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Martin Luther boldly confronted the unbiblical idea of indulgences

Martin Luther fought an uphill battle to bring the Bible back as the prime rule of faith and life in the church of his day. His efforts brought about the Reformation. He boldly confronted the unbiblical idea of indulgences, by which money would release a soul from purgatory.

Listen to a 15 minute Sermon.

God’s Glory in Our Death

Here is a short radio sermon from the Moody Church. I encouraged you to play it. No matter what you think of faith, or where you are with God.

What did you do to get right with God , or can you do? ( ETERNAL SECURITY )

( The answer is nothing. You also can never lose your relationship with God, if you truly have embraced Jesus as Lord, and Savior. Romans 10:9-10 ) 

Watch a sermon on this doctrine by Charles Stanley, video.

Below are some notes from Dr. Stanley on the sermon..

As Christians we need to have a firm conviction regarding our eternal security.
But sometimes even after we’ve placed our trust in Jesus Christ as Savior, we may have doubts about our salvation. The problem could be that we can’t remember a specific time or place that we surrendered our lives to Christ. Or perhaps we’ve committed sins that cause us to question whether we were truly saved. To settle this matter in our hearts, we need to understand what God’s Word says about salvation and eternal security.
Sermon Points:
As long as we have doubts about our eternal security, three major issues will occur:
We’ll be unable to enjoy the blessings God has given us.

Our service for the Lord will be limited because we won’t trust Him to enable us.

We may be guilty of misleading others in their faith.

( Read more notes on the sermon here.)

Bible based faith, and Shack

Listen to sermon by Dr. Michael Youssef….

The Shack Uncovered

Do you believe in God just like the devil 

Listening to this radio program was homework for one of my Bible college classes. I hope it will bless you, and perhaps even challenge you.

Believing Like Demons )

Facing Your Funeral

Here is an old radio sermon I had to listen to, for one of my Bible college classes. I hope will bless you too. 

Jesus is exclusive, and He is inclusive

Many people argue that Jesus is exclusive, or just for a select few. And others say that He is inclusive, meaning He’s for everybody. The truth of the matter is that Jesus is actually both. He is exclusive and inclusive.
The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5:15 that Jesus “…died for all, so those who live [will] receive His new life”. That means Jesus died for you, and me, and your neighbor down the street, and everybody. Jesus created humanity, and He desires a relationship with everyone. In this way, Jesus is inclusive. “Come to me, all of you…” Matthew 11 says.
At the same time, eternal salvation is exclusive. This does not mean you have to earn your way to Heaven, but it does mean that there is only one way to get you there. The Bible says in Matthew 7:13 that the gate to Heaven is narrow and that few people enter through it. “Whoever believes in Him has eternal life.”
This week, I encourage you to share the faith with someone in your life. Explain that Jesus is for everybody – and that not all routes lead to Heaven. You never know—you may just change somebody’s entire life with the Good News of Jesus Christ. I have seen it happen many times. There’s nothing more thrilling or exciting than that.
This is Luis Palau.

Pastor Falwell speaks for, ( should ) for all Evangelical Pastors, and churches 

This video goes back awhile, but still it has a good message for us who call ourselves Evangelical followers of Jesus. 

video )

A danger in the church 

Listen to the radio spot.

Waiting for Christmas can be a good thing 

( Listen to the radio commentary here or read it below.)

Delaying something can make it better and more meaningful in the long run, don’t you think? Having to work for a long period of time to earn something makes it more meaningful when you finally get it. Or, have you been in a long distance relationship? Waiting to see that person can make it that much more joyful when you are finally reunited.
I sometimes wonder if joyful anticipation is a lost art in our culture. It seems as though we’re more about instant gratification. But I think anticipation can be helpful this time of year.
Are you familiar with Advent? Advent comes from the Latin word for “coming.” Advent has historically been a more serious time of reflection and anticipation of Christ coming to us. If you spend the weeks before Christmas reflecting on our need for a Savior, Christmas becomes an even greater celebration because it is very Good News. As the Angel said in the Gospel of St. Luke, “I bring you good news of great joy.”
Rather than being a part of the frenzied schedule that many experience every December, take time for reflection, worship and serving others. Look for opportunities to share with others in your world the real reason Christmas is such good news. 

This is Luis Palau.