CULTURE Msg to parents: Don’t let secular schools unravel all your effort

A noted expert on youth and the influence of education on a person’s worldview is urging parents to send their college-bound children to a Christian school.

As OneNewsNow reported earlier this week, a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey reveals that Millennials, GenXers and GenZ don’t value God, family, or country as much as the older set. Dr. Alex McFarland of Truth for a New Generation cites other conservative voices who, like him, believe that the shift most often happens when the students go off to college.

Ben Shapiro [in his book Brainwashed] said college in America has become a four-year attack on America and God,” McFarland told an American Family Radio audience. “[Christian apologist Dr.] Ravi Zacharias said college is four years and $100,000 to learn that you can’t know anything.”

Read Alex McFarland’s column:
Higher Education: ‘A Four-Year Attack on America and God’

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