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The Bible welcomes you to question/test it, but not the book of Islam 

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Bible based faith, and Shack

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The Shack Uncovered

Was Franklin Graham Right to Call for a Disney Boycott?

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Some words from the man Saint Patrick,thanks to Cal Thomas:

“God, my God, omnipotent King, I humbly adore thee. Thou art King of kings, Lord of lords. Thou art the Judge of every age. Thou art the Redeemer of souls. Thou art the Liberator of those who believe. Thou art the Hope of those who toil. Thou art the Comforter of those in sorrow. Thou art the Way to those who wander. Thou art Master to the nations. Thou art the Creator of all creatures. Thou art the Lover of all good.”

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Saint Patrick, and being a saint (a thought on the Bible )

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. I hope you are having a great one. 

       Did you know the real Saint Patrick did not drive the snakes out of Ireland. Fact Patrick was a missionary, who was transformed by God.

   I am Billy David Dickson with a thought on the Bible.

          Yes, Patrick did amazing things for God. Did you know to be a saint you don’t have to do anything special, or does a priest have to declare you a saint. There is only one who can make you a saint ,and that is the Lord Jesus himself. John 1:12 reads. “But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.”

     You and I become a child of God not by doing good works. It is not based on what we do, or don’t do.The Bible teaches we get a relationship with God, by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ. 

    So the meat of the matter is a saint, or child of God is somebody..

Who has realized their own sinfulness before a Holy God.

They are willing to turn away from sin, and change their mind about sin. That is called repentance. 

They know they can not become a Saint through good works, but they need to receive Jesus as their Savior, and Lord.  

So you can become a saint, like Saint Patrick though you may not have a day named after you. You will have the only thing you truly need, which is a relationship with God. That is a thought on the Bible. 

Until next time,

I’m Billy David Dickson 

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No Evangelical church leader should ever encourage his members to lie ,about child abuse

SPINDALE, N.C. (AP) — At least a half-dozen times over two decades, authorities investigated reports that members of a secretive evangelical church were being beaten. And every time, according to former congregants, the orders came down from church leaders: They must lie to protect the sect.
Among the members of the Word of Faith Fellowship who coached congregants and their children on what to say to investigators were two assistant district attorneys and a veteran social worker, the ex-followers told The Associated Press.
Frank Webster and Chris Back — church ministers who handle criminal cases as assistant DAs for three nearby counties — provided legal advice, helped at strategy sessions and participated in a mock trial for four congregants charged with harassing a former member, according to former congregants interviewed as part of an AP investigation of Word of Faith.
Back and Webster, who is sect leader Jane Whaley’s son-in-law and lives in her house, also helped derail a social services investigation into child abuse in 2015 and attended meetings where Whaley warned congregants to lie to investigators about abuse incidents, according to nine former members.

( Billy thoughts – Evangelical followers of Jesus might not agree with social workers on child discipline. On issues like spankings, but no Evangelical should ever abuse, or beat a child. And for sure no Evangelical church leader should encourage members of their flocks to lie. Most of the time when you lie,  the chances are you are hiding something. Read the full story.)

I am troubled by getting Ashes while in your car on Ash Wednesday 

Now I am no longer part of a faith tradition which gives out Ashes on Ash Wednesday. However yesterday something I read and saw on the news troubled me. It was spiritual leaders giving Ashes to folks while they remained in their cars. Ashes in your cars might be ok for older folks, and folks who have problems walking in a church. I think when the church doors are opened for something your faith tradition takes part in, most of us should go and sit our butts in a pew.

  I am glad anytime people of faith take their spiritual views into their community. I also don’t believe the Bible teaches going to church makes one right with God. I had a pastor who said going to church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than going to Burger King makes you a whopper. 

 Too often today churches decide to do things based on what the customers want. Yes churches should do what they can to reach people in this world. At the same time we need to teach young believers, and even those who are not believers being a disciple of Jesus does cost. I wonder what believers in nations where they can be killed for being a follower of Jesus, or for worshipping the King of kings feels about just going to a drive through to get ashes,like you were ordering a whopper. 

Yes we are saved by grace, through faith.However where possible we are called to be part of a local church body for encouragement, having the word taught, and yes discipline. 

God never said to invite in a stranger who would pillage the ground, burn the cities, and refuses to assimilate to the predominant culture

CHURCH Pastor defends Trump’s immigration policy

The Pope is wrong on Muslim terrorism 

Whenever the Pope speaks, it is worth considering what he says whether you are a Catholic or not. His worldview influence is considerable, and so we should pay attention to his words.
That is why I am concerned about his recent address on Muslim terrorism. He argued that: “Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, and Muslim terrorism does not exist.” If his point was to say that not all Christians and not all Muslims are terrorists, that is obvious. It is a self-evident fact.
He also seemed to be arguing that terrorism is the result of economic inequalities rather than religious beliefs. Not only is that not true, it would come as a surprise to some of the rich, well-educated radical Muslim leaders and to some of the oil-rich regions that have been state sponsors of terrorism.

( Muslim Terrorism )

You have the  right to use the money you earn whatever way you want to, but something you should know

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