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Crystal Cathedral Problems

Starting at age 4, Sheila Schuller Coleman has held just about every job at her father’s Crystal Cathedral, from copying Sunday programs at the kitchen table to launching a private high school on the church grounds. (   Daughter aims to heal Crystal Cathedral  )

Now, five decades after the Rev. Robert H. Schuller Sr. first planted the church, his daughter is facing her most challenging job there yet: taking over her father’s megachurch and its famous “Hour of Power” television ministry at a time of both financial and family crisis.

The church and its internationally known telecast have been bleeding dollars and members for years — a trend that accelerated last fall when the cathedral’s heir apparent, the Rev. Robert A. Schuller Jr., suddenly left in a bitter family feud.

One of the biggest changes Coleman will make is in the ministry’s leadership style and the structure of the “Hour of Power” broadcasts. She plans to move the church and its telecast away from the kind of ministry that puts all the attention — and all the pressure — on one superstar pastor like her father.

She believes that the church’s biggest mistake in recent years was asking her 54-year-old brother to step into his father’s role without enough support or preparation.

(It is too bad to see any church or family go through hard times. However when one leaves a ministry he should accept the fact there will be changes. The main issue  with the Hour of Power is the preaching of Rev. Schuller SR. has put the focus on postive thinking instead of Jesus and the word of God.  I have heard when Rev. Robert A. Schuller Jr took over he was preaching the Bible more. Good or happy thinking doesn’t save any soul or get them to heaven.)

Sun Devils brighten sisters’ day

Neither protective gloves nor IV tubes kept the two Arizona-born sisters from slapping a high-five with their visitors. Who’s your favorite baseball team? “Arizona,” squealed Luz, 9, and Victoria, 7, who, along with a newborn sister, suffer from a rare inherited disease that requires organ transplants to stay alive. Arizona State players had hoped to be there Thursday, but scheduling conflicts and an early exit from the College World Series sent Optimist Club representatives in their stead. Advertising Mike Kozlik and Fred Uhe, the team’s local hosts, came to the Nebraska Medical Center bearing CWS baseball caps and autographed gifts for the Lugo Cota girls. The sisters — who had studied up on the Sun Devils while watching them play last week on TV — soaked up the attention. “It brought back good memories of when we used to be there,” said their mom, Rosario Cota. She and her husband, Ernesto Lugo, said the gesture was among other nice acts bestowed upon their family since making a first trip to the Omaha transplant center in 2004. They were living in Arizona when they learned of their daughters’ rare intestinal disorder, microvillus inclusion disease.

(Too often we hear just bad news or how some ball players are getting in trouble on or off the field, so it is nice to see something good done in the name of sports. Read more of this story – The Omaha World-Herald: )

In German Birthplace of Reformation, a Revival of Interest

WITTENBERG, Germany — Martin Luther, a renegade monk, triggered the Reformation here five centuries ago by nailing a long list of grievances to the door of the Castle Church. But as Wittenberg celebrates the founding of Protestantism, it is finding one thing in short supply: Lutherans. Generations of secularism and communism have exacted a severe toll on church membership in this eastern German city. Today, fewer than one in five people identify themselves as Christian, one of the lowest percentages in the country. Most worshipers who fill the pews in local churches are tourists longing for a glimpse of the holy sites frequented by Luther when he lived here between 1508 and 1546.

The presence of organized religion is so limited in Wittenberg that some U.S. Lutheran organizations are trying to fill the void. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America established a ministry here 10 years ago to cater to the thousands of American pilgrims who visit annually. Study abroad programs for American students have proved so popular that the city plans to open a residential college next year for visiting scholars.

“In east Germany, you actually have to go up to people and tell them who Jesus was,” said Wilhelm Torgerson, a German Lutheran pastor who serves as the Missouri Synod’s representative in Wittenberg. “They say, ‘Oh yes, Christ. Didn’t he have something to do with Luther?’ ”

“We would like to proclaim the Gospel to unbelievers, and there are certainly a lot of them here,” Torgerson added. “Obviously, there is enough work for all of us without stepping on anyone’s toes.”

Wittenbergers have welcomed the growing American presence for the most part, but there have been some bruised feelings.

(The above is from a story which was in The Washington Posst.  Read the whole story

In German Birthplace of Reformation, a Revival of Interest .  It is sad to see the home of Luther and the reformation not be  into God today. However what is sadder is if these souls along with others reject the grace which comes through Jesus. God is the one who saves souls not a church regardless what name is on it.People no matter if they are in church or not don’t need to be religious but to come into a relationship with God through trusting Jesus Christ.)

