The Point: Your Faith or Your Job

Uber recently fired one of its drivers for refusing to drive his passenger to her abortion appointment. He even tried to talk the woman out of the decision, and might even face a lawsuit from her.

This is only our most recent reminder that Christians need a theology of getting fired. Business owners, educators, and others -especially those in the medical field – may very well be forced to choose between participating in ceremonies, curriculum or procedures and their careers.

This is an opportunity for Christians who don’t face such choices. We need to be ready to assist our brothers and sisters, and their families, when they courageously choose faithfulness over their financial well-being. It could be financial assistance, educational assistance, meals, childcare, whatever needs to be done.

And we need to prepare ourselves. What will we choose when we face discrimination for our convictions? What red lines must we not cross? We need to decide now where we stand.

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