Deb Fischer is right on her criticism of immigration bill and John McCain is wrong

WASHINGTON — Sen. John McCain ripped into fellow Republican Deb Fischer on the Senate floor this week over her criticisms of the pending immigration legislation.

The junior senator from Nebraska had just wrapped up a floor statement on Tuesday in which she ran through a list of her problems with what she called a “fatally flawed” bill.

She said the proposed legislation would fail to secure the border before granting status to those in the country illegally, has major loopholes for those who overstay visas and would cost too much money without any accountability.

Deb Fischer

“The reporting requirements to Congress are toothless,” Fischer said. “I reject, and I suspect Nebraskans reject, the idea that massive amounts of spending alone are the solution to our border security problem.”

Before Fischer could leave the floor, McCain asked whether she had ever visited the U.S.-Mexico border in his home state of Arizona. Fischer responded that she had visited the border in Texas some years ago.
“I would just say to the senator from Nebraska, she is so ill-informed, the statement that I just saw, I don’t know where to begin, except to say that if you don’t think this legislation secures the border you haven’t spent any time on the border, certainly not any meaningful time,” McCain said. “And I can’t express my disappointment in the series of false statements that the senator just made.”

The sudden attack was all the more remarkable given that McCain flew into Omaha to stump for Fischer in the closing days of her Senate campaign last November.
( John McCain attacks Deb Fischer after her criticism of immigration bill )

( Billy’s thoughts – If Sen. McCain wants many of us on the right to support this bill they should first build the fence before trying to force any immigration bill on us which most of them have not read. I am proud of Sen. Fischer and even more proud now of my vote for her.)

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