Dying of cancer, baseball legend Mickey Mantle called Bobby Richardson

Dying of cancer, baseball legend Mickey Mantle called Bobby Richardson, a Christian and former teammate, and asked for his prayers.  Richardson asked him why God should let him into heaven. Mantle replied….

(To find out what Mantle said read a  radio commentary  from yesterday Wednesday, June 17, 2009 on  Reaching Your World  web site or listen to the audio mp3.)

Islam Teaches

Do you know what the faith of Islam teaches. You should and to find out out some of the doctrine of Islam watch a video I posted a few days ago  Islam Teaches.


Revival in Iran

Something amazing is going on in Iran and I am not talking about the election . God is saving souls who were part of the Islam faith. Watch a video and be blessed and amazed by what the living God is doing, These souls who are coming to Jesus are risking everything including their own lives. Watch it Iranian Underground Church is growing ! ! !

Year later, Scouts remember


Under a sunny sky this morning, the Boy Scouts remembered a night of deadly storms.

Flags were lowered to half-staff at the Durham Scout Center in Omaha to mark the one-year anniversary of the deadly storm at Little Sioux Scout Ranch that claimed the lives of four Scouts. ( )


Ben Petrzilka, Sam Thomsen and Josh Fennen, all 13, of Omaha and Aaron Eilerts, 14, of Eagle Grove, Iowa, were killed as a tornado decimated the camp in western Iowa.

Scout Christian Jones, who knew the boys, spoke at the ceremony.

“They were all friends to everybody, and it was an honor to know them and call them my friends,” he said.



(Pray for the families of these dead boys along with their friends and all who were touched by this horrible news. Lets also use this to remind every soul no matter their  age their  life here on earth could be over in a second and then all that will matter is  if you know Jesus Christ.)

Service best way to honor Scout

Sam Thomsen’s family wanted a low-key way to remember their son, who died a year ago in the Little Sioux Scout Ranch tornado.
They didn’t want big speeches, Sam’s mother told Michael Ross, the director of an organization that took Sam on a trip to learn about volunteering in urban areas. They wanted an event that honored Sam’s passion: serving others.
Thursday night, Ross and dozens of volunteers from faith-based organizations served ice cream sundaes and root beer floats to homeless men at the Siena-Francis House, 1702 Nicholas St. Ross invited attendees and volunteers to stick around and hang out, in part to increase awareness of urban problems.
Feelings were too raw for Sam’s family to attend, Ross said. But the crowd included others who cared about Sam.
Corbin Delgado, 14, described Sam as his best friend. He said Sam would have been happy with how he is remembered.

(What a great way to honor a friend. A boy who did what Jesus said to do put others ahead of yourself. The above report came from – The Omaha World Herald.)

Mo. teen, injected with HIV by dad as baby, graduates high school

Brryan Jackson has been left out of birthday party invitations and asked not to use water fountains. His daily routine at one point included 23 pills, three IV medications and two injections. But the toughest part of growing up with AIDS for him may be knowing how he got it. When he was a baby, his father entered his hospital room and injected a syringe of HIV-tainted blood into his tiny body. At times during his childhood, he was expected to die.

Now 18, he’ll put on his black cap and gown Saturday and graduate from Francis Howell North High School in St. Charles, near St. Louis. Shielded from the public for much of his life since his father’s high-profile criminal trial a decade ago, Brryan is now an outspoken advocate for people with AIDS, and the power of faith and forgiveness.

To distance himself from his father — and to protect his identity growing up — Brryan changed his name from “Brian.” He has not been in contact with Stewart but said he has forgiven him.

“God wants us to forgive people,” he said. “Am I going to make myself as low as he is? … I’ve got to be the better person.”

Stewart, now 42, remains in a Missouri prison and is eligible for parole in two years. He declined to be interviewed for this story and said he did not wish to have an attorney comment on his behalf.


( It is truly  powerful when some one can forgive another for an evil act. Good for this young man. Read more of this story Mo. teen, injected with HIV by dad as baby, graduates high school and reaches out to others.)


Pope Benedict: I Was Surprised To Be Chosen As Pope

Pope Benedict XVI says he was surprised when he was elected pontiff, but accepted the role even though the challenge seemed greater than his strength. Benedict was asked by a curious child at a Vatican audience with thousands of children on Saturday if he ever thought he would grow up to be come pontiff.  ( Pope Benedict: I Was Surprised To Be Chosen As Pope)


He also reminisced about being an altar boy when he was 8 or 9, and how he and his friends sometimes even had fights.

(Even us who aren’t in the Catholic Church can learn from the Pope. If God wants you to do something and it is His will you can do it.  However it is only through Jesus and His power that you can do anything. The key is do you trust Jesus or are you trusting in a church, a religious faith. Philippians 4:13 says we can do all things through Christ. )