Here is a man who needs his mouth washed out with soap. He also needs to learn something about respect.

I believe those who don’t respect President Trump, and did not respect President Obama are really not respecting God. It tells us in the Bible God is the one who puts leaders in power, and he is the one who removes power from leader. You may not agree with a leader on an issue, or behavior in his life. That is ok. You are free todo that, but you must do it in a way that shows honor to the leader.

Last night there was a story on a local channel about ( guy kicked out for anti Trump shirt ) a man who was kicked out of an eating place for having a F…..Trump shirt on. This guy I believe had his kids with him. That man showed disrespect to President Trump, and the Lord. It used to be kids would get spanked, or have soap put in their mouths for doing something like this. How sadly times have changed that adults wear shirts which read blank the President.

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