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Missing from the Gospel

The other day I was talking to a friend and I have heard other people say how they love such and such and such Pastor, tv preacher, or faith teacher. The  reason they love such and such teacher, preacher because he makes them feel good. Now at times we need encouragement or to know others care about us. However is that what such and such spiritual leader should do. Today we hear  positive thinking,   or the  prosperity gospel.

The above is what I said in a video I did this last Sunday. To find out what else I said watch the whole video Missing from the Gospel.

I believe in a social gospel

Now some churches and some followers of Jesus believe in what is called a social gospel. Do I believe in a social gospel? You bet I do but the  most important issue  isn’t what my view, or your views or anyone’s view is but what God thinks. You see we can all be wrong   because none of us outside of God is  perfect.  I did a video sermon on this issue yesterday. Please watch it and see what you think. (  I believe in a social gospel.)


Jehovahs Witnesses Christians

Jehovah’s Witnesses tell us they are Christians but is there doctrine Christian on the following issues..

Jesus Christ:


Resurrection of Jesus:

Christ return:

To find out what  Jehovah’s Witnesses believe and teach watch a video I did yesterday. 

Now a word to those of you who are part of Jehovah’s Witnesses please don’t turn this video off. You know if someone challenged or questioned my faith I wouldn’t get upset because I am strong enough and my God is strong enough that he can handle being  challenged. Is your faith the same way or perhaps what is brought up   is something worth being challenged. Watch the video and see what you think  Jehovahs Witnesses Christians.

Book on the Faiths and Cults

Awhile back I finished  reading a book which I have read many times.

The book talks about different faiths Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism. The writer in the book also deals with cults like Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Mormonism. It compares the cults and the different faiths to what the Bible teaches and what Orthodox Christians believe. The book is called, “So  What’s the Difference?” I hope you will check the book out and perhaps order a copy of  So-Whats-Difference.