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Biker’s legacy: Outlaws in church

(When you go to a funeral what do you expect? People dressed up?  To find out about a different kind of funeral, read the story below.)

The air smelled of exhaust and cigarettes and rumbled with the thunder of Harley pipes.

Some of the hundreds of bikers wore tattoos of devils, skulls and raised middle fingers. Mottos on jackets and bikes said “Trust no one” and “We give what we get.”

Disputes among the Bandidos, Hells Angels, Vagos and other outlaw motorcycle groups can erupt into brawls, stabbings and gunfire.

But on this day they’re gathering at Hope Baptist Church. With tears in their eyes.

It’s Wolf’s funeral.

Until six years ago Wolf had been one of those outlaws, a “one-percenter,” a member of the biker gangs notorious for intimidation and mayhem. In his own words, which were read at the service, he was an outlaw among outlaws — an enforcer, bouncer and bodyguard. He had written the story of his faith a few days before his death, intending to share it at a Bible study that had been scheduled for this day.

“I was mean and angry and I put (my wife) Debbie and my family through hell,” Wolf wrote. “But Debbie told me that one day the good man in me would come out.”

Wolf’s life hit bottom after the death of a brother and the loss of his job. He was beyond angry. He was empty.

“I’m tired. I’m done. I don’t wanna be this man no more,” a friend recalled him saying.

It was about then Wolf turned to the Soldiers for Jesus motorcycle club — former outlaw bikers, drug addicts and alcoholics turned evangelists — and they led him to a relationship with God.

“God has changed my life a lot and still is. The anger and violence — God has taken it away,” Wolf wrote after his conversion.

(Read the rest of this powerful death and salvation story Biker’s legacy: Outlaws in church – Las Vegas Sun.)

No Money for Faith Based Groups Which Preach the Bible

Critics of President Obama’s new civil service bill warn that it denies funding to certain faith-based groups while increasing funding for liberal advocacy groups. Last week, the House passed the “Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act” — the GIVE Act — which would expand the national service program, the AmeriCorps, from 75,000 to 250,000 participants.

A controversial amendment to the GIVE Act that has alarmed some Christians would prohibit civil service volunteers and organizations from “engaging in religious instruction, conducting worship services…or engaging in any form of religious proselytization.”

(This is a reason why I was one of the few  on the right who was against President Bush’s faith based plan. Once you get government involved there is a good chance you will have to water down your faith. What helps people the most is what the Bible teaches faith in Christ. If you can’t preach that truth, how can you help others. Read more of the above story Another gov’t expansion proposal – cloaked in volunteerism .)


For some students, spring break means service work

Twenty-one seniors and four chaperones from St. Albert High School took a morning flight out of the country March 11 for a two-week spring break expedition.

But they are not relaxing on the beach.

As part of the school’s World Mission program, the group is performing service work in the Dominican Republic that involves building 18 latrines and painting a chapel. Their goal is to improve the health and quality of life in the impoverished nation.

“The ultimate outcome of the project will make sure that these people have access to health care in their own communities,” said St. Albert campus minister Brenda Moran, who will accompany her daughter on the trip.

(It is a blessing to see young people trying to reach out instead of being concerned about their own wants and just having fun. Read more on these students right here.)



Creighton students spend spring break eating and sleeping with Omaha’s homeless

 Lauren Fangman wriggled into the silky sleeping bag she brought to the homeless shelter where she and six other Creighton University students were spending spring break.

 Creighton University students fanned out to 30 cities to live among the less fortunate. Some stayed close to home. Settling on mats around the 19-year-old biology major were drug users, alcoholics, victims of abuse and mentally ill women.
All day she had suppressed her emotional reaction to addicts like Kristie, who was molested at age 6, abused by the father of her kids, imprisoned and forced to watch the cycle repeat itself with her daughter.

Or men who screamed at furniture, hacked up phlegm and drank until they passed out.

But when the lights dimmed at 10:30 p.m., Lauren’s feelings poured out. She couldn’t sleep. Faces and stories flooded the mind of the girl from Carroll, Iowa.

