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Lessons in Giving
Eagle Scout project warms hearts of veterans
Year in Review: The Political Highs and Lows of 2012
Masters Elementary raises more than $3,000 for 8-year-old heart patient
2012 Top Stories


Lessons in Giving

More than any other time of year, the holiday season is a time of giving.

And while it’s always fun to unwrap something special on Christmas morning, many metro area children learned about the importance of giving in the weeks before classes dismissed for winter break.

Through school and classroom initiatives, students collected food and clothing, visited nursing homes, donated toys and helped round up spare change for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

At Ralston Middle School, the student council led efforts to collect donations for the school’s adopted family. All told, students donated more than $700, which was used to buy gifts and gift certificates for food for the family. Being able to see how much their money bought helped the students realize how important their donations were.
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Eagle Scout project warms hearts of veterans

A teenager thanked a building full of old veterans and spouses Saturday by making them the beneficiaries of his Eagle Scout project.

Drew Grandgenett, a Millard West High School senior, doled out close to 120 fleece blankets that he, his Boy Scout Troop 408 pals and his family members made over the past three months. Each blanket contained the insignia and images of the military branch in which each recipient served.

Before the ceremony started at the Eastern Nebraska Veterans Home in Bellevue, 84-year-old Alice Blackford rolled up in her wheelchair. “Who’s the young man responsible for this wonderful project?” asked Blackford, widow of Korean War veteran Walter Blackford. She shook hands with the teenager.
( Eagle Scout project warms hearts of veterans )

Year in Review: The Political Highs and Lows of 2012

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Masters Elementary raises more than $3,000 for 8-year-old heart patient

The drive from Omaha to St. Louis takes about seven hours, assuming a pit stop along the way.
Ingrind Sanchez has made that drive regularly since late September, when her 8-year-old son, Andrey, was taken to Children’s Hospital in St. Louis in need of a heart transplant.
The boy’s mother would drive down to be with her son, then drive back to Omaha for a few days at work and then head south again.
Andrey, a first-grader at Masters Elementary School in northwest Omaha, hasn’t been in school since September. But that doesn’t mean his classmates and friends haven’t been thinking about him.
Under the direction of resource teacher Emily Bradrick, the Masters student council organized a fundraiser called A Dime a Day for Andrey in hopes of helping out with some of the costs of that long and frequent drive.
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2012 Top Stories


Well we are about to end a new year but before we close the books on 2012 lets look back on what some of the top stories were. Below are what I think were some of the top stories of the year.
President Obama being reelected. Even though many souls are without jobs, the polls showing most Americans opposed government health the majority of the voters gave Obama four more years. Some of the blame has to go to how the Romney people and how they tried to run their guy against Obama and some of it we should accept it as just where America is. It is sad to see our nation reject the values that have made it the best nation in the world. It was very troubling to me before the election to see some Pastors on TV who thought it was no big deal that Obama backed abortion and same sex marriage.
Benghazi has to be another top story. How Obama blamed the whole attack on a video that was made instead of on radical Islam. The media also helped the White House cover this up by not reporting it. Some have said this is bigger than Watergate because no one was killed in Watergate and people were killed in this event. I hope and pray in the new year the truth will come out.
Sadly once again another school shooting took place. This time at a grade school December 14th I once again rang bells for the Salvation Army. It wasn’t as cold as it was last year. It was the night of that terrible school shooting at that grade school in Connecticut. While we should keep praying for the students and staff of that grade school along with the families of the dead the question keep coming to my mind what if some soul had been at that school who had a gun who could have taken the shooter down.Yes the chances are some would have died regardless but a police officer or a trained citizen with a gun can do much good and in this case might have saved some souls. Guns are not to blame for crime, sin is to blame.

The war against people of faith thanks to the current White House picked up speed. The American government is trying to force people of faith to pay for abortions and other things that go against their faith and values. This war will keep going on in the new year.
In my view the top story of 2012 has to be the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare as the law of the land. Thanks to Judge Roberts who was named to the high court by President Bush. So once again the high court made a law instead of following the rule of law.

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Putin put Politics ahead of homes for Russian children
What were the top 2012 stories
Colts’ coach Pagano back on job full-time after cancer battle
Football player’s friendship with cancer patient inspires team movement
Twelve Ideas for Celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas


Putin put Politics ahead of homes for Russian children

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he will sign a controversial bill banning Americans from adopting Russian children.

Putin told a televised meeting on Thursday that he “doesn’t see any reasons” against the bill and said that he “intends to sign it” into law. The president said U.S. authorities deny access to adopted Russian children and lets Americans suspected of violence towards Russian adoptees go unpunished.

Critics say that the bill will deprive many Russian orphans of an opportunity to get a family.

The Russian parliament has voted for the bill, which is part of a larger measure by lawmakers retaliating against a recently signed U.S. law calling for sanctions against Russians deemed guilty of human rights violations.

UNICEF estimates that there are about 740,000 children without parental custody in Russia.

Holding out hope

Charlie Butts (OneNewsNow)
December 27, 2012

Bill Blacquire of Bethany Christian Services remains hopeful despite media reports suggesting Putin will sign the bill.

“We are being told that a number of the ministry leaders [in Russia] are saying Please do not sign this bill. We have things going good with the United States,” he tells OneNewsNow. “And we also are being told that this is somewhat unprecedented for Russia where you have ministers of departments [speaking] against the official [government] position.”
( Billy’s thoughts – If this bill does become law it may hurt relations between America and Russia but mostly it will hurt Russian children who don’t have anyone to call mom or dad. We are told Russia today is different than the old Soviet Union but this law seems like something the Soviet Union would do. Read more of this story right here. )



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What were the top 2012 stories

I thought I would ask you my good readers what were the top news stories of 2012. I am hopeful next Monday or Tuesday or next week posting what were the top stories in my view but today I would like to hear from you.