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Recall Those Who Die for the Faith

Yesterday here in America we remembered  those who have  sacrificed their lives  on the battle field for our nation. That is a proper thing to do. However shouldn’t we do the same thing far as people of faith goes. My Pastor did a sermon on that on Sunday. His text was Hebrews 11.

Here are some of the notes  I took.

1. Faith gives  reality to what we hope for.

2.Faith gives evidence of things we don’t see yet.

3. Faith brings God’s favor.

4. Faith brings understanding.

My Pastor then named some souls who are part of the believers hall of fame.

In that group are Abel, Enoch, Noah, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Abraham.

People have given up their lives because of their faith. As hard as it is to be a follower of Jesus today in America. It was harder at another time  and it is harder in other parts of the world.

MAD Summer Changing Our World

What would you like to change in this world if you could? 

I did a teaching video a few days ago in which  I showed what the Bible had to say about making an impact in this world. View it and see what you think  YouTube – MAD Summer

Cowboy’s Church

Karen Johnson-Harris has always believed in God.
  But 28 years ago, out from under her par­ents’ wing, she stopped going to church.
  Last month, that changed. The Gretna woman who was raised Episcopalian heard about a service that she thought might work for her.
  The makeshift congregation sat at plastic picnic tables.
  They wore jeans and cowboy boots and T-shirts.
  And after the 35-minute service, they ate hot dogs and chips.

That’s just the way the leaders of this church like it.
  Cowboy Connections, after all, is a church service aimed at cowboys, cowgirls and West­ern enthusiasts.
  “It’s not like organized religion,” Johnson­Harris said. “It’s just relaxed. They talk in simple terms. It just feels right.”
(I believe us who are followers of Jesus and are submitted to the Lordship of his word the Bible should never back of way  from preaching the good news. Though our methods might change. Didn’t Paul teach that we should become all things to all men.

Mormons Baptize Obama’s Mom

Is President Barack Obama’s mother a Mormon now?

Not necessarily. But the Church of Jesus Christof Latter-day Saints has confirmed that President Barack Obama’s late mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was posthumously baptized by a church member last year, shortly after Obama clinched the Democratic nomination. (Obama’s mother posthumously baptized by Mormons)

Latter-day Saints believe the opportunity to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ is available through baptism and a just God would not deny that to previous generations.

But Mormons insist that posthumous baptism does not translate to forced conversion. They believe those baptized by proxy can accept or deny the gospel in the afterlife just as they can here.

(Never mind that the above report was about President Obama’s late mother the baptism of a dead soul is one of the reasons  the Mormon faith is not a Christian faith no matter what Mormons and others may say. The Bible teaches you die once and then face the judgement of God. Check out Hebrews 9:27.  Also if you  can cry out to Jesus after you die why do you need to get right with God while living in this world.)


A stand-up pastor

After golfing 18 holes, he dozed off on the couch. His wife seethed.

Now he’s really in deep. Gotta make it up to her right away. He called an expensive restaurant and reserved a corner table (unfortunately overlooking a golf course).

Afterward, they went to a movie, her pick. Midway through, the pastor got up for pop and popcorn.

Heading back to his seat, his eyes adjusting to the dark, he decided enough is enough with his wife’s cold shoulder. After he sat down, he began to play with her hair and tickle her.

A sharp elbow nailed him in the ribs.

“All of a sudden, I heard this woman laughing, and it was Amber,” Pastor Craig Finnestad recalled. “She was sitting two rows behind me!” that night, Amber forgave him for the wrong-seat, wrong-woman blunder.

“I don’t know if the girl in the movie theater ever did,” Finnestad said.

Throughout his career, the United Methodist pastor at Omaha’s Water’s Edge Church has used humorous – and true – stories like this one to illustrate life and spiritual lessons about forgiveness, relationships and grace.

He’s such a fan of humor in church that he researched it for his doctoral dissertation. Later this year he plans to attend a weeklong boot camp for comedians in New York City, culminating with a performance at a Big Apple comedy club.

(Now some things at church we shouldn’t laugh at like the Bible being the word of God and people sinning. However there is a lie today which says you can’t have fun at church. The people who can have the most fun are those who have a relationship with God. Read more about this Pastor  right here.)

No More Religion

This may shock some of you  I am no longer  religious. I was years ago. However not anymore.

To find out more please watch a video I posted a few days ago  YouTube – No More Religion.

Half of US adults have switched religions

About half of all Americans have switched religions at least once, according to the most in-depth survey on the topic, released Monday. The reasons people give for changing their religion — or leaving religion altogether — differ widely: 71% of Catholics and nearly 60% of Protestants who switched didn’t think their spiritual needs were being met, liked another faith more or changed their religious or moral beliefs.

(Those of us who believe what the Bible teaches need to show by the way we live and share with our lips  people need to put their faith in Jesus. No matter what church you go to you still are a sinner in need of the Savior Jesus. Read more  on this story Half of US adults have switched religions.)