A caller to a radio show shows us the senate needs to deal with healthcare

( Below is a talk Hugh Hewitt had with a caller to his show this morning.)

HH: Senator Pat Toomey joins me now. Good morning, Senator, thank you for joining me. I was just reading the Paul Kane article that discusses the differences between you and Rob Portman. Is it fairly accurate?
PT: Well, I would say the, my only dispute is that Rob Portman and I get along very well, and I don’t think that comes across in the article.
HH: Yeah, that’s what I was going to, I agree, I know that to be true. Senator, before we get to the details of where we are in the negotiations, last hour, I had a caller, Terry from Tennessee, call in. He’s a business owner. I’d like to hear you, have you hear what he had to say. This is Terry from Tennessee.
TT: I own a small business. We employ about 25 people, most of whom are women, half of whom are single mothers. And Hugh, we have two choices. That’s it. Two plans to choose from. The Blue Cross plan will go up another 16.10%, and the Humana plan, are you sitting down, 29.38%.
HH: Geez.
TT: Hugh, this is the second highest business expense next to payroll, and we made a conscious decision…
HH: You’re not going to be able to keep giving health care, right?
TT: You’ll have to excuse me…
HH: You just dropped off. Did you hit a mute button?
TT: No…
HH: Okay.
TT: It just, it breaks my heart, because we made a conscious decision, and we just can’t do it anymore.

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