Islam Faith, and the Christian Faith are not the same

A new place of worship for those of the Islam faith has opened in my city.

Sadly some folks who went to visit it still think those who worship of the God of Islam worship the same God as us who follow Jesus.

See the story along with video.

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  • Theseekersofilm  On July 13, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    Islam & Christianity…… both believe in One true GOD, & are both abrahamic (Abraham had ONE religion)… besides that bullshit belief fake western Christians have about worshipping Jesus instead of GOD “the father”, Christianity is the closest religion to Islam & mark my words, when Jesus (peace be upon him) returns. The two faiths will join together along with Judaism. For he’s only returning to set the record straight. One GOD One Religion One human race…..

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