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When will Black Friday start


Is it Christian to want a Coach fired:

I live in the state of Nebraska where football is at times viewed as a god.
If our Huskers win today Nebraska will end the regular college football season at 9 wins and only 3 loses yet some fans want head Coach Bo Pelini fired. Some people including some of my friends on face book are calling for the university of Nebraska to fire Coach Bo. Some of those who are calling for Bo to be fired are my brothers and sisters in Christ. That fact brings up a question in my mind is it Christian to want a coach fired. Now let me say from the start I do not question the faith or salvation of those calling for the Nebraska Coach to be fired. This is just a disagreement among believers on a non salvation issue.
I don’t believe football fans who are followers of Jesus should be calling for their team’s coach to be fired with a 8-3 record.
So is there ever a reason that believers should want a coach fired. Yes if there is a case where a coach abuses his players or allows abuse to go on by members of his staff like what happened at Penn State. Then all fans should want justice for those who the coach has hurt or allowed to be hurt and that includes us who follow the God of the Bible. That is not what has happen or taken place at Nebraska. What is happening at Nebraska is just a case of not winning or as some fans will tell you how they have loss.
Here in Nebraska fans expect us to win national titles every year. They recall what former Coach Osborne did, and what the late Bob Devaney did when they were coaching the go big red. However those fans must be too young to remember or did not live in our state before those coaches became big winners. People said Osborne could not win the big game. There were fans who wanted to sack Coach Osborne.
So should a coach ever be fired for not winning. Yes however Bo has won he just has not gotten us to play for the national title. The fans seem to forget we are now in the big 10 which in my view is harder to play in the Big 8 or Big 12.
Another reason to fire a coach for losing is if a team plays below what it is capable of playing. The fact is college football has changed and for now Nebraska might be playing it best by going 9-3. As a fan I might not like that but that just might be the truth which us fans need to accept.
A Christian should not want to divide people. If Bo is fired some fans will be happy while others of us will not be be happy at all.
Another thing for us who are followers of King Jesus to think about if Bo is fired another coach on the football team will be gone. Coach Ron Brown is an outspoken follower of Jesus. He has used his coaching position to proclaim the good news through actions and words. Should us who are followers of Jesus not support a brother in Christ.

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Do not forget these folks at Thanksgiving


Forgetting something ( a thought on the Bible )

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One thing that drives me nuts is when I need to tell somebody something and they leave and guess what I forgot to tell them what I needed to tell them. Perhaps that has happened to you or your kids forgot to tell you that you needed to call grand mom or perhaps your preteen or teenager just happened to forget to give you the note the teacher sent home for you. So have you ever forgotten to tell God something? I have.
Hi I’m Billy David Dickson with a thought on the Bible and a thought on forgetting.
1 Chronicles 16:34- (ESV) reads…Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good for his steadfast love endures forever!
We too often forget to thank God. It drives me nuts when somebody does something for someone and they don’t say thanks. One of the things I try to remind the children I work with to do is say thank you.
Why should we thank God.
A. He has blessed us: Think about how the Lord has blessed you. If you have a job, a warm home, enough food to eat. Thank God for that.
B. For him being a good God: The Bible tells us it is God’s kindness that leads us to repentance. How has God been good to you? If you are a follower of Jesus you have been given salvation. It is not something that you could earn or is it something you can lose once you have it. For forgiving your sins. The Bible tells us if we will confess our sins the Lord will forgive us. There is a story about this believer who was praying and he said God you recall that sin I confessed to you awhile back and God said no. Once God forgives a sin his child has committed it is taken off of the books.
C. Another thing to thank God for is his love: Jesus going to the cross was an act of love. Jesus didn’t stay on the cross because God lacked power. Jesus stayed on the cross because God’s love for us was so great. God knew because our sin was so great that his son had to stay on the cross and suffer.
That is a thought on the Bible.
Until next time,
I’m Billy David Dickson
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NFL player Benjamin Watson’s Ferguson post on Facebook goes viral

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Making things right ( a Bible principal for children 11-26-14 )

Hi children: Uncle Billy here. Kids have you ever done something wrong to another person that you had to do something to make it right. That is what our story is about today.
Here it is.
“Girls time for breakfast,” Mrs. Wood yelled up to her daughters.
Brin and her older sister Allison came running to the kitchen. Brin almost ran into her mom who had a plate full of food in her hands.
“Brin what have I told you about running in the house,” Mrs. Wood lectured her daughter.
“Sorry mom. I just wanted to eat some of your great cooking,” Brin expressed.
“I know you are just trying to suck up. Now go sit down at the table,” Brin’s mom told her as she gave her daughter a hard slap across the behind.
“Mom you know I am a 9th grader now. Well Mr. Fred at the corner drugstore told me if you gave me your permission I could start working for him. So can I?” Allison asked.
“I guess you are old enough but if your school work suffers you will have to quit,” Mrs. Wood expressed.
“Yes I know. Thanks mommy.”
That day at school Jill Duck another 7th grader came up to Brin and suggested she joined the secret club she belonged to. So after school Brin went to a meeting the club had.
The head of the club Jean Walker told Brin their club was a cool club but to join it she would have to steal a watch from Mr. Fred’s drugstore. A few days later Brin talked Jill into going to the drug store with her. They just happened to pick a day when Allison was working.
As soon as they walked into the store Jill pointed out where the watches were. As soon as Allison’s back was turned Brin grabbed a watch and slipped it into her pocket. Then the two girls quickly left the store.
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Dr. Tony Evans Gives Reflections on Ferguson

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