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Happy Halloween: If I Was The Devil

As a follower of Jesus I  have mixed feelings when it comes to this day Halloween but here are some ideas.

  1. How about with the candy  giving the kids some kind of tract which tells them or reminds them Jesus loves them.
  2. If your family doesn’t take part in the events  of this night  instead of just sitting around home with the lights out do something fun like  going to a good family movie, out to eat, bowling, skating, etc.
  3. How about having your kids dress up as people from the Bible.
  4. Some churches have Harvest parties how about taking your child or children to one of them.

Those are just some ideas of things you can think about  and if you think it is too late to do some of them this year put them down for next year. Now like I said I have mixed feelings about Halloween but one thing I don’t have mixed feelings on is we may see kids dress up as cute devils and demons on this day. However there is a true devil and there is nothing cute about him. ( John 10:10)

A number of years ago Paul Harvey read an essay called if I was the devil. To hear what Paul Harvey wrote and said watch this video. (I am sorry the whole video doesn’t play I will try to update it later.) To read what Paul Harvey wrote and said  Paul Harvey’s “If I were the devil”…

Poet makes Bible stories accessible

A book of Bible stories set to verse seemed like the perfect project for a retired teacher of English who likes to write poetry.

“I love writing,” said Robert Cain. “And it occurred to me that it hadn’t been done before.”

But his first effort, “The Debut of Luke’s Gospel as Poetry,” was self-published and not a success.

His second book, “Crumpets, Tea & Poetry,” is a different story, he said. Cain searched for publishers that specialized in religious books and found Tate Publishing in Oklahoma.

The book is a charming collection of 25 Bible stories covering everything from the creation to Noah, Moses, Joseph and Daniel to Jesus’ birth and resurrection. Cain’s verse simplifies the stories and makes them accessible to all readers but especially to children. The illustrations are plain, almost childlike sketches supplied by the publisher.

(Read the rest of this story  Poet makes Bible stories accessible.)