Evangelical followers of Jesus are not welcomed at the Omaha, Nebraska tri-faith campus

Here in Omaha, Nebraska they are building   a tri-faith campus. It has a Jewish synagogue,and will have a mosque along with a so called church on the campus. 

   Recently a visiting priest, rabbi, and an imam came to see it. The Episcopal priest from New York State said it could be a model for the rest of the world. ( Visiting religious leaders see Omaha as a pioneer )

The leaders of the campus say people of all faiths will be welcomed. Guess what they are wrong. I am not welcome on the campus, or are others who share my faith. A rule on the campus is there is to be no trying to convert a soul to another faith. Those of us who believe the full Bible is God’s word know it is a joy, and duty to share with others the good news. Also us Evangelicals believe Christ died for the whole world. The only way a soul can go to heaven is by receiving Christ, and repenting of their sins. It doesn’t matter if one is Jewish, or a follower of Islam there is only one door that goes to heaven. 

  As far as the church that is going to open on the tri-faith campus, no church which believes in the great commission would want to move there. The job of every true church is to preach,and teach the Bible. When we get done to it Jesus was not just a good man. He is the true God. There is no other way to have your sins forgiven, but through the cross of Jesus. 

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