of preacher, but if he is effectively reaching others with the gospel and his ministry is a blessing to others, then I’ll leave him alone.
    I drifted by here, because I’m looking for a blogging community to move my blog to. The place where I’ve been hanging out, t-Blog, seems about ready to fold, I’ve grown accustomed to a friendly banter with all kinds of folks, and especially with people outside my particular church community. I’d like to find that kind of place. But I do not want to land at a place where nobody will read and comment.

    Anyhow, God bless, and happy blogging!

  • readnshare  On March 6, 2009 at 5:19 pm

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