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Billy is a writer , Bible college student, radio show host, and youth worker. He has worked with young people for over ten years. His work includes teaching children youth in Bible studies, and Sunday School classes.
He currently does a radio show everyday at 6:19 E.T. on KCRO radio 660 A.M. in Omaha, Nebraska.

Michael Medved: Attacking the Founders’ Flag



Under pressure from Kaepernick, Nike canceled plans for special edition sneakers decorated with the flag, featuring a circle of thirteen stars representing the thirteen rebellious colonies. All of them allowed slavery, so Kaepernick connects them to “white supremacy.”

This ignores impassioned, anti-slavery patriots – like Adams, Franklin and Hamilton – as well as Betsy Ross herself. Historians debate whether she designed the flag personally, but we do know she came from a devout Quaker family – and Quakers led anti-slavery activism in America. What’s more, Betsy’s home colony of Pennsylvania was the first to abolish slavery – in 1780, 7 years before the Constitution.

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The Point: That’s Not How Forgiveness Works

I’d love to live in a world where “The Bachelorette” doesn’t exist. But it does. The current Bachelorette choosing between all kinds of guys that are vying for her affection is Hanna Brown, who has been very vocal on the show about her Christian faith and her sexual habits.

“I can do whatever,” she said in a recent exchange with a male contestant. “I sin daily and Jesus still loves me. It’s all washed,” and “God doesn’t judge me…”

Romans 3 clearly says that Christ’s blood washes away all sins. But Romans 6 just as clearly speaks to Brown’s idea that it’s okay to keep sinning, because Jesus always forgive.

“Shall we sin because we are not under the law but under grace?” Paul asks. “By no means.” Servants of Christ must obey their master. Refusing to obey is what theologians call “antinomianism”—the belief that God’s rules don’t apply to us. According to Paul, antinomianism is a sure sign that our faith might be as fake as a reality TV drama.


‘The Bachelorette’ star defends premarital sex in latest episode: ‘Jesus still loves me’ 

  • Caleb Parke | Fox News | June 25, 2019

US Soccer Star Rapinoe Claims ‘Not Many If Any’ of Her Teammates Would Visit White House

Too young to die

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CULTURE Nike, Kaep trip over flag: Obama flew it; Black author: What racism?

I’m a black woman whose ancestors were enslaved in Georgia and South Carolina under horrific conditions, [b]ut I disagree with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who reportedly contends that because many founders of our nation owned slaves or supported slavery, the flag they fought under to win independence from Britain is an offensive symbol,” Nelson wrote in her Fox News column. “And I believe Nike was wrong to capitulate to Kaepernick this week and halt the release of an athletic shoe bearing the original American flag on the heel, saying that it could ‘unintentionally offend’ some people because it was the symbol of our nation during the era of slavery.”

Not the same America

Nelson agrees with former Republican Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that the immoral institution of slavery is “birth defect” on America’s history, but she argues that it must never be erased or forgotten.

“Should we be ashamed and embarrassed of all of American history because our nation was and still is flawed? Should we refuse to display today’s flag and any other patriotic symbol and abolish Independence Day celebrations? And while we’re at it, should we abolish our national anthem, because Kaepernick led a protest movement of NFL players to kneel when the anthem was played? Some people object to the Pledge of Allegiance – should that be thrown out as well?” the acclaimed author posed. “Obviously, the answer is ‘no’ to all these questions. A great nation does not run from its history. A great nation rises above its sins and flaws and learns from the past in order to build a brighter future. What we need to do in 2019 is focus on our present – and our future.”

She said calm, rational and informed dialogue should be the focus – not condemning and finger-pointing campaigns like Nike has inserted itself in the middle of – inciting hatred, separatism and racial tensions instead of unity.


“This nation is deeply divided right now on matters of race, values, culture and politics; it is as if we are still fighting a civil war of sorts, when what we need to be doing is talking to and listening to one another – really listening,” Nelson impressed. “The reality is that we will never fix racism and systemic racial inequalities by using our political and social capital on stunts like the one Nike just pulled. Instead, we are yelling at one another. We are pointing fingers. We are angry.

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WATCH: Trump’s 4th Of July Celebration Pays Homage To America’s Military

Soccer Star Alex Morgan Takes Softer Approach to Potential White House Visit

We know that U.S. soccer star Megan Rapinoe isn’t “f***ing” going to the White House if her team wins and President Trump invites them, but her fellow co-captain Alex Morgan is taking a bit of a softer approach to the controversy. Rapinoe may have made an individual splash about it, but they haven’t discussed it yet as a team. 

“I think we will make that decision after we finish Sunday’s game,” Morgan said, calling all this chatter about the White House premature.

“But first we have to do business, and then I think you guys know the answer to the question anyways.”


And that answer will probably be no, for Morgan has made no secret of the fact that she too despises Trump’s policies. Asked if some members of the team would represent them at the White House while others stayed home, the captain couldn’t say for sure.

( Billy’s thought’s it is one thing to say you don’t agree with the President and are not going to the White House. We don’t have respect today for people from the White House  to teachers to police. If Rapinoe was younger her coach should make her do some laps or push ups. And perhaps at home she should should be given a bar of soap. Read the rest of the above story )


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Independence Day

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America: The Best Hope of Mankind



This is Hugh Hewitt for

As we continue the long days of summer and of celebrations like the Fourth of July or family vacations, it is important to keep in mind that across large parts of the world the idea of either freedom or leisure much less both is so far off as to be the stuff of legend. For us, it’s a “taken for granted” annual ritual.

We are so blessed that we often simply forget to count those blessings and marvel at their largely uninterrupted enjoyment for 200-plus years. No, we are not a perfect nation, not even close, but we are the best hope of mankind, exceptional for all of our history and ever more so as the world collapses in so many places into abject barbarianism.

Our political leaders and our courts may disappoint.

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