Why believers in Jesus finish well or don’t finish well


What will your legacy be? When you get old – and we all do – will you still have a vital, active faith in Jesus Christ?  Sadly, not all do. Dr. J. Robert Clinton has invested much of his career analyzing why people do—or don’t—finish well. He’s done a comparative study of more than 800 Christian leaders’ lives. His conclusion: “Few leaders finish well.” Clinton lists six barriers: Number 1. Finances—their use and abuse. 2. Power—its abuse. 3. Pride—unchecked, which leads to downfall. 4. Sex—illicit relationships. 5. Family—unresolved problems. 6. Plateauing—because of sin or loss of vision.

Thankfully, Dr. Clinton doesn’t stop there. He also lists five reasons why people do finish well. All five can be seen in the lives of Bill Bright, Ted Engstrom, Billy Graham, and others: Number 1. Lifetime perspective on ministry. 2. Fresh encounters with God on occasion. 3. Personal disciplines daily. 4. Lifelong learning posture. 5. Lifelong mentoring by a number of people.

I couldn’t agree more. Like Paul the apostle, I want to say, “I have finished well” [2 Timothy 4:7]. I trust you want to do the same. Together, let’s reach our world for Jesus Christ.

This is Luis Palau.

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