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Halloween Belongs to God Too


Teen’s new face was grown on her breast

A teenage girl who suffered horrendous burns has been given a new face grown from one of her breasts.
Xu Jianmei, 17, who was horrifically disfigured in a fire when she was five, is now able to smile for the first time in 12 years.
The pioneering eight-hour operation, which used tissue grown on her breast, was carried out earlier this month by surgeon Jiang Chenhong in Fuzhow, capital city of Fujian province in southeast China, the BBC News reported.
Xu woke up after the operation with a new chin, eyelids and an ear.
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US ‘spied on future Pope Francis during Vatican conclave’

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No to ghosts?

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (BP) — Ghosts star in major motion pictures from “The Shining” to “Scary Movie 2.” Some ghosts are friendly (Casper) and some are frightening (Bloody Mary). Television shows like “Ghost Adventures” use the latest technologies to “prove” that spirits of the dead are all around us and want to make their presence known.

But is this true?

The short answer is no. As Christians, we must gauge all truth claims by the Bible, the ultimate and unchanging measure of reality.

Some people argue that the apostles believed in ghosts and even thought Jesus was one when He walked toward their boat on the Sea of Galilee (Matthew 14:22-33).

Later, after Christ’s resurrection, the apostles once again mistook Jesus for a ghost. He assured them that “a ghost does not have flesh and bones as you can see I have” (Luke 24:39).

Let’s be clear on two points: First, Scripture teaches that all humans possess both physical and non-physical properties — the body and the soul/spirit, the second of which survives physical death.

Second, nowhere does the Bible support the notion that spirits of the dead (“phantasma” or “pneuma” in the Greek) are free to return to the physical realm.

In other words, the departed are just that — departed.

The souls of the dead either are in the presence of God in heaven or separated from Him in torment in Hades.
( Should you believe in ghosts? )

The White House has a double standard on religious freedom

When it comes to the issue of religious freedom, the Obama administration is painting two different pictures – that according to the director of a religious liberty center in Washington, DC.

On Sunday, which was International Religious Freedom Day, Secretary of State John Kerry issued a statement in which he said freedom of religion – while not an American invention – is a “core American value.”

“We call on the international community – governments, civil society, and citizens alike – to speak out against religious persecution, and to stand unequivocally for religious freedom,” read a portion of that statement, which also identified freedom of religion as a “priority” for President Obama and “an integral part” of his administration’s global diplomatic engagement.

And earlier this year (May 20), referring to religious freedom, Kerry said: “It’s a universal value – and it’s enshrined in our Constitution and ingrained in every human heart.”

But over the past few weeks, military intelligence briefings at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, and Fort Hood, Texas, have identified faith-based groups such as the American Family Association, Family Research Council, and others as “domestic hate groups.”
( So where does Obama admin. REALLY stand on religious freedom?)

Thoughts of a TV show host/ Judge


ACLJ: Sebelius, Dems defending the indefensible in hearings

A Christian law firm says ObamaCare is proving to be a national disaster and the American people have one more chance to hold the Obama administration accountable.

On Wednesday, some consumers trying to log into the federal health insurance website ( received a message saying that the system was down – even as Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told a House committee that the technical issues are being cleared up on a daily basis. And while she apologized for what she described as the “miserably frustrating” experience that some consumers are having, the secretary also said consumers are already beginning to shop quickly, with fewer error and timeout messages.

Jordan Sekulow, executive director of the American Center for Law and Justice, says it’s laughable there are Democrats such as California Congressman Henry Waxman who steadfastly defend what has been a national disaster.

“Congressman Waxman would be a perfect example of someone who is actually trying to mock Republicans while the people are losing insurance,” says Sekulow. “They’re partisan politicians in safe Democratic districts, so the Henry Waxmans of the world are probably not going anywhere.”
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Today’s ( Wednesday ) and yesterday’s ( Tuesday ) Posts


The teachers unions supports sex offenders in your child’s school ( outrage )
The media reports Obama misled the America public on Obamacare
Report on Benghazi attack proves Obama critics were right
Thief returns Pennsylvania boy’s giant 100-pound pumpkin
Words of adults are so important
Catholic parishioners are moved to extend a hand, not judgment
Federal judge says Texas abortion limits unconstitutional
Will Methodist leaders discipline renegade retired bishop?


The teachers unions supports sex offenders in your child’s school ( outrage )

This past week the most prominent teachers unions in America made it painfully obvious: they are on the side of the sex offender, rapist, and murderer who has been convicted.

They are not now (and pretty much never have been) on the side of your child.

They claim to represent the interests of teachers. Yet I am hard pressed to find an average teacher who feels like the unions have done pretty much anything for them. The average teacher just feels the pinch when the union bosses take the dues from their paychecks and threaten any who dare to “get out of line.”
Last week — in atypical overwhelming bi-partisan unity — the House of Representatives passed a measure (H.R. 2083) that would allow schools to require teachers, coaches, and janitors to be subject to criminal background checks. The measure would allow the school to deny employment to any who had been convicted (not suspected, indicted, or accused — but convicted) of past felonies. The measure would also allow the school to take a pass on any previously convicted sex-offender. The measure will now head to the Senate.
If the Senate cares about the welfare of children they will pass the measure forthwith.
The problem is — they may not care about the kids.
The Senate is majority Democrat in party affiliation, and Democrat candidates rely heavily upon huge disproportionate contributions to their campaign funds from the unions to get re-elected. So now Majority Leader Harry Reid is being lobbied hard by the teachers’ unions to kill the bill, or direct fellow Democrats to vote it to defeat. (You can encourage Reid to ignore them by calling his office at 202.224.3121.)
( Why teachers unions want sex offenders in your child’s classroom )


The media reports Obama misled the America public on Obamacare

Two major mainstream news outlets are reporting the White House knew full well – perhaps as far back as three years ago – that millions of Americans wouldn’t be able to keep their existing health insurance under ObamaCare.

Why is the mainstream media suddenly doing stories questioning President Obama’s integrity on ObamaCare?
Reporters received their health plan cancellation notices
Reporters looked at the polls and saw most Americans dislike ObamaCare
Reporters could no longer ignore the multitude of evidence that ObamaCare is a bad law
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Despite being told by their president and other administration officials that under the Affordable Care Act they could keep their existing healthcare plan if they liked it, millions of Americans are now finding out that’s not the case at all. According to NBC News and CBS News, cancellation letters have gone out, or will be going out, from insurance carriers to millions of their policy holders.

NBC reports that according to experts, the Obama administration has known for at least three years that would be the case:
( WH knew millions couldn’t keep health insurance plans )