(Good for these college kids. All of us should do what Jesus would do and that is spend time  with those who no one wants anything to do with. Read more about these college students Creighton students spend spring break eating and sleeping with Omaha’s homeless.)

Missionary arrested upon returning home

A former Vietnam pastor has returned to his country and is under arrest in Ho Chi Minh City.

 Dr. Paul Ai Tran returned to his homeland to visit family but has been detained and can only travel within the city. Two police officers follow him 24 hours a day, according to Bruce Sonnenberg, founder of He Intends Victory, who called Ai at his hotel.

(We all should pray for this Pastor. Also I hope all of us will see that there are people around the globe who are truly suffering because of their faith. Read more about this Pastor who is suffering because of his faith in Jesus, Missionary arrested upon returning home )


Graham Coming to Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

The grandson of Billy Graham has accepted a call to serve as senior pastor at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


 Rev. William Graham Tullian Tchividjian will become the second pastor in the history of Coral Ridge, the church that was founded by the late Dr. D. James Kennedy in 1960. Kennedy, who pastored for 47 years, died in September 2007 at age 76.

(Lets all pray for Rev. William. Read more of the above story Tchividjian ‘coming home’ to Coral Ridge )


Spring-breakers need to hear full counsel of God

The director of an outreach ministry is disturbed at the evangelistic efforts of some organizations during Spring Break.

Michael Marcavage is executive director of Repent America. For the past two weeks, he has led a group of Christians as they attempt to proclaim the gospel to Spring Breakers at Panama City Beach, Florida.  “There was one man who was here — and he comes every year — and he had set up in one location and…[as] people were passing by him, he would just immediately talk to them and say ‘repeat after me’ and would just give them what’s known as the sinner’s prayer. There was no repentance of sin,”

(Anytime the good news of Jesus is preached we should rejoice. Also I don’t believe we should tell people they have to change to truly be saved because that is not Bible. At the same time we need to tell people the good news of Jesus along with the bad news that they are sinners. We shouldn’t just tell them how to pray the sinner’s prayer. Above all we need to trust in the Holy Spirit to save souls. Read more on this issue Spring-breakers need to hear full counsel of God )

Western Wall rabbi says pope should not wear cross at site

Ahead of Pope Benedict XVI’s May visit to Israel, the rabbi of the Western Wall, Shmuel Rabinovitch, has said that it is not proper to come to the site wearing a cross.

The pope wears a cross in all public appearances and is slated to visit the Western Wall on May 12 after a meeting with Muslim religious leaders at the

Dome of the Rock.
(It is too bad this rabbi   believes the Wall is something exclusive to Judaism. That’s too bad and isn’t correct. For what the Western Wall (the only extent structure from ancient Jerusalem) should also represent is the link between Christianity and the  Jewish faith. Read more on this story 

Chaplain at Hospice resigns over ban on word ‘God’

A chaplain at Hospice by the Sea in Boca Raton has resigned, she says, over a ban on use of the words “God” or “Lord” in public settings.

Chaplains still speak freely of the Almighty in private sessions with patients or families but, the Rev. Mirta Signorelli said: “I can’t do chaplain’s work if I can’t say ‘God’ — if I’m scripted.”

Hospice CEO Paula Alderson said the ban on religious references applies only to the inspirational messages that chaplains deliver in staff meetings. The hospice remains fully comfortable with ministers, priests and rabbis offering religious counsel to the dying and grieving.
(What a Pastor being told not to pray or tell people about the Lord. Read more on this issue   Chaplain at Hospice by the Sea in Boca Raton resigns over ban on word ‘God’.) free-spee

Happy Saint Pat’s Day and who was Saint Patrick

Patrick was born in Roman Britain to a middle-class family in about A.D. 390. When Patrick was a teenager, Irish raiders attacked his home. Patrick was captured, taken to Ireland, and sold to an Irish king, who put him to work as a shepherd.

To find out more about Saint Patrick watch a video I posted

 Happy Saint Pat’s Day and who was Saint Patrick .