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Could this be coming to the White House if Mrs. Clinton becomes President 

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Never Trump to ever Trump 

Read a   column on why some folks who had said they would never vote for Trump , have changed their minds, and hearts. 

After much prayer and soul-searching, I have reluctantly decided to vote for the Trump-Pence ticket. Here’s why.

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Mr. Trump, and Mrs. Clinton both are ….

As I have posted before  I believe America will be going the right way, or the wrong depending how we vote next week. Still this picture should remind us to pray for Mr. Trump, and Mrs. Clinton regardless who we voted for, or will vote for. Amen anyone…

Bush no longer should call himself a GOP if he votes for Clinton 

George P. Bush said Tuesday that his uncle, former President George W. Bush, may join his grandfather George H.W. Bush in casting his ballots for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, according to the Associated Press.The Texas land commissioner made the comments while addressing a small Republican rally in San Marcos, Texas, on Tuesday night, saying that both former presidents in the family may “potentially” vote for the Democratic presidential ticket come Election Day.

( Billy’s thoughts – I have always liked the Bush family, but if they vote for pro tax, and pro abortion Clinton they  no longer should be in good standing with the GOP. Read the rest of the above story here. )

How can you defend voting for Mr. Trump 

Here is a posting I found on Facebook.

Don’t forget the Life issue in voting 

Remember when the issue of life mattered to conservatives?Intensely passionate issues like —

• parental consent for minors having abortions

• federal funding for abortion

• the horrors of partial birth abortion

Those were things we cared deeply about – enough to even get arrested over.

The volatile, tawdry election of 2016 has taken our eye off the ball.
Let’s call time out and refocus: One of the presidential candidates is pro-life. The other is most decidedly not. For some scary reading, look up Mrs. Clinton’s position on unrestricted abortion.

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Mrs. Clinton’s view on abortion is extreme. I didn’t write that a doctor did ,after her answer on partial birth abortion.

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It should be a simple/easy choice but not to the American voter ( explain that to me, if you can) 

What if Hillary Clinton steals the election?

In the immediate aftermath of last night’s presidential debate, TV commentators expressed their shock at Donald Trump’s refusal to say that, whatever the results of the elections, he would accept them. But should these commentators have been so shocked? What if the elections really are rigged? What should Trump have said?

To be sure, there were far better ways for Trump to reply to moderator Chris Wallace’s question, satisfying Wallace’s concerns while raising his own concerns (which reflect the concerns of many other Americans).
For example, Trump could have said:
“Absolutely, without question, if the electoral process is fair and legal, I will accept the results, whatever the outcome. And should I lose, which I don’t expect to, I will urge my supporters to accept our loss with dignity.
“But I have a question for you, Chris, and for Hillary and for the American people as well. What if it could be demonstrated in a court of law that the election was rigged? What if there was massive voter fraud? Would it be fair to the American people for me to accept the election results without a fight? Would it be just? If the American people voted to put me into office and the election was stolen from me and from them, what would be the right course of action?
“Chris, what do you think? Hillary, what do you think? And people of America, what do you think?”

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