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Good dogs know their name when called


Standing alone

The power of one. Worldwide movements have begun with a single individual determined to change the world. As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn so eloquently said, “One word of truth shall outweigh the world.”

The Bible offers compelling accounts of rare individuals who, despite impossible odds, trusted God at all cost. One of those remarkable individuals was Esther, who lived “for such a time as this.” What about you?

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Who MEMORIAL Day is for, and who the holiday is not for

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Don’t think TV impacts the way we behave


Shame on the New England Pats for gay bowl

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School Puts Student’s Service Dog In Yearbook, Now Internet Can’t Get Enough Of Their Sweet Story

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I just want to say thank you

Lawmakers should think of little girls hurt by FGM, and do the right thing

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President Trump is wrong to trust Saudi Arabia ( would he trust the KKK to make sure the civil rights laws are followed )

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The genius of Roger Ailes He had the wisdom to champion American values the secularists mock

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