We will ‘never see a more godly, biblical president’

Former House Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., exalted President Trump as being “highly biblical” in a recent interview.

Bachmann, 63, spoke with “Understanding These Times,” a Christian radio show over the weekend and offered her praise of the commander-in-chief, adding there were so many examples of Trump “standing for righteousness.”

“One being Barack Obama had demanded and commanded that our military services had to literally go out and recruit people who are transgender to come into the military,” she claimed. “Well, it costs about a quarter of a million dollars to do sex reassignment surgery.”


“Why would you recruit people who would come in and have sex reassignment surgery and be on the sidelines? It made no sense, so Donald Trump got rid of that mandate and that requirement,” Bachmann said.

( Billy’s thoughts – President Trump might be Biblical on many issues such as abortion. But he has never claimed to be a Bible based Follower of Jesus unlike the Vice President. It does trouble me when a well known Evangelical who has served in public office says President Trump  as being highly  Biblical. He might be on issues, but even us who support Trump can not always support his actions. Most of all Trump is not an Evangelical. Read more of the above story  https://www.foxnews.com/politics/michele-bachmann-praises-trump. )

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